The general public, fans, competitors, cast and crew use the Piratate Dive Bar classifieds to interact with, support, manage and operate their teams competing on the Tropical Adventure Competition TV series.

The classifieds raise money, create comedy, plan adventure, rehearse scripts, recruit talent, crowd source editing & special effects, provide community service hours, support heroes, charities and much more.

The classifieds will convince you that our worthless game points called “loonies” have real value.  You can use loonies to buy or sell products, services, pay off gambling debts, bribe the bootymaster, chase bootyrats, pay bootyslaves and punish the innocent while catfishing or sharking other pirates.

In the classifieds you can create your own bank with no cash down, no regulations and the ability to cheat, overcharge and fine your customers.  You can learn how to inflate then deflate the price of your loonies with elaborate schemes just like wall street, bitcoin and the biggest Pirates of the them all, the Federal Reserve.

The Pirate Dive Bar is pretty easy to figure out without reading the book or learning every part of the 7 other websites that meet at the Pirate Dive Bar.  If you want to apply as a Team Manager it is estimated that reading the free download of the book is (3 hours) and looking at the 7 other web sites takes of 2 hours.  It will take you a little time to get to level 6 at the Pirate Dive Bar but if you do, you qualify to be a Team Manager.

There are 30 teams that each produce 1 of the 30 episodes.  Each team has at least 10 people on it and probably at least 50.  Some teams may have 100’s of people in support positions.  We also have the 9,000 people of the Atlanta Volunteers that play an important role in the Tropical Adventure Competition.  Most teams support small charities but some teams will support larger ones and these charities will also attend the Grand Prize Episode.

During the Grand Prize Episode we will fill a small stadium with the 30 production teams, the volunteers, the fans and the 30 charities they support.

Most of the teams will operate with as small of crews as possible with each person doing as many jobs as they can. Crowd sourcing through the classifieds allows anyone to telecommute to help their favorite team along with contractors being paid for their services.

Except for being the licensed boat captain, anyone with zero qualifications and experience or a wealth of qualifications and experience can apply for any position on any episode.  This includes Team Owner, Executive Producer, Team Manager, Director and more.

Team formation and recruitment occurs in the classifieds according to the competition timeline.

You can read a free download or buy “The Ability Revolution” on amazon.  This book is a business plan for more than the TV series but it does contain instructions for creating your episode.

The Karaoke Challenge Game teaches you how to challenge and bet on performances, and how crowd sourcing for video production works.  Once you understand the Karaoke Challenge Game, you will understand how Gambling, Catfishing, Sharking and other game play and crowd sourcing for creative projects works.

Effective use of the classifieds lets you locate people, information and resources which is vital to winning the competition.  When you understand how to bribe the Bootymaster, chase a bootyrat and Punish the innocent, you will have components for writing and producing comedy & adventure in a reality setting.

When you advance through the 10 levels of play you will learn a very simple way how to go around big teach.  You will be able to connect to a Facebook, youtube or other social media account without having your own account, or having a gmail or other social media login.  You will remain invisible to those tech giants while transferring redeemable points back and forth to the owner of that account.

Tryouts will start as described at tropicaladventurecompetition.com.  If you get onto a team, you will be directed to the backroom of the Pirate Dive Bar.  Instead of more gambling, catfishing and sharking that you might expect in the back room, you will see a serious work site with access to the episodes and their team members.

The Pirate Dive Bar is very similar to an after hours bar in a large city where you might just bump into the right person that takes your life in a whole new direction.

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