Loony Pedigree VS Fiat Currency or Bitcoin

You have some apple trees in your yard.  You put a sign up “Pick your own $20”.  You put a jar out front and it collects $20 bills.  Lets say you get a $20, and somebody picked up a lot of apples.  They made 10 yummy apple pies for $10 each.  Five were sold to recover costs and five were net profit.  They paid $20 for the apples but now have $50.  You on the other hand got $20.  You spend it on an oil change.  The person  that changed your oil, spends the $20 on a haircut.  The person that cut the hair spends the $20 on dog walking services.  The dog walker spends the $20 on a meal.  The money can continue to do work as long as people keep spending it.  This is the work of cash flow.

That one $20 bill, in a short time has returned close to $200 in value with the work it has done for not only the people that spent it but for the people who received it.

Ok, get ready, we are about to climb out of the box and it is a big drop!

Loony ledger

When you donate to a nonprofit you get a receipt for your donation that you can use for your taxes.  You get the work of a tax write-off we get the work of the donation. Also, you are creating a public ledger with the USA government.  You are identified in public and the amount is registered.  This public ledger is an honest, public transaction open to inspection by anyone. And now the work of cash flow can continue when you play games and redeem loonies for prizes.

A loony is not legal tender.  This is an advantage and a disadvantage.  A loony is on a public ledger, this is also an advantage and a disadvantage.

Fiat currency, such as the USA dollar has laws and penalties for its use.  This is an advantage and a disadvantage.  The USA dollar is legal tender and this is also an advantage and a disadvantage.  The USA dollar is not on a public ledger and this is an advantage and a disadvantage. It could be, each bill has a serial number, but there is no way to track it when you hand cash to someone. Loonies can be tracked.

Bitcoin and thousands of crypto currencies

Let’s look at the evil that Bitcoin can do.  It can be used on the dark web for the most heinous of crimes and in the open to extort governments and corporations.  It is a secretive currency designed to launder the evils of society and especially drug money.  Criminal enterprise tries very hard to bring it into mainstream society and they skulk and creep along ever so slowly to mainstream the truly evil things Bitcoin has done and will do in the future.

Bitcoin thrives on greedy people who overlook the evil Bitcoin does. They are guilty by association!

A loony will never be legal tender! It is not likely that you will ever buy a house, a car, an airplane or anything else with loonies.  It is possible, if somebody donates real property to a nonprofit, and it is bought with loonies, but not very likely at all. 


A loony has just one little thing that makes it different than a game point.  When a nonprofit receives legal tender as a donation a loony with a “pedigree” is born!  This pedigree is the public ledger of the receipt that the IRS uses for your taxes.  The public ledgers let you trace the loony and all transactions and the work that the loony has done since its “birth”.  You, the federal reserve and the IRS have to be in bed together with all of us watching for you to create a loony. 

The loony is a reward for a donation, and a way to track the work that donation does.  The more “donation cash flow” rewards it creates the more work it does.  The loony is a virtuous currency for honest people who are seeking an altruistic reward mixed into as much pirate fun and mischief as possible. 

Pass a loony around during mutiny games and make it work to create rewards each time it is passed around. It can work for hot dogs, apple pie, the Karaoke Challenge Game, T-shirts, beach balls, walk the plank and lots of other pirate games, mischief or nonprofit rewards.

Another Box and a much bigger drop when you climb out!

If you have seen the movie “The matrix”, you can understand the “Red” or “Blue” pill analogy.  I want to change it up and throw in the “white” pill.  Now your choice is the red, white and blue.

So what if the choice is not just to be awake or be asleep?  What if the choice is a third option?

My S Corporation DOLPHIN RODEO INC. owns the piratedivebar.com website.  I donate the use of the website to nonprofits. They don’t pay me and I don’t handle their money it goes directly to their paypal account.  When they are not using this web site, I can rent it out, use it myself for business or donate its use to another nonprofit. FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS will use this site until a few days after the event has finished. If you know of a worthy nonprofit who would like to use this site, let me know. I can also duplicate it for a business.

Now we have a business structure similar to the NFL, PGA, Olympics and many more sports nonprofits that also have S-Corporations working alongside them as vendors, broadcasters, construction and so on. This opens up another separate business model for profit and tax write offs that share the same activity.

Tropical Adventure Competition

The work the website does is entertainment and organization for a TV series about disabled populations called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.  This website allows for the crowd sourcing of media production and for the creation of events to feature on that TV series. The most important work it can do is create fun.

Our focus is the quality of life of someone who truly needs it, our disabled loved ones.

I am looking for media and event production partners especially the “sweat equity” kind.


Dolphin Rodeo Inc. proudly creates this site free for all different types of nonprofits. We proudly feature the 9,000+ members of the Atlanta Volunteers.