This is written in a way to inspire you to develop interesting content, and not as a precise definition.  Only read the safe green Sailor posts, and never any of the good stuff found in amber Landlubber posts.
Sailor, Landlubber and Pirate have more than just one meaning!
Catfishing Tournament
Catfishing equipment (also known as an "Enviromentally Purposeful Public Scam" or "EPPS") will let you vote for yourself, create false flag plays and be an agent provocateur to carry out your duties as a first responder Praetorian Guard of the Ministry of Truth.
Part of a "Volunteer Coupon" is shown below
The moderation score is positive 3 and Sailor is in green.
The moderation score is -2 and Landlubber is in red and warns you not to read that post! When the score drops to -11 the post disappears.
Anybody can make any post disappear. Posts are like sandcastles on the beach. Any praetorian guard, like your fratty sister Karen can knock them down.
This is actual true community moderation!
Sailor means the post meets broadcast standards, has no copyright infringements, alcohol, smoking, salty language and is safe for work, school or in the courtroom of the praetarian guards. These are the posts that "maybe just maybe" are "OK" enough to be used in the TV series "Special Heroes."
Landlubber means the post could be okay in most sports bars if the score is close to zero, but definitely not if it is closer to -10. If you are ever in doubt, if it should be deleted, just delete the post by giving it a score of -11. Think of yourself as a "First Responder" for the Ministry of Truth. Nobody gets banned, ghosted or edited, just thrown overboard to the sharks.
Pirates are posts that disappear when they are thrown overboard. Lets say you see something truly disgusting and filthy such as "The Dodgers are the greatest!". Immediately down vote (pirate voting battles raise money for nonprofits) that moral turpetitude and throw that Pirate overboard! If they are from Pittsburgh then they might stay if the Atlanta Braves are not around. You can fine tune moderation scores to make a point. For example, give something a positive score of 1,000 and you will be honored by the Ministry of truth! (If that Dodgers scoundrel does that, the good people in the room should see it as a call to action and attack that post even though downvotes are three times as expensive as upvotes. No way could that Dodgers scoundrel be an agent provocatuer in a false flag play.)
You vote for your own stars!
Stars cost 1 loony each and show how much you care about your own post and how much you care about freeloading off this site. The first thing you should do is vote for yourself to get all stars. Otherwise you look like you gave your own post no stars. You can down vote stars on somebody elses post to sell them protection insurance against star downvoting or to call somebody else a freeloader. Check your posts and upvote your stars to bring them back to being full and avoid costly protection insurance for star damage.
You can see the booty, bribes and influence peddling of any person by doing a Booty search
Welcome! Without any laws or votes to create the Ministry of truth, qualification, knowledge or an election, you have just been drafted into your new life as a praetorian guard in the "Ministry of Truth." Your mission is to eradicate a free speech disease of comedy in the body politics called "disinformation." Mark anything that has a moderation score to -11 and that Pirate walks the plank and disappears. By marking a post to -11 you will get honor by being a bootyful marksist in the Ministry of Truth.
If you look at a public ledger above labeled "My History", you can see catfish peddling their influential booty around town. A praetorian guard does not judge on truth, they are influenced by the booty they see peddling around them.
It costs 11 loonies to get Genuine EPPS catfishing bait. In a catfishing tournament the catfish are judged by how bootyful they are. Catfish try to peddle their influence with bribes. Judges take the bribes to win. (The judge wins not the catfish) A booty search will let you look at any bodies booty on their public ledger. There you will find all their loony bribes and messages for influence peddling. (If logged in, look top right in your account >balance > loony history to see yours.) We see that your booty is this big.
Bootymasters only punish the innocent such as the always innocent Praetorian Guard in our multiple systems of injustice. Bootymasters have been known to give winners of catfishing tournaments the choice of walking the plank to be eaten by sharks or being motorboated by the Bootymaster with a booby prize. Henchmen of catfishers get booby prizes and the elite ruling class get booty prizes. There are more than two systems of injustice for judging booty.
