Theory of fiat value

A vocational group home under construction on the shores of Lake Lanier is the laboratory where a magic potion of fun, virtue, altruism and just a sprinkle of the dark arts of capitalism are mixed together to transform Heroes into Super Heroes!
Hello, my name is Alan Kindree and I am the CEO of the Atlanta Volunteers.
I am going to explain how this magic potion called “fiat value” works. You will also learn how you can be part of a community owned, crowd sourced TV series that tells the story of 30 heroes born with special powers turned into real life super heroes.
You wake up one morning, kiss your lovely wife Penny good bye and on your way to work you see Cameron and give him $20 to cut your grass.  After Cameron finishes the grass he gives the $20 to a barber named Bob for a hair cut.  After the hair cut Bob gives $20 to Sally to wash his car.  After washing Bobs car Sally gives $20 to your wife Penny for the basket of apples she just picked.  Sally makes several apple pies and sells them for $40 and your wife Penny has your original $20.
While you were at work your grass was cut, Cameron got a hair cut, Bob got a car wash, your wife has your original $20 and did Sally get $20 or $40 richer? There was $100 in transactions minus the expenses and you have your original $20 back while new money was created for Sally. While you were at work that $20 may have created more value than you did at work and now your wife waves that same $20 in your face and says it is hers.
The next day you put this valuable $20 in the bank and you earn 2 cents for the interest and are told that is the right thing to do to grow your money.
One more example.  For a Mardi Gras parade you buy 100 strands of beads for about 25 cents each. People at the parade will sing, dance and do almost anything to have beads thrown at them. 
You could throw a dollar on the ground during the parade and nothing would happen except that you lose your dollar.  But the beads have an unbelievable fiat value.  At work the next day you could pay the Mardis Gras revelers $20 to get just as silly but you would probably end up with a slap and a trip to the HR department.
You can see why fiat value is known as the dark arts of capitalism.  The Atlanta Volunteers lists a variety of nonprofits on our website.  When you donate to any of the nonprofits they altruistically get 100% of your donation. Our software gives you a reward point called a “Loony” for every 25 cents you donate to any nonprofit.  A loony has no actual value, but are you creative or fun enough to give it fiat value?
When us pirates playfully create fiat value we call it “catfishing.” Our pirate themed catfishing tournament is where creatives battle consumers and the biggest booty wins.
In our vocational group home laboratory, you can help us mix together a potion of fun, virtue, altruism and fiat value so you can “Get Loony” and turn Heroes into Super Heroes!
We have two ways to make loonies more valuable than real dollars.  The first is called a “Volunteer Coupon”.  It is used by consumers for discounts, products and volunteerism.  The second is called an “Epiphany”.  It is used by creatives for art, sports, music and media production.
Examples of volunteer coupons would be “Donate 1$ (4 loonies) get $2 off, Upgrade medium fries to large 1 loony, Get your car washed for 20 loonies, Used bicycle for 300 loonies.
Volunteer coupons display a receipt on your phone. This receipt contains more information than a bar code and yet does not require the use of a scanner. Just by seeing the receipt, the author of the volunteer coupon knows the transaction is complete. Your loonies are in their account and a public ledger has been made and can be checked with one click,
Examples of epiphanies would be Darts for 50 loonies, Sing a sea shanty for 35 loonies, I will race you for 50, bet 100 loonies on the braves. (since loonies have no redeemable value, you can legally bet with them just like you were using monopoly money) Epiphanies contain a barter widget and the ability to collaborate on social media production.
Catfishing Tournament
Catfishing Tournament (Quickstart)
First Responders Boat Parade
Heroes are First Responders or Veterans, active or not.
Special Heroes are Heroes born with the “Special Powers” of Down syndrome, Autism, spina bifida etc.
Each boat has one or more  “Game Cards” to enable live streaming and “fun raising.”  Online viewers can skip around to view and react with any of the 3,000 boats or game cards they want to. Some police, fire, EMS, veteran and celebrity locations may also want to set up a land based "booth" to telecommute and live stream to join the parade. When online viewers donate to any of our listed nonprofits, they get electronic pirate coins called “loony” that are transferred to a "Bootymaster" during live streaming.  Two types of items are on the boats game card, a volunteer coupon and an epiphany. Both of these have a widget called “bribe.”  A volunteer coupon trades Loonies for discounts, items or labor.  An epiphany is a performance, skit, gamble, challenge or sport that is performed while livestreaming.  Online viewers “bribe” the bootymaster and the bootymaster “catfishes loonies” from the loonies.
The parade is free and on a first come basis by category.  Captains or lookouts may request volunteers to live stream and fill the roles of Bootymaster, Gamer or other characters.  Captains or lookouts may request volunteers to help decorate or perform an “epiphany.”
  1. First come for Heroes with Special Heroes in their family
  2. First come for Heroes or families of Special Heroes
  3. First come for people live streaming with a game card, volunteer coupon and epiphany
  4. First come for people not live streaming
Celebrities, Celebrity Auctions, Door Prize winners, Decorated boats and teams for episodes will be placed in the parade at the Atlanta Volunteers Discretion.
