A “Privateer” is a pirate with papers. John Paul Jones, father of the USA Navy was a pirate with papers.
Servers, Karaoke DJ’s, Coaches and nonprofit CEO’s are our equivalent of Privateers as “their papers” are a separate web page for them.
Everyone else is a pirate and is welcome to loot and pillage in any manner they want.

How do you become a privateer? You sell loonies for cash and keep all the cash!

There is nothing else you need to know and you can skip everything below.

Know this: Pirates can turn loony booty into cash.

The Atlanta Volunteers got the real money when somebody donated. Clever pirates can get folding cash or cash app cash by selling worthless loonies.

If you can hold your own and parley with carnival barking sharks, pirates, mutiny and mermaids, read on to learn about “Catfishing”. If you want to play it safe, leave now and get loony with PayPal or logging into Kroger.

As you enter the Pirate Dive Bar, you see the first two pirates anxiously scheming and circling to get $20 from you, more pirate sharks in the distance lay in wait. Paypal will reliably give you 80 loonies for your $20, but these pirates have other deals.

The first pirate is live, standing next to you and says he will give you 50 or 60 loonies for $20 in folding cash to avoid risking your credit card in some place called the “Pirate Dive Bar”. The second pirate is online and he says he will give you 100 or so loonies for $20 and you can use a cash app. You have multiple choices and watch as more pirate sharks smell your $20 (blood in the water) and come closer, what do you do?

Answer: Apply our #1 and only rule “You Lose”. Tell one of the Pirates you will take their deal and get loony with them. They transfer loonies to you. You then decide to pay in folding cash, cash app cash or just walk away with their loonies, letting them enjoy the #1 rule “You Lose”. This transaction is now part of your “Booty History” and the loony message sent along with the loony transfer tells everyone reading your booty history, what type of “Catfish” you are. Follow up messages in the booty history to the transaction may be false flag, catfishing, bribes to the bootymaster or something very rare, honorable. You just don’t know, but you can follow the mopney and always apply our #1 rule.

You should look at a persons booty history, before deciding if you are going to get loony with them. This is also great advice for dating sites.

Catfish or bribe loonies!

“Something” – Definition: Something is a donation of goods, services, performance art, or playing sports or games for a prize. Catfishing is when you donate “something” and list a price in loonies to get it. Bribing is when you offer to transfer loonies to get “something”. An “Epiphany” is an internet post that pirates can use to catfish or bribe other pirates.
“Gamification” Definition: Think of this website as a Goodwill store that lets you pay for “something” with loonies.
Anytime you transfer loonies, booty rats reduce the amount by 15% but sometimes more and sometimes less.

When you get loony with pirates, is the nonprofit being shorted $20 in donations? No, we are not.

The loonies were already created with a donation using legal tender. We are simply harvesting the “cash flow work” of the loony and gaining players while at the same time “booty rats” take loonies out of circulation. (The opposite of the feds printing more paper money.)
Our existing loonies did the work of “Cash Flow” by giving us two very happy supporters and great word of mouth. We did not spend any legal tender from the nonprofit to have this work done for us.
Loonies are an example of “fiat value”. “Fiat” is the same thing as our paper USA dollar, it is based on, nothing.
Are you loony and worthless or do you have incredible fiat value?

Your skill as a Catfisher determines just what value these worthless trinkets have.