A skilled catfisher or mermaids can feast on loonies to make their booty bigger and afford the Genuine EPPS Catfishing bait! You have enough booty for open catfishing. Do you want to catfish in the open season or cut bait? (cutting bait is donating to any of our nonprofits)
Youtube, tik tok and other platforms pay you for content, but is it more than us? Can you have two revenue streams if you post here and on those platforms?  What aren't we telling you about earning folding money from the person standing next to you? Should you attend Pirate School to learn how to catfish?

Most of the information below is a repeat from above, just to give a you different perspective. Feel free to skip this and go to the "Topics" menu below.

All posts are meant to be as temporary as chalk drawings on a sidewalk or sand castles on the beach. There is no harm done by having any post removed for any reason.
Lets look at how throwing posts overboard can be fun!
First of all, votes cost 1 loony each.  Voting up or down raises money for nonprofits as loonies can only be created when somebody donates to a nonprofit we list.  We encourage voting wars! They are a great way to test out your psyops and false flag propaganda skills as a double or triple agent and to sow the seeds of mutiny against the flood of AI propaganda seen on the horizon.
Something truly offensive!
As an example of something truly offensive, somebody says "The LA Dodgers are the greatest baseball team ever!" This post is clearly offensive and should be given a -11 so it disappears.
If the LA Dodgers scoundrel decides to post again, this time he could buy votes for himself and secure his post by giving it 50 up votes.  If you and the good people in the room give it 61 downvotes, that post reaches as score of -11 and it disappears, as it should.
Turf Wars
Besides playing moderation turf war games, a positive moderation score is also used to separate broadcast standards and legal broadcasting content from lawful free speech.  Broadcast standards are anything you can say in a court room, at your business, school or church and also contain no copyright infringements, safety issues, tobacco, alcohol, profanity, legal conflicts and represent the high standards we seek.
If you know your post is truly offensive, such as almost containing nudity, or has a poop map of L.A., at least have the courtesy to give it a score of -5 or below when you post it.  A score that low gives people a heads up to avoid it and also changes its warning color from green to amber.  If you choose to read a post with a -5 moderation score and you are offended, why did you choose a post with a score that low?  Never mind Karen, just down vote it some more and throw it overboard.
Your boss wins the ugliest dog contest!
Contests are where you can really have fun with the moderation score.  Lets say you are having an ugliest dog contest.  The winner is the highest green moderation score.  Your boss submits a picture of their bulldog, you submit a picture of your boss.  Who will win?
The moderation score works the same as a silent auction
You might have a really great prize such as a ride in your corvette stingray for your silent auction.  At a time that you choose, you pick the winner by the most votes.  Who knows, you might even rig the contest by down voting or upvoting the winner.  Yes, we encourage rigging contests as each vote you give will raise more money for nonprofits.  Jealous wives need to have their say about who is going to be picked to ride in the show car.  The ugliest dog could win and ride in the show car if the wife has her say.
Voting on the record
BTW, you can see all the votes, who is voting and if they left comments for why they voted.  No secret ballots here.  The only way you can steal a vote is if it is not on the public record. All votes here are on the public record in the same way that politicians vote.  Why do you think that politicians always vote on the record and never by secret ballot?  In all the years the USA has had politicians voting thousands and thousands of times, not a single vote has ever been incorrect by even one vote when put on the public record!  (when they vote amongst themselves these scoundrels know how corrupt politicians are) You can only steal votes if nobody knows who the votes belong to and they are off the record.  Voting like that is even too despicable for pirates and this is why when you buy votes here you are a HERO for supporting nonprofits.
Please down vote all dispicable posts low enough so they disappear like pirates thrown overboard from a ship.
Before you read a post look for a green tag that says "SAILOR".  This indicates it could be safe for work, school or even for broadcast TV.  Green SAILOR posts are like riding the subway.  You think it is safe but you do not know.
Landlubber moderation scores are orange. Please score anything truly disgusting below -5.  If you don't know if it is lawful speech, don't worry just delete it or score it lower.  Landlubber posts contain everything that isn't safe for broadcast.


