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I want to
You are logged in!  Continue by choosing Work, Play or High Seas in the top menu or learn about each one below.
We strongly recommend you use these instructions to login into Kroger as it gives you $10 in loonies and a wide variety of prizes & perks including preference for being part of the crew or winning an all expense paid appearance on the "Tropical Adventure Competition" TV series.
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If you are a family member of a person with a disability start at the Coaches office & form a team.  
Everyone else should go to the Locker Room to look at the "Team Pages".  You should add comments, brainstorm and check your team pages often to keep up.
Once you leave the locker room, go to "Tryouts" to tryout for that team or all teams.
Everyone should complete the quickstart and as much of the tutorial as possible.
Goal: Get people to transfer loonies to you using a transfer widget on your post.  This is called "Catfishing".  Your goal is to Catfish for the biggest booty.
Play is as easy as posting and reading.  The customizer on the play menu is like the replicator on Star Trek, it can create anything!
You play in the "Comedy Lab" and your post is called an "Epiphany". If your epiphany creates comedy, with "work" it can be turned into a tryout and then a comedy bumper for the "Tropical Adventure Competition". 
Sailors use honest methods, Landlubbers sometimes use honest methods and Pirates catfish your loony booty then enter Catfishing Tournaments to win prizes for having a big booty. 
Only 1 rule.  Once you transfer loonies your turn is over. No refunds, mistakes or do overs, you were catfished.
Report honest deals to the Bootymaster so that the innocent can be punished.  Bribe the Bootymaster to choose any innocent person to be punished.
Catfishing bait is made with Karaoke Challenges, Drunken pirate bets or feeding mermaids at the petting zoo.  (any animal will do tricks for rewards)
The tutorial tells you a lot about strategy and how to catfish from the person beside you or online anywhere in the world.
The High Seas in the top menu is where you will find adventure, resources, tools, ledgers, prizes and more.  You should check "My Stuff" for tax recipts when you donate, door prizes tickets, forms you can edit, your bio, manifest, waiver, medical clearance and other forms you might need. 
You choose High Seas in the top menu and then Tutorial
Hint: You have enough loonies in your account to buy a door prize and win an all expense paid sailing adventure! You find favor when you get loony with the Bootymaster