Good Old Flag Waving Fun!

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Our theme is “We Don’t Leave People Behind”.

Comedy, fun and adventure are the tools that we use to rescue people that are left behind.

Our rescue focus is disabled populations that are frequently left behind when it comes to fun and adventure. We also have a very strong concern for people left behind in Afghanistan or wherever they may be.

Our broader rescue goal is to use comedy to unite our nation in some “Good Old Flag Waving Fun” that we call “Mutiny”.

Tropical Adventure Competition

This is a TV show that is produced at the Pirate Dive Bar. This show follows our theme and is produced by a different team each week. There are 30 episodes, 5 playoff episodes and one grand prize episode.

Each episode has a person with a disability who is the hero. For 2/3 of the episode the team improves the heroes quality of life. For the last 1/3 they compete against other teams to have the most exciting respite care in a section we call “Adventure With Purpose”.

The Pirate Dive Bar has production tools and instructions so that any person, family or team can make their own episode with the help of crowd sourcing.

In TV lingo, bumpers are segments that are 1 or 2 seconds up to about 15 seconds. We place comedy bumpers throughout each episode. The comedy style for these bumpers is from a genre of pirate satire that we call “Mutiny”. When you play the Mutiny game, you produce content for the bumpers and can earn a share of broadcast revenue.

The comedic mutiny style for these bumpers attacks the political woke liberal racism that is dividing our great country with cancel culture.


For any great mutiny you need people for it, people against it and snitches. These are Pirates, Sailors and Landlubbers and together they form one team.  You can have 1 to a dozen or more teams playing in a mutiny at once.

You also need deception, double agents, false flag plays and treachery that is unknowingly supported by honest ethical players who would never do any of that. 

On this right leaning web site we are really running short of people who are against the mutiny of Biden to make up the other positions on the team.  Do you have enough acting, debate, comedy skills and especially courage to play the part of a liberal Democrat?  Do you know of any actual Democrats with a joyous playful attitude that you can invite here?  We also want a few brave pirates to patriotically fill in for the missing Democrats and overplay on the characteristics and perception that we are hillbilly inbred racist yokels with sister/wives. Ask yer uncle/dad if ya’ll can play.


We have leaderboards that show point scores of Sailors, Pirates, Catfishers and Catfish as they apply their pirate treachery and mutinous plots. Not only can you mutiny against Biden, you can get on the scoreboard while doing it!

You can see how this can create comedy! In all the activities here, everyone needs to be ready to be hoodwinked, lied to, cheated and catfished. Mutiny is a game where people will try to deceive with their views, appearance, speech and rigged games where you can bribe a judge called the “Bootymaster” so that you can punish the innocent. (similar to Jan. 6)

“Loonies” are short for Dubloons.  Loonies are our game tokens, point system and an anti-crime crypto currency but they do much more than all that.  Read about “loonies” in “High Seas”.

You will learn how to form a mutiny against any person, organization, spouse or friend.  This can make some great video to enter into our contests as “Bumpers” so you can score higher on the Mutiny leaderboards and win some great prizes.

The greatest prize of all would be to unite our great country and win it back with a successful mutiny against Biden.

Our Signature Mutiny

Our signature comedy mutiny involves two incompetent captains who pretend to battle each other but who are secretly aligned with each other to steal from us.  One Captain is the DemonicRat TaliBiden and the other is GOB (Good ‘Ol Boy) Kemp. When you say Kemp, you GOB a spit before and after you say his name.

As a Sailor in uniform you are faithful to both Captains.  As a pirate you are part of a mutiny against them. Both Captains claim to be on your side leading the charge against the other but they are both joined together fighting in a treacherous battle against you, your family, friends and country.

Pirates swear allegiance to the notorious Captain Trump.  An internet scallywag and convicted repeat offender of repeatedly offending with unrepeatable offensive tweets (deleted to not offend you which is much more offensive than offensive tweets). Trump is now in facebook and twitter jail for his crime of shouting the most offensive tweet ever to the Demonicrats, “FREEEEEEEEEDOM”.

A slave called Vernon Jones narrowly escaped a Georgia DemonicRat plantation and now as a revolutionary leads others to escape the DemonicRat plantations in Georgia and defeat the GOB Kemp.  Born a free man of integrity, perseverance and accomplishment the mild mannered Herschel Walker has fallen into the gang of the Notorious Captain Trump pirates in Georgia.  These patriot pirates hope to sink the big tech ship and free Captain Trump and all the other pirates so they can all shout out the words “FREEEEEEEEEDOM”.

During the Mutiny….

In an ideological battle, a Trumpkin pretends he is a Talibiden.  He secretly taunts the players on his own team calling them inbred yokels and beats them at rigged games with bribed judges to enrage them into action. He says he is raising money for elite vegan liberals to drink green new deal lattes with their cats. He creates another bogus avatar so he can donate to his own cause just to score higher on the leaderboards.

The Trumpkins and their sister/wives don’t like that and are fixin to knock him out of first place. At the last minute of the game, he reveals if he is a Trumpkin or not and transfers his points to his actual team to score the winning goal.  He might even contribute to his opponent  for the sake of “Good Sportsmanship” to show he puts country over party to support good causes.  Bless his heart!

Filming – “G” rated, but this site is PG-13, maybe arrrrr

When we organize rallies and then film people for the TV series, we must have their permission to be filmed. We also can’t film logo’s, trademarks or products such as a can of coke without the manufacturer’s permission.

We all love shouting “FUCK JO BIDEN”, but to produce broadcast content we must sadly leave that type of language off camera.  (Precision boat, motorcycle, ATV and cowboy parades will try to spell it out words from the air similar to what a marching band does)

Democrats are known for violent anti-police, racist, angry riots supporting high taxes and big governments.  Republicans are known for peaceful, back the blue, inclusive, joyous gatherings supporting low taxes and smaller governments. Over playing both parts in a satirical way creates comedy gold.

The most precious comedy gold you can find on here is “G” rated so that it can qualify as a bumper for the TV series. Your other material can be used to form a second TV series called “Mutiny” if we have enough produced.

This website contains production tools so that anyone can easily produce an episode. You should follow the quickstart tutorial so that you do not get lost in a site bigger than your state fair grounds.