Karaoke Challenge Game Tutorial

Artists create a performance supported by Technicians so that Gamers can gamble.

Your game strategy is to catfish people by baiting them with a performance. When the “Catfish” swallows your bait, you get a game point called a “Loony”  (Loony is short for Dubloon).

Catfishing Tournament

Use your game card to find people to sing a duet, be backup dancers, an air band or dance like a one legged pirate. You can even us it to create much larger performances, activities and games.

Your Game Card is known as a “Catfishing Scheme”.  You do not have to sing Karaoke for your scheme. You can play darts, pool, bet on sports or run rigged poker games for you scheme but singing, dancing, or performing adds a lot of fun to catfishing schemes.

Your Game Card lets you score loonies on Pirate, Landlubber, Sailor, Catfisher, Catfish or mermaid leaderboards. 

A loony can be sold to anyone for cash under the same conditions as selling Hunter Bidens art or exchanged for gift cards, prizes, food, drinks or to pay off bets and dares. 

Getting loonies is just like when a nonprofit gives you shirts, hats, coffee mugs, back packs and other things for donations.

Loonies are a reward and a thank you for a donation.

Public Ledger

The public ledger for our nonprofit shows when a loony starts their pedigree and is created from a donation. The IRS already makes a public ledger for all donations to nonprofits, all we have done is made our public ledger a little more transparent and a lot more fun.   Our public ledger is easy to use, view and search so that you can playfully use it as a tool to investigate catfishing schemes.


There are local, regional and national competitions for the Karaoke Challenge Game.

Top prizes include being paid to sail, sing, act or work in tropical locations on an episode of “The  Tropical Adventure Competition”.  Local prizes found at prize counters are too vast and varied to describe.

Warning, you may encounter honesty

Everyone knows that catfishing schemes are almost always bogus and they will rip you off using any means possible. We encourage scallywags, wenches and pirates to catfish at the Pirate Dive Bar and hope they catch some record sized catfish.

Catfishing creates donations for us as people need to donate to get the loonies to take the bait of your catfishing scheme.

Too lazy to catfish

There are always a few great opportunities mixed into the bogus catfishing schemes as pirates are usually too lazy to catfish.

These catfishers desperately resort to honesty to get their schemes to succeed or are probably using a few honest rewards as chum. Honesty takes genuine effort and sincerity, so it is pretty rare!

Your Game Card

The game card is very easy to use.  You just check boxes to play the easy version or make comments and plans for the advanced version.

Your Game Card lets you create interactive fun with your live audience and your online audience using our zoom, chatrooms or classifieds. You can plan fun in the seconds before your performance with live chat or for weeks before with posted messages.

You can develop and rehearse your performance with your pirate gang to pull off a really big catfishing scheme with a mix of live and online players from weeks before to weeks after.

You can create as many game cards as you want.  You can use a real or bogus game card.  You can edit and reuse the same game card or start fresh each time. 

You start by choosing the date and location of when and where your game card will be used for your performance.  You can do this on the spot such as on Karaoke night, or days, weeks or months before you play. You create posts to collaborate with other artists and technicians to chum the water to catch some biggin’s.

Your game card lets you play solo or on a team. You choose 1 or more ways to play.  You can play as an Artist, Technician, Gamer or as all or any of them.


Loonies are game points that are legal for any type of gambling.  At the Pirate Dive Bar you can even use loonies to bribe a judge called the “Bootymaster”.

In a real casino you put your money down hoping to win. In the Pirate dive bar you won real money with a reduction in taxes for donating.

Surprisingly, the tax return for donating is statistically higher than the return for gambling.

When you bet loonies you don’t expect to win, you wonder how big and quick your loss will be. If you do win something it is probably only a trinket to catfish you into gambling higher and higher amounts. If you see somebody that looks like they just won big, that is unlikely they must be part of a catfishing scheme to get you to bet again.

If you are great at catfishing, enter a catfishing tournament and score on the leaderboards. We have great prizes, trust us. Would a pirate lie to you?


 If you have chosen to play the Karaoke Challenge Game and are innocent of singing or dancing crime, the Bootymaster can be bribed to punish you for your innocence. 

Many tough and brave warriors that come off the battlefield are too afraid to commit Karaoke singing and dancing crime. Small girls singing their hearts out often show more courage then these supposedly brave warriors. This is why the Bootymaster prefers to punish the innocent. She takes bribes and suggestions for punishment.  The beatings continue until your morale improves, the morale of the Bootymaster improves or the morale of the person giving the bribe improves. 

You can even bribe the bootymaster to punish people who are innocent or guilty of bribery or bribing too much, too little or missing out on a great bribe.

You were just catfished into reading the overview and not the tutorial. We lied. Here is the link for your game card, it is self explanatory and needs no tutorial.

Trust us, you really should follow the tutorial on becoming a Bootymaster. It is just a few steps down that gangplank. Ignore the sharks below, they are vegetarians.

Fill out your game card.