Mutiny Against Biden!

Boats spell the word “Trump”.

The “Precision Boat Parade Team” will mimic what a marching band does on a football field. The word “Trump” will be visible from drones flying overhead.

Our second task will be to learn how to form a USA flag. Once we get both, we will change back and forth. When and where we practice and perform will be a closely guarded secret to avoid too many boats coming to the area.

Look inside, a simple “Mutiny Against Biden” boat parade can be organized any place where you have boats!

Are you a proud elite vegan liberal Democrat that has snuck in here just to see what us inbred redneck yokels are up to?  Well here is your chance to put down this mutiny against the glorious Biden by being a double or triple agent and outsmarting us hillbillies by creating your own boat parade. This is all fun on this site and no matter what your belief, we respect your freedom of speech and free assembly. You can participate in all our games, water and party activities. We even welcome Democrats to come out and have fun and spell “Biden”. We also welcome false flag, and double agent boaters to spell out the word “Talibiden” if we don’t get enough Democrats wanting to have fun.

Also, during other casual boating events we will use the “Zoom” and “chat” function here to have boat to boat contests for any day you are on the lake. Democrats are very welcome to use this site to organize their own boat parade, or beat us redneck, racist yokels at our own games.

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