Office Rental

Ray's Lake Party

Subcontractor Rental Agreement


2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle

Cumming, GA 30041

678 697 6566

The property at 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle is a business with a business license with active construction on the property.   A subcontractors trailer is available to sub contractors to use while they are on the property.  This is a weekly rental for the trailer. This can be canceled immediately by either party at any time.

The property is zoned so that it allows a home occupation permit for the business. The use of the trailer is for temporary business purposes and not as a permanent residence. 

$800 has been paid as a damage deposit. The damage deposit will be returned after the trailer has been vacated and insprected.  The rent must be paid weekly until that time. If possible four weeks notice will be given to the sub contractors to vacate the trailer.   Subcontractors will expect that the trailer will move back and forth to other locations throughout the year. The trailer has a variety of business uses and sub contractors must be prepared to move at any time.

The rent for the trailer is $200 a week and this includes water.  Dolphin Rodeo pays the first $90 a month in electrical charges, sub contractors pay anything above that.  Sub contractors supply their own propane.  No mail can be received at this address as it is a temporary address for sub contractors and a business location. 

The construction site has many dangers and is closed to public use.  People who are not approved as sub contractors or the general public may not visit or enter this active construction site. People who  enter this site must be approved by Alan Kindree on a case by case basis.

Sub contractors are liable for all damages they incur to the trailer, anything on the property, the property, to themselves or to any person they bring on the property.

Subcontractors must expect to encounter dangerous conditions and agree to accept all the risks and damages associated with being on a property with many unknown and known risks and hazards.

Sub contractors are expected to maintain a safe work site. Sub contractors are expected to maintain a work environment for conduct. 

Special needs adults regularly visit the property.  At no time can sub contractors yell and become disorderly due to a very fragile condition of one of the special adults.

Dolphin Rodeo Inc. can update and change this weekly agreement at any time.

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