Only one person on your team, the “Gamer” needs to be a nerd.  Everybody else only needs the brief instructions here and you play without your cell phone most of the time.
Loony is short for Dubloon. Loonies are our game tokens.  Look at the top right of the screen, loonies are the first item in your drop down menu. Move to the left to find your loony history.  Scroll down. 
You get loony with the Bootymaster when you donate to your favorite team.  Your team gets real cash from Paypal, pirates get loony for prized booty.
Loonies have no intrinsic value. You can gamble, bribe judges, buy grog, or feed them to mermaids at the petting zoo.  The rest you can squander
Pirates always lie unless they can trick you with partial truths.
Catfish other players to create loony value.
Everyone trys to make the game as hilariously addictive as possible to get donations for their team.
Catfishing Tournaments
Epiphany > Catfish takes you to the tournaments. All tournaments let you select or create challenges, select the location, date, add livestreaming, gambling and other features. The most important feature is the ability to catfish live or online players at the same time to support great causes.