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FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC.  EIN 26-0354205 is a 501 (c) 3 charity.  We can be described as 509(a)(2) charity.  Our letter of determination is here.

Our primary mission is a sports nonprofit that has a focus on disabled populations.

We are better known as the “Atlanta Volunteers”. is where you can see over 10 years of events, with pictures, descriptions, dates and over 9,000 members.

Our method is described at .  A book called “The Ability Revolution” was written to describe our business plan.  It is available at Amazon or as a free download here.

Central to our mission is providing 100% transparency with public ledgers along with accounting software for people with developmental disabilities.  This software is called SISO and is described in our book. If you are logged in to, you can see examples of public ledgers.  Part of our software is an anti-crime crypto currency (game points) that is the opposite of bitcoin and is based solely as a reward for donations to nonprofits. This is a crypto currency for honest virtuous people as you can not use this for the type of evil Bitcoin can be used for.  Our coin is called a “Dubloon” but we have shortened the name to “loony”.  Register to get four.  You only get “loonies” by donating to the verified nonprofits on our website.  We freely allow other verified nonprofits to use the “Pirate Dive Bar” to fund raise if they have 100% transparency and easy to follow public ledgers.  We give you four loonies when you register and 20 more if you login with Kroger and choose FAST as your charity. (details when you login)

The giant floating flag events are “Good Old Flag Waving Fun”.  These events are designed to inspire  others to create their own giant flags all across the USA and then to have as much fun and games as possible to enjoy our freedoms.  The result is patriotism and a proud United States of America.  We serve hot dogs, apple pie and throw baseballs during our events.

A Mutiny is followed by Mutiny Games

There are two version of a Mutiny. The first is with the Giant flag and the second is with a TV series about disabled populations.

Mutiny flips the USA flag to the “Back the Blue” flag. The Mutiny games that follow are a celebration of life to uplift the families of fallen heroes. Some people call this joyous celebration a wake.

Mutiny also occurs when a person with a disability becomes a superhero in the TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”. The Mutiny games are the last few minutes of this TV series when the caregivers are recharged in a sports and recreation competition to have the most fun.

The TV series is about improving the lives of disabled populations especially those of first responders.

In this trailer you can see how a young man turns into a superhero using his special powers of Down syndrome.  Each episode finds ways to focus on what is truly important, our loved ones.

Alan Kindree


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