Mutiny Games

A “catfishing scheme” is a message where people can send you redeemable points called “loonies”.

“Catfishing Schemes” are a fun, pirate themed way to encourage consumers to be more aware of scams. To educate about scams, we use “catfishing schemes” to judge apple pie, hot dog, baseball and other contests. EXAMPLES (Are all those claims true about having the best apple pie or hot dogs or are they just a scam to get your votes or loonies?)

How To Play, Enter or Win!

“Mutiny Against Crime” games use our donation reward token called a “Loony”. (short for Dubloon) When you donate with the “Bootymaster” you get loony. You spend or earn loonies with the catfishing schemes when you play in “Mutiny Against Crime Games” or just “Mutiny Games”. You redeem loonies for prizes, even cash gift cards.

In the drop down menu (when logged in) at the top right of your screen, look at your loony balance and history to know how loony you are and your history of being loony..

Fundraising with a pirate theme

Similar to a number that runners wear, catfishers also have a number. Catfishers can put their number on name tags, text it or shout it out to advertis catfishing schemes. The registration number lets people find your catfishing scheme. Then people can vote, buy, gamble or bribe judges for or against your catfishing scheme. You can even buy votes for yourself and rig the contest! Beware of the Bootymaster if you get caught by making too high or too low of a bribe to a judge or worse yet, not bribing judges.

(Loonies buy votes directly and cut out the middle men, lobbyists, super PAC’s and lets everybody buy votes like a pro!)

Catfishing schemes can also let you create your own “epic” back yard parties, raft ups or business meetings to raise money for the coffee kitty of your organization.

If you get hooked by a catfishing scheme and are not loony enough to fall for it, go to our donatation page called “Bootymaster” to get as loony as you want.

Instructions For Creating Catfishing Schemes

  • A short note before we get loony

Anyone can create a catfishing scheme or contest but there are also tournaments. During a “Tournamet” there are three positions on each team. Hero, Manager and Gamer.  Tournaments support real heroes, typically disabled family members of first responders or heroes whose watch has ended.

Look for, or register a Hero to support with every catfishing scheme. If you don’t have a Hero, use the “All Teams” selection. The Hero is typically a person with a disability usually connected to a first responder or a first responsder whose watch has ended. The Hero will have their own Manager. This is a family member who represents the Hero.  The Gamer is the person that organizes the work for the catfishing scheme.

Bigger Booty represents the donations (loony) you receive from your catfishing scheme to improve the quality of life for your hero.

The object of the game is to make your Heroes Booty, Bigger! (You create great catfishing schemes that reel in catfish worth their weight in loonies. You support your Hero with the booty from your scheme)

Teams can be any mix of online and live players.  A team can be one person playing all three positions in a solitaire game or hundreds playing each position in a cluster of teams.

Basic Play

In less than a minute (or carefully planned over weeks), a Gamer creates a catfishing scheme. The catfish reeled in are served by the Manager to make Heroes Booty, Bigger.


Leaderboards score the amount of catfish you reel measured by the loonies you take in.

Weighing Your Catch

The unit of measurement is loony.  How your team got loony is not important, but what is important is how big your Heroes booty is.  Your catfishing schemes can get you loony from working, voting, trading, stealing, bribing judges, rigging games, lying, cheating and sometimes resorting to honesty.

To win, gloat and get bragging rights, you should consider donating to your own scheme if you fail at catfishing or putting in an honest days work.

We know fishermen all tell stories about their catch so they are judged by how loony they are.

Prizes and Loony Booty

Mutiny Games that are played well enough to be featured on the TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition” are eligible for those prizes.  All other players redeem loony for booty. (this is how you shop for items)

False Flag Strategy

All during the event, you pretend to be on another team. In the last minute of play, you transfer all your loonies to the real Bootymaster of the team you are playing for. Mocking your own team, to get them to work harder aginst you, is a cherished skill of great double agents.


