How to play

No instructions unless you compete, and then they are endless. Create a game card at “Epiphany” find a game card at “Adventure”
Loony is short for Dubloon. Loonies are our game tokens.  Look at the top right of the screen, loonies are the first item in your drop down menu. Move to the left to find your loony history.  Scroll down. 
You get loony with the Bootymaster when you donate to your favorite team.  Your team gets real cash from Paypal, pirates get loony for prized booty.
1. Loonies have no intrinsic value. You can gamble, bribe judges, buy grog, or feed them to mermaids at the petting zoo.  The rest you can squander.
2. Pirates always lie unless they can trick you with partial truths.
Catfish other players to create loony value.
Everyone trys to make the game as hilariously addictive as possible to get donations for their team.
If you look at the examples for each tournament you will know how to play without reading instructions.
You catfish to feed your team.  You lie, cheat, steal, bribe judges or very rarely play honestly to catfish others. To create your game card you select from existing catfish bait or make new choices to buy, sell or bet on.  You look at other peoples game card to see what you would like to buy, sell or bet on.  Both of you think you are the clever catfisher but both of you might be the catfish getting hooked and eaten by a bigger fish. You can create a game card weeks in advance to advertise and develop crowd sourced challenges for your party or make up challenges on the spot.
You can eat catfish or throw them back.  You eat a catfish by taking their loonies without completing the challenge, sending the product or performing the service that was paid for.  You throw the Catfish back if you took their loonies and completed the challenge, delivered the product or performed the service.
Every catfish knows that the lying, cheating, stealing pirates trying to hook them can’t be trusted.  You have to be loony to share your booty with pirates and that is just the catfish they are looking for.
There are tools to make everything transparent.  You can look at anybody’s booty or take the bait.
Once you send loonies, your turn is over.  Expect nothing in return and no refunds.
The prizes are pretty amazing and if you take the time to learn, you can catfish for cash or be paid as part of the production crew for the Tropical Adventure Competition.
Tournament winners
Your catfish are weighed on a leaderboard by the weight of the loonies they send you.  Players can create prizes for their tournament or select from “Prized Booty”.  (HIGH SEAS > PRIZED BOOTY)
If you are one of the 30 qualified teams, or 5 stand by teams in the Tropical Adventure Competition, you may borrow this website for fund raising events.  We put your Paypal email address in and all the donations on this site go directly to your team for the length of time you are borrowing it.  When your event is finished another team can borrow the website.

Many Types of Players, Multiple Ways To Play

If you play on a team with a “Gamer”, you don’t need to know how to use your phone or laptop to play. Just fill out your fan & crew bio and “check-in” each time you want to play. The gamer gives you instructions online or live, so you can play, rehearse or compete without your phone in your hands!

3 minutes or less

Take the first step, meet the teams and become a fan or part of the crew
Visit HIGH SEAS > About, My Stuff & Prized Booty
Go to the Bootymaster & Buy Loonies
Redeem Loonies for Door Prizes or Prizes
Get notification of the drawing and episode streaming dates
Interact with commercials to support your team and for more chances to win
Login to Kroger, Get Loonies For Logging In
If you want to be a Coach, form a team

10 minutes or less

If you are a Coach that has formed a team, create your team page
Fill out your Fan & Crew Profile (used for everything below)

Fans – Online

View the calendar for interactive events or commercials
Create content for parties and games
Play along with the live players who are at boat parades, parties, sports bars and events

Fans – Live Local Events

Create live local events
Discover live local events

Crew – Online

Join as many teams as you want
Compete in script writing, narration, editing, wardrobe and other contests
Achieve Bootymaster and or Gamer status

Crew – In person

Apply to Producers to be their crew
Work locally as directed

Producer – Online and in person

Fill out your Producer profile
Apply to Coaches to be their producer

Coach – Online and in person

1. Form A Team 2. Create Your Team Page
If you are a close family member of a person disabled since birth you can form a 3 person Team, Hero, Coach & Producer. Then you create a team page by answering a series of questions.  Producers read your answers and can apply to you as your producer.  You can hire or fire as many producers as you want.  The producer takes care of all of the production details for you or you can do as much as you want.  As the Coach, your are in complete control of anything the Producers, crew or team wants to do.
The Coach is the agent and manager for the Hero.  The Coach receives 2/3 of the revenue to manage it for the Hero and the Producer must produce the episode with 1/3 of the revenue or less. The Hero represents the nonprofit and amateur sports competition, the Coach is a paid contractor for the for profit activities of the team.  The Producer decides how to manage their production on the budget given.

Hero – Online and in person

The Hero is nominated by a Coach.  The Hero is usually a live person disabled since birth but the Coach can nominate any Hero.   In very exceptional cases the Hero can apply to also be the Coach.