Stars cost 1 loony each.  If you think your post isn't valuable enough to support a nonprofit by investing in a few stars we will probably not care either.   If you think it is valuable, give it full stars.  If somebody down votes the stars it will cost them 3 loonies for each down vote.  Your upvotes are 1 loony to each.  This traditional attacker / defender ratio works great for false flag statements by an agent provocateur designed to rally your base.  Create another login, and point the scoundrel out to your gang!   Time for a booty battle to support your favorite nonprofit!
Everyone - 7 minutes
Retail Businesses - 5 minutes

1 Rule - You lose!

Lose loonies by bribing a Bootymaster
Biggest Booty Wins
"Get Loony" by catfishing bribes.   
Mutiny Against Crime 
Do a booty search and look at anybodies booty and their booty history. Does it include false flag plays, agent provocateurs, stolen identity and voting for themselves?  You won't know, so just send them a bribe and expect to lose it.
Booty & Booby Prizes
When you get loony and bribe a bootymaster, you won't know if you will get booby prize or a volunteer coupon for a booty prize.
Pirates are walked off the plank, eaten by sharks and then motorboated when they get booby prizes. 
Mermaids are typically servers in restuarants or sports bars that are known for their treasure chest and big booty.
Volunteer coupons let you "Get loony with the treasure chest and big booty of a mermaid.   "Booty Prizes" will tell you which businesses have mermaids, what their treasure chest looks like and how to "Get Loony" with them.
Catfishing Tournament
Skilled catfishers compete by only using bait and bribes they have created.  During "Open Season" catfishing you can steal and use anybodies bait and bribes.
If everybody is catfishing, and you know you are going to lose, will you still swallow the bait?
Improving the quality of life for people born with the special powers of Down syndrome, spina bifida or those that are born with other super powers is the purpose and mission of the Alanta Volunteers and the website.
Sharing fun is an easy, immediate way to improve somebodies quality of life.  The free use of comedy and good cheer is given a high priority with this website that has a playful pirate theme and lots of Dad jokes.  
Three features and three marketing plans foster solutions for a concrete plan of action for solving one of societies greatest challenges, quality of life and meaningful employment for special populations.
The first feature is a volunteer coupon.  A volunteer coupon connects businesses and individuals to donors or volunteers for discounts, upgrades and specials.  “Donate $1 get $2 off” or Donate $1 upgrade to super is a typical use of a volunteer coupon.  The volunteer coupon is hands free for a server and needs no software or hardware for the business. It uses nonprofit reward points called “Loonies” and can deliver more information than a QR or barcode. The patron shows a purchase screen on their phone to show that loonies have been deposited in the account for the business on a public ledger.  This feature is found on the page called “Loony”.
The second feature is an epiphany.  An epiphany creates, crowd sourcing, rehearsals and competition to produce art, sports and performances.  A person with Down syndrome is singing Karaoke in a crowded bar, an epiphany tells patrons how they can be back up singers, dances, take video, clap and cheer wildly and introduce themselves to the Hero so that the Hero feels like a star and is accepted and loved.  This feature is found on the page called “Play”.
The third feature is an open source community owned TV series called “Special Heroes.”  This is our primary feature as it demonstrates quality of life solutions so that other families can copy, improve or use those solutions for their loved ones.  This feature is found on the page called “Work.”
The first marketing feature is a First Responders Boat Parade.  This media event will do three things. First it will gather a wide range of businesses, organizations and individuals along with the Police, Fire, EMS, Veterans and Special Heroes featured in the parade.  Second it will create a large audience for the launch of the TV series “Special Heroes.” Finally it will train thousands of people in the use of the software so they can be ready for the interactive commercials found on the TV series.
The second marketing feature is a reward point called a “Loony” that is shared between multiple nonprofits and businesses.  Loonies create exclusive coupons that only volunteers or donors have access to.
The third marketing feature are the interactive commercials found in the TV series.  These encourage, reward and precisely interact with viewers on an individual level to altruistically encourage them to become brand loyal to sponsors.  The results of their impact on the featured hero by becoming brand loyal is publicly shared.

Our mission - "Don't leave Special Heroes behind."

This website inspires and grows the strategy to accomplish our mission. Our tools are fun and inspiration. Everything begins with somebody sharing fun!
