Karaoke Challenge Game

You post singing and dancing challenges and bet on the results, punishment and prizes.

Only one person needs to know how to play and have their phone in their hands. This person is called the “Gamer”. Anyone can use their phone to look at the challenges, bets, results or leaderboards, but you only need one gamer. At any live game, you can invite online players to join you with posts, chat, zoom, livestream or by gambling on rigged games and challenges.

The Gamer will also be the Bootymaster or assign someone to be the Bootymaster. This can rotate every turn or at the whim of the Bootymaster. The Bootymaster is the banker, bribed judge, executioner, commander and carnival barker. The Bootymaster controls all the booty but has no math skills whatsoever. The Bootymaster is a female character even if played by a male. Females who play the Bootymaster must try very, very hard to act like a saucy, scheming, demanding, attention seeking female shamelessly flaunting her charms to cheat and catfish the other players. This comes naturally for males. If that doesn’t work, she also has a comedy prop used for punishment. This can be hot sauce, jalapenos, whipped cream, a cat, a whip or anything else she can playfully threaten players with. If no props are available she can use the threat of being motorboated. This works very well when males are the bootymaster.
You can choose from existing challenges or type new ones into the “Create Challenges and More” menu.

Play starts with the Gamer speaking to each player for about 30 seconds to get their challenges and bets. The Gamer then posts them by typing them into “Create Challenges and More”. Players can also type in their own challenges and bets hours, weeks or even months before the game.
Once typed in the Bootymaster can select the player and challenges or any player can select the challenges. You buy, sell, auction or gamble on if the challenge will be performed and if the Bootymaster will punish them for what they did to that song.

Gameplay now adapts itself to the location where it is being played. The way it is played with two people on a bus is different than a boat raft up or at a Karaoke bar.

The best way to play is at a house party but it is great at boat raft ups and pool parties where the Bootymaster assigns mermaid helpers and beach ball firing squads. It can be played at any Karaoke Bar with just your friends or you can set up a game and leave it open for anybody at the bar to join it.

If you are a gamer, you can magically turn loonies into actual folding cash by simply selling electronic points for cash on the spot. You transfer game points to somebodies account, and they hand you cash.

Here are some examples to get instant cash
Price gouging
“Ha ha ha, hey, you don’t want to use your credit card in some place called “The Pirate Dive Bar”. Here login, and I will give you a couple of loonies for free…(just like meth, first time is free to get you hooked) “You liked the Karaoke Challenge Game and now you want some more loonies? Well look, I have 30 loonies I can sell you, but I paid 25 cents each for them. Tell you what, so you don’t have to use your credit card in the ha ha ha the Pirate Dive Bar“…. “what a bunch of crooks they are” (you say it convincingly as part of your strategy to point out the bad guys, so you can be trusted…..hehehehehe) “I will sell them to you for 50 cents each with cash because I don’t want to see you cheated. How many do you want?”

Clearance Sale
This time the Bootymaster has way too many loonies to sell. “Hey, don’t waste your money at that rip off called the Pirate Dive Bar. I will sell you loonies for 10 cents each. How many do you want? 100? Okay, give me 10 bucks and I will throw in another 10 for free.”
So if you have become a famous bootymaster from catfishing the other players, you have way more loonies than you need and you can make any deal you want for them. You can even trade them for a half eaten plate of chicken wings and the rest of that beer.

Selling loonies for a higher of lower amount than what you paid for them is just good business for any pirate!

Fiat value and the work of cash flow
The true worth of the loony, the legal tender that bought it was given to the nonprofit. If you are a good enough carnival barker and huckster to sell a worthless game point for cash, well go for it. That is 100% legal! Those loonies can still do the work of cash flow and create more fiat value each time they are used. Loonies can not be created out of thin air. They must match a donation receipt for a nonprofit or a purchase receipt for Dolphin Rodeo Inc that owns the web site. The public ledgers let you check and verify this.

The Gamer knows the step by step method of play, you don’t need to learn how to play. You are easier to catfish if you don’t know anything. Or you can take a walk on the gangplank.