Form Karaoke Challenge Game
Completing Your Game Card

Your stage name, title, photo, date and location are on your listing page. The other files are on a second page that opens when people click on your listing. By using "Edit" to change the date or location you can reuse your profile over and over. Only profiles showing todays date are visible at each location. Go to "High Seas" > "My Stuff" > "Edit" to make changes and updates to this profile for the days and locations that you want to play at. It costs one loony to submit this form

Maximum upload size: 0.2MB
Karaoke Information

Name songs you would like to sing as a duet or in a group. Talk about air bands, back up dancing and any skits you think would be fun. Talk about music, dance, wardrobe or routines you would like to develop. Say anything you want

Choose basic activities you will do for 10 loonies
Will you accept challenges from the "10 Loony Wildcard Pool"

Add challenges to the "10 Loony Wildcard Pool"

Select challenges from the "10 Loony Pool" that you will do

Choose activities you will do for 20 loonies
Choose wild activities