Except for wave runners, all watercraft must have a minimum crew of two trained people, a captain and a lookout.  A third reccomended person known as the “Bootymaster” live streams and performs the epiphany found on the boats game card. A fourth person known as the “Gamer” takes over the live stream duties so the bootymaster can perform the epiphany.  Other characters such as mermaids, galley wenches, cabin boys, sharks, gunners and more can be added.  Additional live streams and Bootymasters can be added to the game card.  The captain and lookout can rotate with anyone that has passed online parade  training.  Passengers and those without assigned duties are not considered part of the crew for purposes of the game card.  “Online Gamers” can bribe to direct or manage the epiphany by negotiating with any other Bootymaster or Gamer for co-ordinated skits.
Each captain and lookout must complete the free online parade training and be dedicated to their safety duties.  Each boat must meet the safety and parade requirements described in the online training.
Each boat must print out the parade flag on a piece of paper and tape it to the captains station and include enough space around the paper to recognize the boat and take a picture of it. Other fun photos should be taken of the crew around the boat.
Boats are organized into 10 boat squads.  Three squads are organized into a group.  The parade will have a maximum of 100 groups traveling at walking speed and will know how to start and stop together similar to any other parade.
Catfishing Tournament
Catfishing equipment (also known as an "Enviromentally Purposeful Public Scam" or "EPPS") will let you vote for yourself, create false flag plays and be an agent provocateur to carry out your duties as a Praetorian Guard.
Part of a "Volunteer Coupon" is shown below
The moderation score is positive 3 and Sailor is in green.
The moderation score is -2 and Landlubber is in red and warns you not to read that post! When the score drops to -11 the post disappears.
Anybody can make any post disappear. Posts are like sandcastles on the beach. Any praetorian guard, like your fratty sister Karen can knock them down.
This is actual true community moderation!
Sailor means the post meets broadcast standards, has no copyright infringements, alcohol, smoking, salty language and is safe for work, school or in the courtroom of the praetarian guards. These are the posts that "maybe just maybe" are "OK" enough to be used in the TV series "Special Heroes."
Landlubber means the post could be okay in most sports bars if the score is close to zero, but definitely not if it is closer to -10. If you are ever in doubt, if it should be deleted, just delete the post by giving it a score of -11. Think of yourself as a "First Responder" for the Ministry of Truth. Nobody gets banned, just thrown overboard to the sharks.
Pirates are posts that disappear when they are thrown overboard. Lets say you see something truly disgusting and filthy such as "The Dodgers are the greatest!". Immediately down vote (down votes costs 3 loonies and upvotes cost 1 and these pirate battles raise money for nonprofits) that moral turpetitude and throw that Pirate overboard! If they are from Pittsburgh then they might stay if the Atlanta Braves are not around. You can fine tune moderation scores to make a point. For example, give something a positive score of 1,000 and you will be honored by the Ministry of truth! (If that Dodgers scoundrel does that, the good people in the room should see it as a call to action and attack that post even though downvotes are three times as expensive as upvotes. No way could that Dodgers scoundrel be an agent provocatuer in a false flag play).
You vote for your own stars!
Stars cost 1 loony each and show how much you care about your own post and how much you care about freeloading off this site. The first thing you should do is vote for yourself to get all stars. Otherwise you look like you gave your own post no stars. You can down vote stars on somebody elses post to sell them protection insurance against star downvoting or to call somebody else a freeloader. Check your posts and upvote your stars to bring them back to being full and avoid costly protection insurance for star damage.
You can see the booty, bribes and influence peddling of any person by doing a Booty search
Welcome! Without any laws or votes to create the Ministry of truth, qualification, knowledge or an election, you have just been drafted into your new life as a praetorian guard in the "Ministry of Truth." Your mission is to eradicate a free speech disease of comedy in the body politics called "disinformation." Mark anything that has a moderation score to -11 and that Pirate walks the plank and disappears. You will get honor by being a bootyful marksist in the Ministry of Truth.
If you look at a public ledger, you can see catfish peddling their influential booty around town. A praetorian guard does not judge on truth, they are influenced by the booty they see peddling around them.
It costs 11 loonies to get Genuine EPPS catfishing bait. In a catfishing tournament the catfish are judged by how bootyful they are. Catfish try to peddle their influence with bribes. Judges take the bribes to win. (The judge wins not the catfish) A booty search will let you look at any bodies booty on their public ledger. There you will find all their loony bribes and messages for influence peddling. (look top right in your account >balance > loony history) to see yours. We see that your booty is this big.
Bootymasters only punish the innocent such as the always innocent Praetorian Guard in our multiple systems of injustice. Bootymasters have been known to give winners of catfishing tournaments the choice of walking the plank to be eaten by sharks or being motorboated by the Bootymaster with a booby prize. Henchmen of catfishers get booby prizes and the elite ruling class get booty prizes. There are more than two systems of injustice for judging booty.
A skilled catfisher or mermaids can feast on loonies to make their booty bigger and afford the Genuine EPPS Catfishing bait! You have enough booty for open catfishing. Do you want to catfish in the open season or cut bait? (cutting bait is donating to any of our nonprofits)
Youtube, tik tok and other platforms pay you for content. Can you do much better here? How do we do it? What aren't we telling you? Should you attend Pirate School?
Set your compass
Type of catfishing
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