Ray's Lake Party

The Atlanta Volunteers is a nonprofit organization and can sign off on community service hours.

Only construction volunteers may enter the property as it is unsafe for public use.  Until the first 4 items are completed on the list, no parties or use for anyone who is not a construction volunteer will occur.  Pirate parties on the lake and in the pool are epic but the property must be made ready. The Hideout is 2 hours away from the Nauti Pirate in East Ridge TN and is on Lake Lanier. 2 adjacent Lakefront lots with businesses licenses on Lake Lanier are the location of the hideout.  Information and business licenses of these properties can be found on the about page.  (piratedivebar.com/about)

One property is where a nonprofit (Atlanta Volunteers) is located and one property is where an S-Corp (Dolphin Rodeo Inc.) is located. These two corporations share a similar mission to improve the quality of life for disabled adults. The property for the Atlanta Volunteers has unfinished construction on it and the property for Dolphin Rodeo is undeveloped.

Landscaping, yard clean up, fence maintenance, shed clean up, Ranger office repair, pool maintenance, dock maintenance, sub wall construction (on top of existing footer), sailboat maintenance, sailboat trailer maintenance, floating flag maintenance, install more security cams on the property and dock and lots more!

#1 job is repair of the front gate!  The gate was damaged by vehicles turning around and this must be completed first in order to fill the pool and to keep the property secure.  The first stage of gate repair involves welding & carpentry and should be less than $3,500 and will involve replacing the massive gate that was there before to allow cell phone access to open the gate.  This will let people on the ships list to enter.

#2 job is to repair the dock.  The dock is a simple swim platform 10′ x 20′.  This 70 year old dock can be repaired with an easy two day fix.  2″ x 8″ x 10′ planks are stained then placed over the existing dock.  Cost of the material should be less than $2000.  The ramp needs minor work.

#3 job is pool maintenance.  The 82′ long 12′ deep pool with underwater windows and a wood burning heater only needs yearly maintenance, painting & pool chemicals.  The paint and pool chemicals will be less than $3,500.  Time to complete should be 5 days.

#4 yard maintenance to make it safe for construction volunteers, this should be less than $1,500 and involves trips to the landfill and blocking off trip hazards.  2 days.

#5 Ranger Office maintenance – unknown  This is the 600 sq/ft 70 year old fishing cabin I currently live in and it will be used for bathrooms, showers and meals for construction volunteers.  Anyone may set up a tent on the property and pee in grass or over the side of a boat even though indoor plumbing is available. The outdoor shed has to be organized so that items inside the Ranger Office can be stored outside. 

Construction volunteers must sign a liability release in order to enter the property and may only come at scheduled times. Construction volunteers will get free access to the property and dock for at least a year while it is open to the public and probably more.  Donors for construction materials can exchange their expenses for scuba instruction, use of scuba gear, sailing, use of boats, swimming or property use for parties, recreation or docking your boat for lake adventure.  We have had live streamed underwater cameras for mermaid photography, underwater Karaoke and other exciting events you can catfish with.  (People who should not ever be seen naked have been seen in and around the pool and seeing one of these people is a real danger to anybody looking!  No kids allowed.)  Tent camping for party goers is always available.  We have a party rule where you must put the keys to your vehicle in a lock box and be prepared to “flop out” if there is even the slightest question of being able to drive. (anyone at the event says no is the definition of the slightest chance)  If you violate this rule you lose all visitation privileges from then on.  As a retired 31 year paramedic I am 100% strict on this rule.

You can smoke on the property but all butts must go in the trash and not thrown on the ground.

Once we are open to the public – The Hideout is a private club

All activities are livestreamed, we are a live studio location for instruction, events and parties. Each category has a live and online component to attend. “Feed the Mermaids” is cash given to the servers of the event. “Bootymaster” is a credit card tax deductible donation to the Atlanta Volunteers. (FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS)

Pirate Initiation (First 100 pirates, price doubles next 100, by auction after that)

Crew Initiation

$5 Cash Feed the Mermaids – You get 5 loonies & 5 coins & join the gang (password to join a private club)

$10 Bootymaster, You get 40 loonies & join a the gang (password to join a private club)

Newfoundlander – Crew prerequisite

$5 Cash Feed the Mermaids You get 5 loonies & 5 coins, 1 shot of rum & the ceremony

$10 Bootymaster, You get 40 loonies & online ceremony

Pirate Gang – Newfoundlander prerequisite

$5 Cash Feed the Mermaids, 5 loonies & 5 coins, 1 shot of rum & initiation

$10 Bootymaster, 40 loonies & online initiation

Mutiny – Pirate Gang prerequisite

$10 Cash Feed the Mermaids, 5 loonies & 5 coins, 1 shot of rum & Mermaid song or Shark bite

$20 Bootymaster, 40 loonies & mermaids & shark lagoon

Pirate Officer – Mutiny prerequisite

$20 Cash Feed the Mermaids, (new identity, initiation, treasure map & access to pirate school)

$50 Bootymaster, 200 loonies (new identity, initiation, treasure map & access to pirate school)

Catfishing School – Pirate Officer prerequisite

$5 Cash Feed the Mermaids – oar slave status

$10 Cash Feed the Mermaids – Lasher status

$20 Bootymaster – oar slave status

$50 Bootymaster – Lasher status

All other advancement, initiation, punishment & rewards is found on the Treasure Map