Party Cash

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You create a party well in advance. This gives time for everyone to prepare their best catfishing schemes, bets, bribes and skits. The Person who creates the party is the “Bootymaster”. The Bootymaster should use poker chips instead of loonies for the live guests and online guests use electronic loonies of course. Live guests can also use electronic loonies if they want to but using poker chips allows everyone to put their phones down and party.

As people arrive to the party, they pay the Bootymaster with drinks, food, cash and loonies to enter the party. If they pay with food, drinks and cash, the bootymaster gives them loonies according to how well they bribe her. They can also pay with loonies to enter the party. The Bootymaster decides what everything is worth. During the party, if somebody wants to drink the beer or eat the hamburgers they brought, they have to buy them with their loonies given to the Bootymaster. Anyone can outbid the anyone else for the beer and hamburgs, even the people online who won’t be eating or drinking them!

Since the guests are not going to have their phones in their hands, the phones can be positioned around the party to create a half dozen or so livestreams. People online find the party with “Discover” and access the links for zoom, youtube, whatsapp, facebook and other streaming services that people have on their phones. The links for these are listed on the parties pages. The phones can stay plugged in and in one position or uplugged or can be randomly carried around and repositioned depending on the action of the party and what the online people are betting, bribing and gambling on. You now have a party with lots of livestreams and the ability to earn cash!

The Bootymaster can operate a very simple party, where she redeems loonies for gift cards and prizes, or a complex party where people play any type of gambling game with loonies. You can bet on sports, darts, play the Karaoke Challeng Garme or cheat at cards. Just don’t use cash for anything and you can do what you want!

Exchange Loonies for Poker Chips

Any value can be used but lets just say 1 loony for 1poker chip. When a guest wants a poker chip they give her a loony. At the end of the night she gives them loonies back for the poker chips. Lets say the online catfishing has been going really well and she has a lot of electronic loonies in her account. She can now use one of the “instant cash” stategies to get immediate cash from live players or redeem loonies for cash gift cards.

If the party is pre-planned and practiced as a fund raiser, there is no limit to the amount of gags, surprises, rigged games and more that can be created. For example somebody bets you online to throw somebody in the pool or hit somebody with a pie and any number of endless shinanigans that people online or live would pay to see.