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We have already given you four loonies, did you find them? (top right of your profile in the pull down menu) A “Loony” is our game token that you get when you make donations of money, products, services or volunteer hours.

Take a minute to visit our “Quickstart” page to get free game tokens from Kroger or you can donate with the “Bootymaster” to get them.

The information in “Quickstart” and “Gangplank” is for volunteers, gamers, cast, crew, pirates and anyone who is curious about being one of the 300 people who will appear on the TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition.

In this clip a young hero with the special abilities of Down syndrome is turned into a superhero as he strives to provide employment and adventure to other heroes.

Each week a different team turns their own hero with special abilities into a superhero and then compete to have the best adventure (respite care) and the most fun possible. Your team creates an episode about the superpowers created from the favorite activities of your special hero. It can be a superhero artist, singer, baseball player and anything else your hero loves to do.