The Bootymaster is the most powerful player and yet does not have to play to win. In a Solitaire game you play all three positions and can be your own Bootymaster or be loony for another Bootymaster. (this means that what you win you give to a cause of your choice)

#1 Contest – “Thank You Card”

Have a 4′ x 6′ card delivered (local to Cumming GA ) to you by going to the “Sign The Card” page. Create and get signatures for your card. Photograph the finished card and create a catfishing scheme for it on the “Create” page. Show your scheme on your phone, social media page or in person to catfish anyone into voting for you. Redeem loonies or votes for cash gift cards and other prizes. By askng people to vote for your card, you have created a beautiful card and a small fund raiser for you or your organization. Some entries will be chosen for special prizes. You win hearts and minds with beautiful cards and this is the greatest prize of all.

Catfishing Schemes

Your bait is a picture, a title and one or two sentences.  You hook a catfish if they click on the bait and go to the next page to read more. You reel them in if they send you loonies. 

To reel them in, at the top of the second page is a message and loony transfer widget. If the catfish you have hooked sends you loonies on your widget, you have reeled them in.  Your loony score is shown on the leaderboards for the weight (in loonies) of the catfish you reeled in.

To fight the fish while you are reeling them in, below the loony transfer widget you can include stories, pictures, games, promises and anything else you need to fight them for their loonies as you reel them in.


The best gameplay occurs live, without a phone in your hand where you might promise to buy something off a backyard grill, bet on a game of darts, or play the Karaoke Challenge Game at a boat raft up.   If you have online players, they can watch the live play at your party, sports bar or boat raft up. Online players interact by using electronic loonies as bait, bribes or votes to influence the live play. The live players can use poker chips or online loones or both. The “Gamer” can trade electronic loonies into poker chips and back into electronic loonies with no chance of “cooking the books”.  When you trade electronic loonies for poker chips, live play can occur in the water, during sports or any other activity when you use tokens instead of a phone in your hand.  For example, you are knocked off the plank into sharks and your plastic loonies go with you while your phone stays dry on shore.

Featured Games – Baseball, Hot Dogs & Apple Pie

The baseball that we are using is a 10 inch beachball.  We have bought 500 of these beachballs and they are thrown up into the air after the three cheers for Peace Officers. We also use them for modified baseball games as Mary Alice Park will be way too crowded for any real baseballs to be thrown or hit. These beachballs are used for a variety of other baseball styld games played for loonies.

Hot dog and apple pie contests are won by the amount of loonies or votes transferred to you. You can sell hot dogs or apple pie for loonies, get votes for the best, bribe judges or donate to yourself to make sure you win a contest.

You can even dress up your wiener dog as a hot dog and use a picture of that to get loonies.

Other Games

Any game or activity can be posted as a catfishing scheme for any purpose. You can redeem loonies for about 20% of their purchase price.  (considered as a commission from donations)  If you have a nonprofit email address listed with Paypal, you may apply to use our site.  During the time you are borrowing our site for your event, all donations go directly into your Paypal account through your email. We do not take out any fees.  You get access to our existing players and we get access to the new players you bring in. 

You “may” get to use our site a second time if you donate back to us. Called “Pay to Play”, in political circles or “payola” in the music industry, but call it what it is a “campaign contribution”. Like all “donations” you decide on the amount.

Since we use Paypal and do not collect personal data, credit card numbers or anything else worth stealing, this site is safe as there is nothing to steal.  You already see it.

In “Mutiny Against Crime” games you must assume everybody is lying to you and that they are not playing for the team they say they are. Expect every game and bet to be rigged or fixed by a bribed judge called the “Bootymaster”. During the Karaoke Challenge Game, the audience is being assaulted by the criminal singing they hear or the illegal dancing they see. This crime is beachball bait.

People are challenged to sing songs they don’t know or do things like dance like a one legged pirate. People that are playing but do not sing or dance are innocent of Karaoke crimes. The Bootymaster prefers to punish the innocent, the people that are playing but are too afraid to commit singing and dancing crime.

