Instant Cash

Sell Loonies For Cash!

  • You are the Catfisher, you stand next to a Catfish that has plent of folding cash!
  • Both of you login to
  • Go to High Seas > Ledgers>Booty Search
  • Show the Catfish Your Booty ( this proven method has been used daily for centuries to generate instant cash)
  • The Catfish selects “Wealth & Power” and creates an entry
  • You find the “Wealth & Power” entry for the Catfish or any other widget they have and transfer loonies
  • The Catfish hands you cash


You can buy or sell loonies for whatever price you want just like Bitcoin, tulips and baseball cards. When somebody donates a dollar they get four loonies, the same as buying tokens at an arcade. So the loony “appears” to have a fiat value of 25 cents. If you were at an arcade and have $20 worth of tokens you can give them away for free, sell them for $10, $20, $30 or whatever price you want.

First example: I will sell you $20 worth of loonies for $10 cash

If you have been doing really well catfishing players and you have a bunch of loonies to redeem, you can sell them for a better price in cash to the person next to you, than if somebody donates to us. This person gets hooked on our games and will probably donate to us the next time they need loonies. You get $10 cash!

Second example: I will sell you $20 worth of loonies for $30 cash so you don’t have to use your credit card to buy them.

If you donated $20 to get those loonies, you just made $10 cash!

Another Way To Get Cash – Redeem loonies cash!

We give you 5% for your loonies when you redeem for cash unless you are on a team, then it is 10%. This is a straight no nonesense way to pay commision for finding donations. But if people have been making you loony all night and your booty is getting booty, this is still called a “commision on donations”.

If you host a donation event, (party) this can pay for your party and then some. The donors get tax reciepts and we give you cash in the form of gift cards.. Starting on your second event (nonprofits only) we can transfer into your Paypal account and skip the processing and mailing fees for the gift card

Instant Cash In Your Paypal Account

Anybody can rent our website if they have a paypal email address. We rent this site to generate donations for the Atlanta Volunteers. We do not issue tax reciepts when money goes into your account and you are a business or individual.. We do not take out any fees. The Paypal fees are whatever your account has negotiated with Paypal. The ledger shows exactly what your rental earned and you give us a percentage for the rental after the event, unless somebody is bidding against you. We get new members, you get access to our current members. Anytime two or more people want to rent at the same time, an open bidding war begins.