High Seas

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Quickstart – Read “Bootymaster” and that is all you need to know.


The primary purpose of the Pirate Dive Bar is to employ adults with abilities and improve their quality of life and other missions found at atlantavolunteers.org. We also support local causes such as our current fund raiser, “Crush Cancer – Christy McGee” at the Branch House.

Our classified ads and catfishing reward points for donations. These raise funds as it costs 1 loonie (game point) to use . When you create a playful reason to transfer loonies to another player, the charity is supported as people are encouraged to buy loonies to play. We encourage you to donate unusual items and volunteer hours for prizes. This can include art and kittens you can not get rid of, a promise to wash a boat or cut grass, mermaid duties at fund raising pool parties, coupons if they walk into your business, help on your social media video, promises, dares, telecommute duties or anything for donated prizes. Using a pirate theme, we have a section where pirates can buy and sell punishment, slaves, bribes and more just to add some fun. If you are paid in loonies to be tied to the mast and whipped, keel hauled or thrown overboard instead of somebody else, those loonies go to the charity.

Atlanta Volunteers

Speaking of punishment and slavery, as you can see from above, we have just the thing for somebody needing community service hours or for anyone who would like to volunteer with us. The Atlanta Volunteers is a 501 C 3 and we regularly sign off on community service hours.

There is pirate slavery and real slavery.

Pirate slavery consists of comical dares and no community service hours are awarded but you can be paid in points. These are fund raising antics at events.

Real slavery is our playful pirate name for actual volunteer work that earns community service hours but you are not paid in points or cash.

Real slavery benefits a 501 C 3 sports charity known as the Atlanta Volunteers.  (FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. 26-0354205 )

To log community service hours see this page  hours.atlantavolunteers.org/hours

See the 9,000 people, pictures of close to 1,000 events and more at meetup.com/atlantavolunteers.  Our splash page is atlantavolunteers.org  

We are always looking for volunteers and volunteer organizers.  You can even design your own volunteer activities that supports a cause you believe in.  We can also award community service hours when you volunteer as a slave, sailor, mermaid or Deputy Bootymaster at the Pirate Dive Bar and help with our fund raising events.  Typical activities include event hosting, watersports, video production or you telecommute to supply technical or administrative help.   We also have lots of landscaping, dock repair and boat maintenance.  Just ask!  (slave=general help, sailor=watersports, mermaid=hosting, Deputy Bootymaster=event administration)


There are pirate Masters and real Masters.

Pirate masters are donors that are rewarded with loonies. The loonies are used for pirate play such as bribes, games, buying or selling punishment, food and games.

Real masters donate to the Atlanta Volunteers for work done by real slaves to support fund raising.  The work is paid to the Bootymaster at a minimum rate of 50 loonies per hour ($12.50 value) for real slaves.  The master lists their name and contact information on the community service hours form and provides the details of the work for the slave.  The master is responsible for providing safe and appropriate working conditions for the slave.  The bootyrat (log entry) for the bootymaster contains the date when the community service hours form was submitted along with the loonies owed. 

For more information contact us

Play and Party

There are a few other functions of The Pirate Dive Bar. First it is the “Play and party” social site for our 7 other sites which are as clean, family oriented and as straight up as possible with no cussing, drinking and pirate antics. They are atlantavolunteers.org, usarescuegames.com, saltlifetrivia.com, saltlifeschool.com, theabilityrevolution.com, tropicaladventurecompetition.com, and meetup.com/atlantavolunteers

Tropical Adventure Competition

The Pirate Dive Bar is where the 30 Production Teams of the Tropical Adventure Competition can recruit cast and crew. Each episode has a different production crew and fans can interact with the episodes and discuss the production strategy. Each team produces one episode. Read chapters 5 & 6 of this book  https://theabilityrevolution.com/TAR17.pdf then read the tropicaladventurecompetition.com web site to learn more. Come back here and post in the “Tropical Adventure Competition” section of the classifieds to be considered for “Tryouts”. All of the content in the classifieds can inspire content for your own production. Everything is timestamped and copyrighted when you post it. If it is used in a production, you get credit.

DOLPHIN RODEO INC. operates the Pirate Dive Bar.  We are the major sponsor of the ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS.  (aka FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS 501 C 3) We pass along cash tips (from loonies) to servers and entertainers and to support local causes along with the Atlanta Volunteers.  Go to atlantavolunteers.org to see the details and pictures of hundreds of events for over 10 years. 


