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At the Pirate Dive Bar, nonprofit sports organizations, for profit production businesses, vendors, fans and the viewing audience and gamers coexist together. This is just like they do during the Olympics and the broadcast of College and University sports.

99% of the people here will be in the general admission category and will only need 2 minutes to learn their way around. Other people can choose their level of involvement as it can turn into a part time or full time job.

Think of the Pirate Dive Bar as a Major Sports League that organizes the teams, vendors, tv episodes and their fans. It includes all of the human resource, business and production services that any team would need along with a virtual experience for fans who would like to compete to be part of a team in person or interactively cheer them on.

Each team must use open books and accounting that has all of the identity and protected information removed except for the Team name and avatars for players.  This lets anyone judge the financial efficiency of each team by going through their books.

This accounting system is called SISO. Every penny spent can be easily tracked online by anyone as it moves anyplace in the competition.  This levels the playing field for all teams so that they can be judged on their skill providing effective results compared to the money spent. The Bootyrat game points that we use are a second way to track every single penny so that it is viewable online and 100% financial transparency is maintained in games and business.

Teams can use traditional professional television production techniques and the expense they incur or accept the challenge of competing in the new wave of cell phone video and crowd sourced production talent to produce episodes.

General Admission

2 minutes.  Chase a bootyrat, catch a bootyrat, buy bootyrats from your organization, check your history, check another players history

Site Navigation

3 minutes. Navigation, post or read classifieds, try out for a team, cast and crew for television production, video production workflow using crowd sourcing, salt life trivia, salt life school, atlanta volunteers


5 minutes. Overview, groups, forums, video chat, challenges, advance in rank, find games and challenges, post games and challenges,  advance in rank.  Confiscate loonies from pirates. Learn how to send game points to youtube, facebook and other sites without going through google or logging into them.


10 minutes. Sailor life, raising money for your cause, proving skills, education and experience, honor, ethics catching pirates and confiscating their booty, paying the bootymaster, groups, forums, doing an honest days work.


10 minutes. Pirate life, raising money for your cause, rigging games, betting, bribing, stealing, scheming, false flag plays, punishments, initiations and secret pirate rooms to plan mutinies.


20 minutes. Choosing your events, choosing a position as a volunteer, share, paid or deal position, uploading and recording your qualification video


20 minutes. Disabled populations and worthy causes

Organization Leaders

30 minutes.  How to raise money for your club or cause, convert electronic points into poker chips and then back into electronic points, selling electronic points for cash, inflating and deflating the price of bootyrats, changing the exchange rate of cash to points.  Betting, bribing, cheating, extorting, catfishing, sharking and shaking down your group.


30 minutes.  Understand how to buy and sell, advertising, sponsoring a team, get commercials made for you other promotions.

Team managers & Owners

5 to 10 hours.  Qualify to apply, recruiting and team tryouts, using the team management tools, understanding when to lead or delegate,  understanding the business plan, sequence of events for “Tropical Adventure Competition”, safety, liability, ships manifest, crew qualification, adding new episodes, other crowd sourced television productions, spin offs.


1 hour.  Understanding the role of an investor, micro investor, major investor, tax advantages, working with celebrities, your own franchise.


1 hour. Students, passengers, volunteers, independent contractors, crowd sourcing

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