An epiphany is a recipe for sharing fun!
We use a pirate coin called a "Loony" (short for Dubloon)
Our "Dad joke" pirate comedy theme and lingo honors the Pirates that helped colonists defeat Britain and win independence.  Now pirates are helping Special Heroes win their independence.  
Example of pirate lingo: Catfish loonies to make your booty bigger.
Catfishers compete in two types of competition.

Open = use anyone's ingredients (as bait)

Catfishing Tournament = your own ingredients (Use your own bait to become the master, the Bootymaster!  Do enough catfishing and you will become a master baiter)  
"Volunteer coupons" fund and provide labor for "Epiphanies" that create activity or performances.
Epiphanies create and rehearse content for media production.  The first media we will produce is a TV series called "Special Heroes".  In the meantime you can get to know the tools of crowd sourced media production by producing one liners, comedy skits, fun for back yard parties your social media and hopefully you will take part in our featured event "First Responders Boat Parade."  You don't even need a boat!

3 Types of Epiphanies Arts, Sports & Volunteer
"The Karaoke Challenge Game" is the name of our arts category.
"The Drunken Sailor" is the name of our sports category.
"Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo" is the name of our volunteer category. (Similar to Sea World.  Mermaids do tricks (volunteer) when you feed them loonies. (our reward points are called loonies)
Arts - A one line Dad joke, a full length  production or any form of art.
Sports - A simple game of darts. team sports or an interactive live streamed tournament at multiple locations.  Drunken sailors think that gambling is a sport.
Volunteer - "Fun raising" -Wash your own car or feed loonies to the Mermaids at the Petting Zoo to wash your car for you.
"Traditional Volunteer" - The Atlanta Volunteers awards community service hours for your resume, work, school or misdemeanor probation.
Loonies create fun (fund) raisers where no cash or credit cards are used. Any  nonprofit we list gets 100% of your donation.
For each 25 cents that you donate to any nonprofit we list, you get 1 loony. You spend loonies on volunteer coupons, epiphanies, gambling, feeding mermaids at the petting zoo, bribing judges, grog, grub and the rest you can squander.
What do Pirates want? Booty. What pirate will win the Booty Contest? The one with the Biggest Booty. What happens when you feed loonies to Mermaids? They stuff them into their treasure chest and their Booty gets bigger. (loonies could put some plastic surgeons out of business!)
We playfully refer to any person that works in the food industry as a "Mermaid".  Everyone else is known as a "Shark."  
Feed the Mermaids or feed the sharks.
In most cases a Mermaid is a server at a restaurant, but not always. The second shift may be the Mermaids boyfriend, a 350lb biker with a wash mit in his hands. Although their booty is already pretty big, if you feed that second string mermaid some loonies they could wash your car and really work that sudsy booty.
Another way to look at it is "Getting loony" by washing cars, lawn care, walking dogs or doing any type of volunteer labor to support a nonprofit is what we call "Feeding the Mermaids," or "Feeding the Sharks."
To get your car washed you donate through PayPal to “Get Loony.” The 350lb mermaid, (yes there are bigger hairier ones) has created a “volunteer coupon” to wash your car.  When a volunteer coupon is purchased loonies are transferred into the "Bootymasters" (author of the volunteer coupon) account.  A purchase screen is shown to the Bootymaster to redeem the coupon.  This means the transaction is hands free for the Bootymaster.  If the volunteer coupon has a barcode from a business that needs to be scanned to redeem the volunteer coupon, the barcode (or QR code) shows on the phone screen and can be scanned by the business.
To add some fun, instead of sticking QR codes some place obvious like a menu or table, sharks and Mermaids have the option of using a temporary tattoo.  This temporary tattoo is a barcode or QR code.  It could last up to 4 weeks or less than a day.  (we provide temporary QR tattoos and stickers or you can print them yourself) You can place the QR code anywhere you want. (Will the catfish  snap a picture while they are scanning the QR code? Their finger is on the button.) Just a guess, but I will bet Mermaids that want a bigger booty, will find some way to lure sailors to their doom by placing the QR code on their treasure chest and inviting sailors to use their phone to scan it.