Special Characters

Gamer – Online and in person

The Gamer knows everything and is a revered wizard!  A team needs at least one designated Gamer but can have as many as they want.  The Gamer understands how to help any person with any issue on and  The Gamer can play on as many teams as they want.  This can be openly or secretively with false flag plays.
At a live event the Gamer is usually the only person with their phone or laptop in their hands.  They give strategic information to the Bootymaster and can answer any question and perform any online duty for the Producer.

The Gamer is truly a highly regarded nerd!

Bootymaster – Online and in person

The Bootymaster scores for the team by being the Fund Raiser. The Bootymaster can be completely unskilled and let the Gamer direct her. A skilled Bootymaster is also a Gamer and can organize parties, events and more.
The Bootymaster is the master of ceremonies and carnival barker at live or online events.   Although the Bootymaster can not count, usually lies, takes bribes and punishes the innocent, she (regardless of beard, chest hair or moustache) is the banker, judge and commander of the event, party or team.  Teams can share Bootymasters, have more than one, take turns or subjucate that position.
The usual duties of the Bootymaster are to ensure that no bets are fair, games are rigged, judges are bribed, and the innocent are always punished even before a crime or trial has started.
Bootymasters expect bribes from other teams and players but have no loyalty whatsoever, even to the highest bribe, as again, they can not count.
The Bootymaster commands the mermaids and galley wenches to do her dirty work and can put any person into slavery until a bond for their release is paid or a bribe taken by another team or player to continue or change their enslavement.
The Bootymaster chooses what variety of weapons or rewards she will use to punish the innocent.  Examples are cans of spray cheese, whip cream, chocolates, jalapenos, chicken wings of random flavors, a ping pong paddle, car wash mit, jello shots, riding crop, squirt gun or a 350 pound biker on a leash called “sweety” who claims to be your cuddle buddy. 
When you bribe the Bootymaster you do not know what type of punishment or reward you will be getting. Anybody can bribe the Bootymaster to change the punishment or reward and get it themselves or give it to another person.

Mermaids – Online or in person (Usual type of Catfishing)

Everyone should log out, then log back in to fill out a mermaid profile using a bogus email, fake picture, wild description and more so that they can “catfish” other players. A few “Real” mermaids should fill out profiles just to keep the catfishing tournament interesting.
Mermaids can be a surprise punishment or a reward. As an example “Sweety” from above could be a mermaid. A sailor would pay any sort of fine or choose an innocent person to be punished than have Sweety cuddle with them. The Bootymaster frequently uses “decoy” mermaids to “catfish” pirates into doom then switch to “Sweety” styled mermaids.

Karaoke Challenge Game

You buy or sell challenges to fund raise for your Hero.
You can also create content for the Tropical Adventure Competition or your social media. There are many types of Challenges and Catfishing, most have nothing to do with Karaoke!
The Karaoke Challenge Game is a description of all the challenges or games that you play in the same way as the “Karaoke Challenge Game”.
Some of the Challenges may be “Catfished” to become “comedy bumpers” or “shorts” for the Tropical Adventure Competition. Catfishing is crowd sourced production that turns a simple idea into something spectacular.
Catfishing is when dozens of people work together to create art for a great cause. Crowd sourced production is called “Catfishing” as you have to use good enough bait to convince people to help you win a Catfishing tournament. Catfishing tournaments are for writing, narration, editing, special effects, wardrobe, construction, marketing and each step of the production process for each clip.
1. You create or select challenges
2. You “sell” the challenge by offering to do it
3. You “buy” the challenge by paying someone to do it
4. When the challenge is performed, it is called “Rehearsing”
5. Live or online players can gamble on the Rehearsal
6. The Bootymaster can reward or punish anyone as a result of a rehearsal or gambling
7. Anyone can take the rehearsal a step further when they capture it by cellphone and post it as “bait” for Catfishing
8. Catfishing is when people brainstorm to improve the rehearsal and create a “comedy bumper” or “short” for their team to use in the Tropical Adventure Competition
9. The Catfisher or Producer decides what Hero a completed bumper or short will benefit
10. During the “fight” to land the Catfish people compete in “catfishing tournaments” for writing, editing, narration, photography, wardrobe, construction, marketing and all other aspects of the production.
For example, 5 people may have submitted narration, so the one that the Catfisher or Producer chooses wins the narration competition and gets a “crew share” and credit in the final production.
You can gamble on challenges using loonies, but not with real money! You can play live, live with online players or just with online players. For example, you can be just one live player at a Karaoke bar and play with online players using your phone to livestream your performance. This allows people online to bet, bribe and buy challenges. You can use the loonies that you earn to support your team or redeem them for prizes including cash gift cards.
If you plan on playing the Karaoke Challenge Game to win loonies, prizes or cash you should explore the Bootymaster page, and find the hidden tutorials there and go to for more training.