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Are you over 18 years of age?
CAUTION: You may encounter Sailors and Pirates fighting each other. You must avoid any conflict and be friendly to both sides. You may act like a Sailor around Sailors and a Pirate around Pirates. You run the risk of being punished by Sailors if you are caught acting like a Pirate and lashed by Pirates if you are caught acting like a Sailor.
You may use a bogus email but you will lose the ability to reset your password or account. The username, password and email can be very simple such as
username: dog
Can higher taxes change the suns activity and effect on earths climate?
Can higher taxes change earths wobbly orbit and changing tilt on climate?
Do you believe in science?
Do you have proof that the earth will end in 10 years because of climate?
CO2 is much less than 1% of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases have much less effect on the climate than the sun. If the USA reduces CO2 will this save the planet?
Is Jen Psaki more orange than Trump?
The Paris Climate is 16 pages that describe taxes. Will taxes save the planet?
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