The term “Petting Zoo” refers to the restaurant or sports bar the Mermaids work in, and is an accurate description, just ask them. This now explains the epiphany fun raiser called “Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo”.
"The Karaoke Challenge Game" & the "Drunken Sailor" are easier to explain.
The Karaoke Challenge game is the arts category. It includes skits, dance, music and any type of art. You get loony for admission or for performances.
The Drunken sailor is the sports category. This includes any type of sport and sports that drunken sailors think they are good at.  You get loony for winning, betting or bribing judges.
Gambling, bribing judges, catfishing, mutiny, false flag plays, agent provocateurs and in rare cases, out of desperation “honest” cough, cough “deals” are made at the Pirate Dive Bar to get loony and have the biggest booty.
One rule - You lose!
Method - always transfer loonies first and then expect nothing in return.  This is the fastest way to lose.
There is a “bribe” widget on every epiphany or volunteer coupon. The person who creates that epiphany or volunteer coupon is the Bootymaster for that post. The post may grow to 100 or a 10,000 people each using that post. When somebody uses the bribe widget, the bootymaster gets loony. The Bootymaster can now trade their loony Booty for Prizes, booby prizes, booty prizes or feed the mermaids or sharks.
A booty prize is any deal where you trade loonies for cash, items, adventure or promises .  A booty prize is also a way to split a donation or reward volunteers and innovators.   As an example, a group of four people want to donate $100 to a nonprofit.   One donor uses their credit card to donate the $100.  The donor gets 400 loonies for their $100 donation.    The other 3 people in the group give the donor $25 cash and the donor gives them 100 loonies, if they want to make a "fair" deal.  You don't have to.  You can make whatever cash and conditions for points you want. They can sell loonies for a higher or lower cash price than what you get when you donate to a nonprofit.  If you have catfished a lot of loonies and have a really big booty, you can sell your loony booty for cash the same as splitting a donation.  You might have a clearance sale and sell 100 loonies for $10 or be really proud of your loony booty and sell 100 loonies for $50.  The nonprofits already got the "reel" money, so it dosen't matter what you do with your loony booty when you trade it for cash, items, promises or washing your car.  Reselling their loony booty is how Mermaids can get cash (a second tip).  The Mermaid may have created a volunteer coupon for the restuarant (petting zoo) where they work.  After a week of people coming to the restuarant and redeeming loonies for the volunteer coupon, the Mermaids booty may weigh 1,000 loonies in the catfishing tournament.  It would cost $250 in donations to get a booty that big.  The Mermaid can sell her loony booty for $100 to her favorite customer (who is really proud of being treated special and getting a great deal by giving the Mermaid a $100) and this is how Mermaids get a second tip. The Mermaid might create other volunteer coupons or epiphanies to  recycle their loony booty and sell it again for a cash tips.
It doesn't matter how you got loony, or the price and conditions when you sell or trade your loony booty.
Loonies are 100% worthless but you can sell (split a donation)  loonies for a higher or lower amount than the 1 loony for 25 cents deal you get by donating with a credit card to the nonprofits we list.  This is how you.... 
"Trade your Loony Booty for Cash!"
If you look at the examples of volunteer coupons you will see offers such as “donate $1 get $2 off.” These will easily generate donations and make coupons valuable, exclusive and let the Patron and Retailer virtue signal honestly, for the first time in virtue signaling history!
Volunteer coupons are hands free, do not need merchant hardware or software and do not require the download of an app, cookies, a verified email address or identity verification. They deliver more information than a bar code and have an interactive transaction where the Patron can leave comments, pictures and more while being 100% annonymous.  If anyone does not like the comment for the salty language about that business, they can spend a few loonies to throw that pirate over board and the comment disappears.
1. Scan a QR code or use a search.
2. Open the coupon and click purchase.
3. Show your phone screen to the server or cashier.
Each time somebody shows a volunteer coupon on their phone the transaction is complete.  The Bootymasters booty gets bigger and everybody can do a booty search to see the booty. This is without the server or cashier handling any type of paper coupon or scanning a reward card. The merchant has more information and an interactive connection with the Patron for more “deals”.
