How To Play

You make a donation, you get “loonies” (short for Dubloons) you trade loonies for cash or prizes.

At a house party with the purpose of supporting animal rescue (cows not included).

“Last steak, who wants it?”

“I have 20 loonies left, is that enough?”

“Sure”. (The transfer is made) There you go, it is yours.  Do you want a plate?  The plate will be another 10 loonies, better donate fast to my animal rescue charity, if you want to rescue that steak from burning”

Go to the top right of your screen and under your icon, click on “loonies” then click on “Loonies History” and scroll. Refer to this page to verify transactions and messages. Go to “Read” and pick out an activity that will win you loonies or go to “Post” and create one. Go to “loonies” in “High Seas” to learn how to buy, sell or redeem loonies. Each activity that you chose under “Read” has a help section to explain that activity.

You have enough information to start playing. Go to “High Seasif you need help.


The object of the game is to get other players to spend loonies to support you or your favorite cause. Anyone can be fund raiser for themself by redeeming 25 loonies for $1 US dollar. Some activities allow short periods of 100% revenue generation to go to you or your favorite cause, some activities allow a percentage. Anyone can be a “Bootymaster” and buy or sell loonies instantly for cash with the player next to them. You can post goods and services as prizes and sell them for loonies or create activities and games for prizes.

“Our messenger has two fields, a message field and a “loonies” field. Your donation and game actions are scored on a public ledger, leaderboards and in your history. Use loonies to make purchases, bets, deals and redeem points for cash or prizes that support your favorite cause or nonprofit.

In very rare circumstances sailors will post athletic or sports events, skill or knowledge contests and sell goods or services to honestly support their favorite cause. Expect the majority of what you see to be gambling, bribing judges, ransom, catfishing, whore mongering, rigged poker games, lying, cheating and the Bootymaster punishing the innocent. (The Bootymaster doesn’t know if you are innocent or guilty when justice takes a bribe so she picks an innocent person at random so that she will know if they are innocent or guilty during their punishment. Knowing, makes it more fun for her. Everyone who becomes a Bootymaster must dress and have female mannerisms and voice, even females.)

You pit your good cause against another’s good cause by convincing people to spend, gamble or play all the loonies they have. To keep playing they have to donate again and support your good cause.

You login and log out to switch between a Sailor, a Landlubber and a Pirate avatar. The Sailor avatar is verified and this is the only one that will let you win the major prizes or let you get a donation receipt for donations to the Atlanta Volunteers. (FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. 501 c 3 EIN is 26-0354205) The landlubber and pirate can donate anonymously to buy loonies.

When playing as a Sailor you are expected to always tell the truth, never gamble, drink, cuss, punish or enslave others unless absolutely necessary. The Landlubber shifts between being a sailor or pirate and the Pirate always lies, drinks, cusses, punishes and enslaves others except when it is necessary.

When dealing with a Pirate you should expected them to lie, cheat, steal and especially “Catfish” you out of your loonies. Pirates test their skills as a huckster, carnival barker and con man to convince people that they need to transfer loonies to them for this “sure bet”. Since everyone knows the games are rigged and the pirates running them are crooked you have very little chance of winning, so you have to be very clever to cheat the cheaters or bribe the judges called the Bootymaster. All the Bootymasters take bribes to ensure you get the justice you want. Too little of a bribe to the Bootymaster when you buy justice can have uncertain results.

The messenges that we send are called “Bootyrats”. Bootyrats eat part of your loonies as you transfer them. Our ships are infested, but you can earn loonies by catching “Bootyrats”.

You can play with or without your cellphone, with all live players, all virtual players or a mixture of both at any house party or sports bar. The best way to play is with a Bootymaster

Three rules

  1. Your turn ends when you transfer loonies, there are no refunds or complaints
  2. You get paid first then decide if you will comply with the deal like a sailor or just steal the loonies like a pirate
  3. You never have to keep any promise or deal made, but you can

Before you start any bet, party, game or challenge you should read the public ledger of the person you are dealing with to determine if they are a sailor or a pirate. Then read the postings in categories that match the game or activity that you are doing.  The postings contain ideas, skits, challenges, players, wagers and more that can make your party exciting and profitable by involving online players or connecting two or more parties together by zoom.  The zoom function lets virtual players watch your party and make bets from wherever they are.

When you are finished with your party.  Post about what went right or wrong.  You can even include a link to a clip from your party so that you can pay other people loonies to add sound or effects and upload it back to your profile and social media. The more parties that people have the more party ideas that will be shared to make all fund raising parties great!

Detailed instructions here

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