Catfishing raises money for the charity as each post costs 1 loonie. Scan the profiles to find the biggest fish according to how many loonies they have or how much they spend. Contact them on zoom, chat, message or talk to them in the Branch House. Dangle something as bait, hook them and reel them in. You might start with simple political catfishing, then throw in some current news stories and fall back to some traditional catfishing such as “I look really good in a bikini, do you want to see.” (you could be a 300lb guy) If they transfer loonies to you, you won those loonies and the charity was supported! You do not have to send them a bikini pic and if you do the pic does not have to be you. It can be any picture you find on the internet of dogs in bikinis, she-men or anyone wearing a bikini. You can tell the catfish they just landed in the boat and you are off to catch more or keep angling them for more loonies.

Even though that is a pretty obvious piece of bait, you have just catfished one loonie for the charity. Try being sweet, funny, comical or shocking until you figure out what works, just rate your post with one of the three ratings that match the content. Although this is your chance to post hard core, and yes, some people will, porn will probably not work as well as being funny, mysterious or possibly real. In a reverse twist, people that are actually trying to catfish with a real profile will not be believed no matter what they say or do. This is when you should get some betting involved. You can create some interesting catfishing bets on someone being real or not.

Another way to catfish is sharking where you eat the catfisher. Load your account with loonies and since the amount of loonies everyone has is visible, this is the bait to see how many catfishers you can eat that are trying to gamble, catfish or play rigged games with you.


All lists are viewed by date. Go to classifieds > edit> choose post> check in> click on calendar and pick todays date> update

You will now appear at the top of the list you selected and be easier to find each day that you check in.

Free Speech

Nothing at the Pirate Dive Bar is true or correct.  You should never believe any bet is not rigged, any picture is real or any promise will be kept.  You will encounter people who will stretch the limits of catfishing by making you laugh, shocked, offended and if you are a real fool, horny. 

This site contains fictional game content, rough ideas for books, and fractured uncertain inspiration for movies and skits and comedy.  Just to be safe, you should leave now, believe me, I always know what I am talking about and have never lied.


As soon as you buy loonies your money is lost.  You get worthless game points called “loonies”.  All disputes for donating are handled by Paypal.com but don’t expect any success.  Your worthless loonies are legal for gambling, extortion, bribery, whoremongering, loan sharking and currency manipulation just like the real crooks on wall street.


Anyone can be a bank, instantly. DOLPHIN RODEO sells loonies four for a dollar.  You can sell them 5 or 6 for a dollar or 2 or 3 or for whatever you want and manipulate the market just like the pros.   Deals for loonies can include cash, trades for left over chicken wings, bets and buying slaves or selling yourself into slavery.  (yes, with worthless game points slavery is also legal)

The Pirate Dive Bar is where you get to be just as corrupt as the private bankers called the Federal Reserve, Commercial banks, wall street and payday loans.  You can buy and sell slaves just like any employer.  (tell the slaves they are employees and give them a different title so they don’t catch on when you pay them worthless fiat dollars) Since we are using worthless game points called “Loonies”, we do not fall under any banking laws.  This means that loan sharking, embezzlement, robbery and other banking crimes are not real crimes, they are part of a game.  This also means that white collar wall street crimes are not crimes.  For example, lets say you artificially inflate and then deflate the fiat value of the loonie by creating demand by posting some cool prizes.  You may learn how the big guys do it (such as with the people on Reddit with Gamestop, AMC and other stock that took down billionaires ) or with the fiat USA dollar on Wall Street and again get educated as you lose your money.

You corner the market, drive up prices and then crash it after you have made a profit and when you buy up those loonies and assets again they are at rock bottom prices from people trying to get rid of them.  There are two types of loonie investor.  Those that own loonies and those that use them.  Compare this to the real world where the people who own USA dollars are the private investors called the Federal Reserve.  The people that use the money are everybody else.  This is a truly loonie system!  The Abraham Lincoln no interest citizen owned currency call greenbacks, that changed to a private investor owned currency on Dec. 23, 1911 was the biggest robbery in this countries history.  The Rothschilds and the bank of England did not only get off Scott free, they are still earning interest on the crime.   Here is your chance at the Pirate Dive Bar! Learn from the biggest crooks in history and start your own banking empire and rule the world.


Players invent ways to give loonies value.  It can be slick marketing, too good to be true promises and values to good to pass up on.  These are listed in the prize section.  Prizes convince fools that loonies have value. Just to fool the gullible, some prizes will be awarded randomly.  This is nothing more than chumming the water to catfish players into thinking loonies have value and maybe some of the other prizes are real.  Some awarded prizes have negative value and punishment and you may have to bribe you way out of accepting the prize so that an innocent person can be punished instead of you.

If you are a bank, listing items as prizes is one way you can create an artificial demand for loonies and drive the price up or down.