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Pirate Initiation #1

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Are you over 18 years of age?
First gang InitiationConvincingly lie to join a pirate gang but don't say anything to piss off the Bootymaster.
Do you already have plans to mutiny or lie on your answers even before you read the questions?
Do you eat meat?
Will you eat rat meat if asked to prove it?
Will you drink a shot out of the bottle while it is being passed around by a large group of slobbering pirates with lots of backwash?
Will you ever complain about anyone smoking even if they are on fire?
Will you smoke whatever is passed to you from a slobbering pirate to prove you are not against smokers or slobberers?
Do these pantaloons make me look fat?
Is giving you only one choice for required answers convincing for your lies?
Maximum upload size: 516MB
If you are unable to achieve pirate status. Try being a landlubber
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