After a week or so the server or cashier looks at her booty. She has 400 loonies. If you donated $100 to a nonprofit you would get 400 loonies. You can’t help but think that those 400 loonies are worth $100. They are not. They are just as worthless as the pirates trying to redeem them or lose them gambling on catfishing tournaments. However, we can’t help but think they are worth $100.
“Hey, I see you are about to buy some loonies with your credit card. Do you really want to use your credit card at some place called the Pirate Dive Bar? You are my favorite customer and you look so handsome and strong, since you always treat me nice I will sell you 400 loonies for $60, no wait, I really, really like you, $50 I will sell you $100 worth of loonies for $50 cash. Give me a hug and I will make it $40.” (In most cases a hug would have raised the price, but a skilled catfisher knows how to hook and release the catfish only to catch them again)
The server or cashier uses the bribe widget to transfer 400 loonies into the Patrons account and the Patron gives them $40 cash. This $40 is like a second tip the server or cashier gets when they first see the Patron.  The Patron believes they just saved $60 by spending $40.
How does the Patron know where the mermaids are? They visit the “Mermaids Lair” and find a business who uses volunteer coupons.
The Patron feels special because they saved $60 and got a hug. The nonprofits got the real money and two more people who will tell their friends to support their favorite nonprofit by having fun. The Bootymaster can now walk away with all the booty, some cash and is the master, the "Bootymaster."
Non profits and for profits
Non profit and for profit revenue and activities must be kept separate.  Think of a football game, a hospital, a ballet or museum.  They all have nonprofits and for profits working together on a shared mission.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Special Heroes. We welcome all nonprofits and for profits to share in this mission.
Crowd Sourcing Art – The Karaoke Challenge Game
You sell tickets to support a ballet or a symphony. This is an example of using art as a non profit fund raiser. You sell a taxi ride to get to the ballet, this is a for profit activity even if a special hero was driving the cab.
The art we will sell with nonprofits and for profits is a 30 episode TV series called “Special Heroes.”
Epiphanies will create and rehearse crowd sourced content. Because we are broadcasting from our own server, we can use volunteer coupons to create interactive commercials, retail sales and contests. This is possible as unlike when you broadcast from X, tik tok, or FB we can "see"  each person who logged in and create contests just for them.
In a sports bar the Karaoke Challenge Game or the Drunken sailor lets people find and interact with each other and have fun no matter how loud the bar is. This introduces volunteer coupons and epiphanies in a consumer friendly way. Some people will take a deeper dive into how they function and understand how they will turn each of the 3,000 boats of the First Responder Boat Parade into something similar to a live streamed interactive game or exhibit booth at a State Fair.
On the day of the parade other people will watch the boat parade on their phone at home.  They will be able to select any boat and engage the epiphany “booth” that boat has set up. If that boat owner is also the owner of a business you may see “volunteer coupons” to get discounts at that business. Every time you donate to get loony so you can play games at that booth you get access to specials and discounts at the business that epiphany booth represents. The “Bootymaster” (booth operator) scores higher on a leaderboard for the parade with the loonies they "harvest."
On Sunday May 19, the First Responders Boat Parade will try for a world record. We will also launch pre-production of the TV series as 10's of thousands of people will have logged in to watch the parade.
After the boat parade, we have an audience for the TV series.
The object of this game is to “Get Loony” then "Surrender The Booty". 
A Dubloon is a pirate coin.  We call them “loony”.  When you “Get Loony” your booty gets bigger.  The biggest booty wins, just like that dating site you spend way too much time on.  At the Pirate Dive Bar you can get lucky enough to surrender your booty!
The only people who can "Get Loony" are people who have volunteered or donated to a nonprofit.  The one exception is if you are a skilled catfisher, (fun raiser) which we hope you will become.  In that case you can trade your big loony booty for cash with a "Booty Prize."
(Loonies are actually a virtuous currency for honest, compassionate people who know the value in supporting their community.)
If somebody has a big booty you should admire them!
Creating fun for a TV series, boat parades, nonprofits and your social media are very fun reasons to play and become a skilled catfisher with a big booty.
