Peace Officers Day, Sunday May 15, 2022

Atlanta Volunteers featured event!

Recognition, celebration & boat parade!

Recognition at 10 am, celebration and boat parade at 11 am.

Both events start with the pleadge, anthem, minute of silence and 3 cheers where 500 beach balls are thrown up into the air. The first event at 10 am is respect and recognition, where the Mayor of Cumming and other community leaders present recognition to Peace Officers from around Georgia. The second event is a celebration of the freedoms made possible from the dedication and sacrifice of Peace Officers.

Giant Flag Event!

During the first event, with the giant USA flag on the beach we will respect and honor Peace Officers, especially those who fell in the line of duty in 2021. A few minutes before 11 am the giant floating USA flag will be moved into the water and will flip over (Mutiny) to display the “Thin Blue Line” flag. Under this flag we will joyously celebrate the lives of Peace Officers with as much fun as we can have! Hot dogs, apple pie and baseball contests in a pirate theme.

Here is our first giant floating flag.

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FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS INC. “The Atlanta Volunteers” would like to thank the above organizations for making our first GIANT FLAG possible. The City of Cumming for allowing us to use Mary Alice Park, Forsyth County gave us a place where our disabled scout troop could meet, Scouts BSA for creating a special charter and support for disabled adults, Aramark for letting us fund raise at the Gwinnett Stripers Baseball stadium, Club Car for giving us vehicles to adapt for disabled adults, Coleman for the supply of inflatable boats, Kroger for monetary support and donations of food and beverage, Sherwin Williams for the paint to create the flag and the 9,000 plus members and donors of the Atlanta Volunteers for making an average of 50 events each year for over 10 years possible.

FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS EIN 26-0354205 is a  501 (C) 3 is better known as “The Atlanta Volunteers” 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle, Cumming GA 30041 (678) 697-6566  alan @