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Volunteer coupons are mostly business with some art.  Epiphanies are mostly art with some business.  Use them for funding, labor, publicity, comedy, rehearsals and to produce social media that could be part of the TV series called "Special Heroes.  
The community owned, crowd sourced software will tell you what needs to be done for each episode and what you can do as cast or crew.

Special Heroes

Shop for volunteer coupons for yourself to help fund this production... or help turn a Hero into a Super Hero by becoming the cast, crew, audience or shareholders of this TV series.  Pirate School will guide you.
Community owned, crowd sourcing software organizes and produces interactive episodes easily. Anyone with a cell phone and some time to spare can join any cast or crew position on any of the 30 teams.
Three people lead each team. They are the Hero, Coach and Producer. The Hero and coach must be family members and typically the producer is too.
The Producer is the person the team communicates with so the Coach can be  dedicated to protecting and coaching the Hero.
The Hero is a volunteer that represents the nonprofits.  The Coach represents for profits and recieves 66% of the gross of what the episode earns.  The other 33% is used to pay expenses.  Anything that is left over from the 33% is divided amongst anyone from the community that helped to create the episode.
Teams are considered on a first come basis, but may be replaced by other teams if they miss deadlines.  The earlier you apply to have your family and team featured on an episode the better chance you have.
On your Game Card, Volunteer Coupons are for restaurant and retail discounts, volunteerism and interactive commercials.  Epiphanies are for art, sports and performances.
Volunteer Coupons might say “donate $1 get $3 off your hamburger."  An epiphany could say “I will be a backup singer for 50 loonies.”
Volunteer Coupons and Epiphanies only use our pirate coin called a "loony."
"Loonies are a virtuous currency for honest people on a true and transparent public ledger." The transparency of the public ledger is key to making this a community owned production.
You can "Get Loony" by donating through PayPal, or by donating  products and services. A reward coin called "Bond" is given to volunteers and tracks what they do.
Pirate School lets anyone volunteer to learn, do or teach and pays them in bond. 
Pirate school teaches everything you need to know to be safe, have fun and be part of the cast and crew.
Pirate school teaches a wide vareity of topics such as safety, underwater photography, sailing or gourmet cooking on sailboats. Pirate School even teaches you how to lead pirate raids or  become a Mermaid as part of the storyline development for the episodes.
We have an unusual way to pay fund raisers!
Our nonprofits give you 1 loony for 25 cents when you donate through PayPal. What if you earned loonies then sold 2, 3 or 4 loonies for 25 cents using your own cash app?  If you have created a volunteer coupon to wash a car for 50 loonies and have been washing cars all day you may have 1,000 loonies.  The 1,000 loonies generated $250 through PayPal for nonprofits, now it is time for your fund raising commission! Sell the loonies you earn from the volunteer coupons or epiphanies for any price and conditions you want. Go really low such as $50 for a thousand loonies and you are bound to get a cash app buyer.  You might even create other volunteer coupons and epiphanies that people really want to tease them so that they buy your discounted loonies. You should be able earn a lot more by selling loonies than you can with views on other social media sites.  Also consider posting the social media you create here on those sites to earn a second revenue stream.
Loonies shrink by about 15% every time you use them so eventually they will run out and somebody will have to donate again at the 1 to 25 cent price. This can create panic buying similar to finding toilet paper in a pandemic. This panic can create demand for your loony booty until it is wiped out....hehehe
Read about the "Theory of Fiat Value".
Pirate themed comedy is used in a variety of ways.  This means you can playfully act like a pirate and say booty, surrender the booty, you sure look bootyful, you could win a booty contest. You are encouraged to say exotic things like "I am going to feed some loonies to the mermaids at the petting zoo to make their booty bigger.  I sure do like a big treasure chest."
Not all comedy will be appropriate for the TV series as we want a strong "G" rating. Most of what you produce should do fine here on the internet and in sports bars when we go on pirate raids with Sea Shanty Karaoke and Pirate Initiations.
Our moderation score explains how we keep "G" rated content  separate from other content.  Use the life ring to get HELP! then read the quick start.
Website Differences
We use PayPal as a pay wall and do not store credit card information.  We do not use cookies or require you to verify your email or phone to login.  You can create as many bogus accounts as you want! We do not use geo tracking on your phone or ask for permission to use the camera, microphone or anything else. You do not download an app through playstore to access this site, so you must able to stumble into the Pirate Dive Bar and find it on your own. 
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