Extra information you simply don’t need to know

Fiat currency/resourced based currency…legal tender/game tokens…what?
Think of loonies as being nothing more than game tokens or electronic reward points…as worthless as the Pirates using them. You can do anything with something worthless, even trade it for tangible, intangible or very foolishly for legal tender.
What if you got tokens from a nonprofit operating like a cross between your local arcade and a Goodwill store? Would this describe the USA in the 14, 15, 16, and 1700s before currency was developed and everything was based on your word and honor? If you landed at Plymouth Rock and you had $100 in your pocket how much good would that do you for your survival? Who would take $100…. the Indians? For what?
Could the electronic reward points that we call loonies take you hundreds of years backwards into time when the high seas were ruled by pirates fighting for American independence from the tyranny of Britain?
Our special Heroes are fighting for their independence from the tyranny of a broken system. Can Patriotic Pirates once again help win independence for Americans?
We invite you to trust no one at the pirate dive bar, and learn or break our only rule “you lose’.
Use livestreaming to watch as volunteers or pirates do something. Send them some loonies while adjusting your pillows on the couch as you watch volunteers sweating, getting dirty and helping their community. You can also watch pirates at sports bars livestreaming while they play Flash Mob Karaoke, Sea Shanty Karaoke, the Drunken Sailor or have a Pirate Initiation. Send them all loonies from your couch.
Change the livestream channels as much as you want.
Our prize counter is similar to a Goodwill store except it can include anything and we use loonies instead of cash. This includes goods, services, promises, lies, sailing instruction, boat or mermaid cleaning, labor, dares or anything. Like all prize counters, there are things there that you want so much that you are willing to donate to the Atlanta Volunteers to get loony enough to get it.
The prize counter has three categories of donations and activities, Sailor, Landlubber and Pirate. The 21+”G” Sailor category has the typical goods and services found in want ads. The Sailor category could include a bicycle, landscaping, instruction for scuba or CPR, washing your dog or car or cutting your hair in a “first time” hair cutting contest. The 21+ “PG” Landlubber category is typical of the activities found in sports bars. You can play darts for 10 loonies, gamble on a baseball, flash mob the stage during a Karaoke Challenge Game, sell a half plate of chicken wings for 5 loonies or our favorite one, finding ways, reasons and excuses to tip the servers with loonies.
The Pirate category is loony. It is where carnival barkers hone their skills to win catfishing tournaments. Remember, there is only one rule in the pirate dive bar, “you lose”. A judge, commander and ruthless punisher called the Bootymaster can resolve anything by punishing an innocent person. This could occur when an innocent person does or does not break the other rules they do or don’t know about. (The Bootymaster takes bribes to make up more rules all the time. Instead of burying the new rules in a new tax code 1,000’s of pages long every year, the Bootymaster just forgets them. This is the Pirate Dive Bar equivalent of lobbyists paying politicians to change the tax code then other lobbyists pay them to change it back) Mutinies are false flag plays where you loot your own teams booty and give it to what you think is your real team. A pirate can be played by one person or by a whole gang by sharing or hacking your login. The larger your gang, the bigger your booty and strategy, but also the chance of mutiny. You can bribe the Bootymaster, feed mermaids, gamble on the whoremongering, buy grog, punish the innocent, chain someone to the ‘oars and then you can squander what is left of your booty. (squander is reckless use, similar to your booty on dating sites)
Carnival barkers VS Catfishers
Your performance art, flirting or gambling can catfish people into sending you loonies. We don’t care what you trade, buy, sell or do with our worthless game point called a Loony! Practice your catfishing skills and sell your loonies for a higher or lower cash price than the 25 cents per loony donation price that we sell them for. A loony is not a digital currency, it has no value and it has no speculative or investment value….outside of the Pirate Dive Bar. Inside the Pirate Dive Bar it has intriguing value.
Our recommended use of loonies is transferring these worthless loonies to your server or other privateer when you finish playing.
Every time a loony is transferred a “Bootyrat” takes a random bite, usually around 15% out of the transfer and loonies get taken out of circulation. (This is our green recycling program to responsibly take old worn out loonies from the Pirate Dive Bar so you can donate again to get loony.) The Feds put money into circulation to cause inflation, we take loonies out. This makes any loonies in circulation more in demand. Eventually with the appetites of the Booty Rats, there is nothing to transfer. Somebody has to go to Paypal and donate to the Atlanta Volunteers. This gets more loonies back into circulation to pay for your loony behavior…and if you have the skill to win a catfishing tournament, you will make them pay, and pay and pay!


Catfishing is creating any reason to get somebody to transfer loonies to you. Any reason! Karaoke Challenge Game, Darts for 20 loonies, feed you grapes for 30 loonies, half a plate of chicken wings for 10 loonies, clean up dog poop and anything you can think of.


A loony is similar to a “like” on youtube except that you control their value, supply and use. A loony has a transparent pedigree (history) that lets anyone know when they were minted and their complete use including any messages sent or used with them.
At google, their “like” is created and redeemed through a secretive business process with google ad sense. This tightly controlled process eventually pays you for the amount of likes you get for your videos shown on youtube. Loonies give you likes for live performances at your sports bar, winning games or good ‘ol catfishing on the internet. Youtube gives you $3,000 for about a million views, tik tok gives you about $30 for a million views. Each of the 30 teams on the Tropical Adventure Competition has a nonprofit competition where the team and fans have to raise 100,000 loonies by any method. A loony can also be used as a like for your video, meme, comment or social media post. If you get 50,000 loony likes, you can probably negotiate yourself into a crew position on an episode. So, 1 million likes on tik tok for $30 or 50,000 loonies to negotiate a paid crew position on a TV episode where you have adventure with purpose. Make a loony decision. Think of how you can get your hands on somebodies booty or just do what you normally do, get loony with your own booty.
At the Pirate Dive Bar, a loony is created when you make a public donation to a nonprofit. If you want, you can choose to claim that donation on your taxes. We automatically email you a donation receipt for getting loony with us!
You can also trace the pedigree (minting) of a loony back to the IRS public ledger. Even if you do not claim the donation for your taxes, we very publicly and transparently claim the donation on our taxes so either way, anonymous or claimed, you can trace it back to the IRS public ledger for nonprofit donations. You see our taxes on the front end divided into programs and services, administration and fund raising when you donate to the Bootymaster.
You could say that a loony is a virtuous currency for honest, generous, compassionate people (who like to pretend they are lying, cheating scurvy pirate dogs).

Party cash from online players!

