Team Pages – Locker Room

The “Team Pages” list anything and everything that could be used for a team’s episode. An episode is a community wide effort to support their local nonprofit.

Think of the team pages as being human resources and the inventory list of a giant warehouse. The community can list anything to help the team with their episode. Some people and things you can use, some you can’t. You might list a great shooting location at a park, your home, workshop, farm or business. You might want to drive your own show car, bicycle, motorcycle, boat or plane. You might have unique props, costumes, animals or set decorations. You may have editing, photography, singing or musical skills. You could list your construction or technical skills, equipment and supplies. You bring and use your own equipment then take it home with you.
If you know anything about the Hero, Coach or team, you are encouraged to comment as this helps to build out the story connections of the script. Everyone is welcome to add anything to the “Team Pages”.
The script writers (anyone may tryout) are inspired by the team pages as this tells them what is available to write the episode.
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