Karaoke Challenge Game

You create a skit (post) and codewords for your location and day you are playing. Take your regular turn at karaoke. When you get to the stage, before the song starts you have two ways to announce your username and the codewords. The first way is “Blackbeard The sea is blue”, the second way is “Blackbeard CODEWORD The sea is blue.” By saying the word “CODEWORD” you have added permission for anyone to flashmob your performance. This means than anyone is welcome join you on stage and do anything they want such as back up vocals, air guitar, dancing, photography and anything they can think of.
On your skit you list challenges you will do or help you want. If you re-use a post from weeks ago edit the post and change the date to todays date. Doing this is like creating a rehearsal for your skit that can be very different than it was the first time you did it. People and leave comments and suggestions on your post on what they can do next time. This includes photography, editing, graphics, sound, lighting, acting and much more so that eventually you can create social media from weeks of performing the skit.
The object of the game is get people to donate to their favorite nonprofit. When they see a great challenge or performance they will have to donate to get loony enough to bribe you or give you votes. Think of some great challenges and work hard at improving each time you perform.
The most votes wins!