Pirate Scally Carter recently held a trunk or treat, stared on ADTV about sailing on Lake Lanier, the City Center and produces a lot of video on her youtube channel. This Pirate has a great on air personality and this makes her perfect for this project!
Before reading this page get an overview of the Atlanta Volunteers at then vet our organization at
Money in, altruistic branding out!
Altruistic branding creates customer loyalty.  Customer loyalty creates more profit.  More profit means more money to donate.  More donations mean more altruistic branding, and for the Atlanta Volunteers more Heroes can be turned into Super Heroes!  Shampoo, rinse, repeat.
At the end of 2021 the American Medical Association had $1,238,960,169 in assets.  They are a nonprofit who lobby to make health care more profitable. (I wonder how much they would have had if they did not spend it on politicians and instead spent it on helping the community?)
The AMA shows how the business / nonprofit relationship works.  (a third party, a foundation is also involved)
The Atlanta Volunteers is looking for community partners that understand the needs of the community, but more importantly understand money, marketing and have some great reasons to do local photography!
Real estate agents seem to be a perfect match for the Atlanta Volunteers.  They know and describe the community to buyers, they have financial and legal expertise, they depend on high quality photography and they always explore new methods of marketing.
The most important quality a real estate agent can have is trust and reputation.  Altruistic branding from the Atlanta Volunteers can deliver trust and reputation by association.
Keller Williams headquarters and the local office in Cumming should set aside a donation fund for the Atlanta Volunteers, manage that fund and use their financial and marketing expertise to incrementally target donations that result in creating the TV series that turns Heroes with special powers into Super Heroes!
Keller Williams agents know their community, and if you look at the plot, you will see why they would make great celebrities to launch the solutions for our Heroes in their communities.