Your teams can be any size. Only one person on your team needs to understand how to play. This person is called the “Gamer” and they will be on shore, in a boat or on the internet watching by zoom. A person called the “Bootymaster” tells you what to do on the water or during any live activities. The Gamer and the Bootymaster can be the same person. You can have multiple Gamers and deputy Bootymasters.

Mutiny Games with the Flag

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There are 13 teams, one for every stripe on the flag. You select a team to “tryout” for. Once you select a stripe (team), wait a week or so for a Gamer to look at your tryout page and “Friend” you. When the Gamer selects you, accept the friend request and you have joined that team. The Gamer will tell you what to do by sending you a message. Come back to this site and check your friend requests and your messages. These are found at the top right of your screen in the pull down menu under your profile. Now, select a stripe to tryout for, and you are done!

Any person, Gamer or Bootymaster can be double agents, snitches, run false flag plays, rig games, bet, bribe and get loonies using any means of deception possible.

Beware of the Bootymaster if you are found to be innocent of karaoke crimes!

Most people now have all the information they need to play! Go to TRYOUT

Big Booty

Trained Gamers understand the 6 leaderboards that show the big booty of Sailors, Landlubbers, Pirates, Catfishers, Catfish and Mermaids. The object of the game is to get your hands on big booty. You don’t need any training to grab big booty so don’t worry about the tutorial found at Gangplank.

Your goal is to convince (catfish) somebody to transfer loonies to you. When they do you will have made your booty bigger, they have lost their booty. There are no refunds or exceptions as everybody knows pirates are going to cheat and tell lies.

As a last resort, out of desperation any player can use honesty to catfish for loonies.

The Flag & Games

These games are described as water games but they can be modified if the flag is made on land or with different surfaces such as cardboard or towels for flag “pixels”.

At least 170 people are needed to form the flag on water, plus safety people and organizers. (Figure on 200)

The flag has 13 teams, one for each stripe. The teams are numbered with number 1 at the bottom and number 13 at the top.

Walk The Plank

One minute, travel across 5 air mattresses, throw balls into a tube.

Each stripe forms a plank of five air mattresses long at least 10′ from any other plank or person. A single rope can be tied in one loop that goes around all air mattresses to hold them together loosely.

From 10′ away any person can throw beach balls to attack or defend any other person while the “innocent” are walking or crawling along the plank. If the air mattresses split apart, the innocent may paddle to them. If they fall off the plank they are out even if they are hanging on. If they make it to the last air mattress they can throw as many beach balls as they can into their tube. They can paddle as close as they want to the anchored tube. Team members can throw beach balls to the innocent to catch, opposing teams can throw beach balls at the innocent to defend.

After one minute a whistle is blown and the balls are counted. The course is reset for the next heat. The gamer scores each person in the team. This results in individual and team scores.

Karaoke Challenge GameGamble on criminal singing and dancing!

The Karaoke Challenge Game needs the assistance of a Gamer to score and a Bootymaster that is bribed to punish the innocent. This can be the same person and you can have as many as you want. You can play at any place you sing Karaoke or just use youtube on your phone. At a Karaoke Bar the DJ does not have to be involved and no changes to the Karaoke rotation or song selection is made. Using the Karaoke Challenge Game page at, challenges and dares are made with the Gamer. These result in people singing a song they don’t want to sing, having to dance a song they don’t want to dance to, being a back-up air band, singing in a group, dancing like a one legged pirate and many other challenges and dares for Loonies. The Bootymaster punishes the innocent and the other players bet on the guilty. The game is best played in secret at a Karaoke Bar so that the Karaoke Crimes that assault the innocent people watching have greater effect for more interesting bets and bribes. This game is designed for boat raft ups and pool parties. The guilty party walks the plank to sing or dance and is judged by the amount of beach balls thrown at them. The Bootymaster signals the beach ball onslaught and is easily bribed to start it.

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