Choose the “Gamer” level of play to create an epiphany for your party days or weeks in advance. You text the party link or share the party adventure number. This gives everyone time to prepare their best catfishing schemes, bets, bribes and skits long before the party or night at the sports bar. This preparation makes the evnt a lot of fun as you can comment back and forth on your phone at work planning out the greatest party ever, instead of being paid real money to do an actual job! Party prep and planning is done by making comments and sharing links on the epiphany. Since everybody can see what the party ideas are, everybody can add their ideas to make it better. One of your goals could be to use our crowd sourced video production tools to post video on youtube to get likes when you get loony at your party. You can have viewers download and edit the video and turn it into a short comedy bumper. You have the original copyright timestamp for the video no matter how many times it was edited or posted.
If you created the epiphany for the party, you are the “Bootymaster”. You are the banker, judge and pirate captain. You control the transfer widget for the party and even the trained mermaids at the petting zoo. You have unlimited power, fiat party power!
House, pool, beach and boat parties are a lot more fun without your phone in your hand. The Bootymaster has the power to transfer electronic loonies into any type of poker chip, monopoly money, numbers on a scratch pad and back into loonies again with complete control and no chance of mistakes.
You can even dump a bucket of identical poker chips on the table of a crooked poker game played by a mutinous gang of pirates and nothing changes with how loony the Bootymaster is.
Of course the pirates have a sword fight, somebody is tied to the mast and whipped, somebody walks the plank but the Bootymaster is still as loony as she ever was.
As people arrive to the party, they give the Bootymaster their drinks, food or scalp loonies for cash as they enter. If they bring food or drinks the bootymaster gives them electronic or plastic poker chip loonies according to how well she likes the person, food, drink or their cute puppy. The Bootymaster decides what everything is worth and of course pays her favorite minions and snitches more loonies. During the party, if somebody wants to drink the beer or eat the steak they brought, or pet the cute puppy (or sweater puppies) they have to be loony to do it. Anyone can outbid them for the beer, steak or puppies especially since they can see their booty and know how loony to be. This is the time to outbid the beer snob for the high dollar beer they brought and force them to drink the crappy stuff you brought.
Online players watching the streaming video from the party can use loonies to create traps to punish the innocent. Online players can buy food or drink from the Bootymaster and just have it sitting there on the party food table. If the food is eaten by somebody that thinks it is just more free party food laying out, well then innocence is no excuse. The innocent must be punished! You can also bribe the bootymaster to punish the innocent, even if the innocent are not involved in eating the food they’re still innocent and deserve punishment because of it. You can bribe the bootymaster so that you are the one that is going to punish the innocent, or even buy the punishment and be punished yourself.
The Bootymaster has no idea of what a punishment or a reward is as people often make her loony to get a good paddling. She also knows that feeding a vegan a steak or feeding a steak to vegan could also be a punishment or reward. Who knows? The punishment that you just bought at a very high price at auction, might be that you are thrown into a swimming pool filled full of trained mermaids, and worse it’s feeding time! It’s too bad that just as you paid all those loonies to get thrown into the pool, the mermaids according to union rules, have a shift change and the mermaids with assorted species pronouns jump in to feast. You might want to sell that punishment, quick. Somebody might be loony enough to buy it.
Since the guests are not going to have their phones in their hands, the phones can be positioned around the party to create a half dozen or so livestreams. Livestream links are posted on epiphanies and troll for online players for loonies. Any livestream link to facebook, youtube, zoom, whatsapp works on your epiphany. The phones can stay plugged in and in one position or uplugged or can be randomly carried around and repositioned depending on the action of the party and what the online people are betting, bribing and gambling on. People online can find your party and gamble, create challenges and interact with your party getting everyone more loony. You now have a party with lots of livestreams and the ability to earn loonies from online players as you catfish them with pirate antics at the party. The livestreams are from the individual phones so they don’t slow the internet speed from your router unless you want to share it.
The Bootymaster can operate a very simple party, or a complex party where people play any type of gambling game with loonies. You can bet on sports, darts, play the Karaoke Challenge Garme or cheat at cards. If you are loony enough, you can gamble on rigged games, cheat, feed mermaids or punish the innocent – If you are loony enough. The Catfishing schemes you create weeks or days in advance can make your parties legendary!
As people leave the party, the Bootymaster decides on the exchange rate for poker chips to be converted back into loonies and decides at that point if she likes you well enough to exhange those worthless loonies into worthless electronic points again. There is nothing to lose as you had nothing as soon as you got loony.

Paypal Cash Worldwide!

The Atlanta Volunteers can remove themselves from the website and put another nonprofit, for profit or individual in for a short amount of time such as hours or days. No charges, fees or the handling of money occurs by the Atlanta Volunteers. We are right out of the loop! Money goes straight into the Paypal account of the organization, team or person borrowing the website. If you have an experienced Bootymaster and Gamer helping you with your event, we can put your paypal email address into our site. Everything the Atlanta Volunteers was doing disappears. This is just for one day or one event then it goes back to us or another team. The Atlanta Volunteers Paypal account is not used, your Paypal account is. We don’t touch your money, it goes straight to your Paypal account.
We list your loonies on a separate ledger and not our own ledger so that you can track your donors or buyers. You will get 100% of any loonies bought from anywhere on our site, world wide during your event as it immediately goes right into your Paypal account.
You have to have a history of producing great catfishing content, challenges and comedy to be considered for borrowing the website. After the first time, before you use our site again, we will check the ledger and you will have to donate content, cash or comedy to our nonprofit in a way that pleases us.