The term “Bootymaster” is used to describe just about everyone at the Pirate Dive Bar and is used in a lot of different ways.  Anyone who creates a volunteer coupon or an epiphany is the bootymaster of that post.  The bootymaster gets loony when somebody bribes them.  Volunteer coupons and Epiphanies have a messenger called "Bribe" on the second page.  The details of your bribe and the loony booty you send with it appears on a public ledger.  You can see the booty and bribe history of every person with a booty search.  Your booty and bribes are out in the open for everyone to look at.
Catfishing is where you troll for loonies. When loonies bribe you, your loony Booty gets bigger.
There are no secrets at the Pirate Dive Bar. Everyone can look at your Booty and  your “loony history” (found under your profile top right > Balance > Loony History & scroll down.
When you look at somebodies Booty you can determine how they get loony with a booty search.  (found in the tools menu on the loony page). The Booty search is the only way you can “Mutiny Against Crime” at the pirate dive bar.
Bootymasters create epiphanies to play and rehearse for competition during “Catfishing Tournaments.”  Our first big catfishing Tournament is during the First Responders Boat Parade, Sunday May 19, 2024 Lake Lanier.  Catfish are weighed in loonies on the scale and prizes are awarded.  Prizes go to whoever bribed the judge and booby prizes are given to those who bribed too much or too little.
Bootymasters of epiphanies will live stream during the parade. Our goal is to have one Bootymaster on each of the 3,000 boats and 3,000 different epiphanies to choose from.
All Captains in the boat parade will be looking for a boat load of Bootymasters to help them “Get Loony.”
There is a “Captains & Bootymasters” page designed to create crews with at least one Bootymaster on each boat and with any luck a few mermaids.  If you have a Captain and a Lookout you should have at least one Bootymaster to live stream their epiphany as the Captain and Lookout have dedicated duties. (Some people call their wives lookouts. Lookouts will spot a Mermaid long before you do and lookout for you looking for Mermaids.) There is a 3,000 boat limit for the parade. Everything is first come but preference is given to a crew of 4 or more when you have a Captain, Lookout,  Bootymaster and a Mermaid as part of that crew. You are given priority over just a 3 person or 2 person crew.
During the boat parade, all of your crew (not the captain) rehearses and performs an “epiphany.” This epiphany is what you live stream so you can use it as catfishing bait for the loonies watching the boat parade from home.  The epiphany can be art, sports, contests games or the important thing, recognizing First Responders. This could be how your "float" is decorated for the first reponders you honor by inviting them onto your boat to play with the Bootymasters and Mermaids.
Anyone sitting on their lazy booty at home can choose any boat and view the boat parade on their phone and use bribes catfished by the Bootmaster or be lured to doom by the Mermaid.
You only need to know this
Clicking on the top left button (house or dashboard) takes you to the front or back of this website.
Clicking on the top right icon takes you to your account where you will find "Loony" then "Loony history."
Clicking on a volunteer coupon in the loony section or an epiphany in the Play section takes you to a second page so you can purchase or barter for the item.
In the Loony menu "Show Coupons" lets you show purchased coupons to retailers so you can redeem a coupon.
A green SAILOR post with a positive moderation score should be safe to read.  An orange LANDLUBBER post with a negative score means it probably contains offensive content and you should avoid reading it.
In the Loony menu the "Tools, bribes & To do" button lets you send loonies to another player or do a booty search on any player.
Volunteer Coupons & Epiphanies
Only virtuous people who support their community by volunteering or donating to nonprofits have access to volunteer coupons and epiphanies. 
They are very different than the "free" coupons and deals stuffing your mailbox each day.  
Typically a volunteer coupon is a discount at a restuarant or retail business given to a person that donated money, items or volunteered for their community.
Volunteer coupons can also be used very effectively at apartment clubhouses to encourage people to volunteer where they live.  Items or loonies are exchanged for good deeds. The loonies can be exchanged for other good deeds or items.
An epiphany creates fun, art, sports or adventure.  A half dozen communication tools can quickly locate a person in a noisy crowded restuarant that you normally never get a chance to meet.  You might want to play darts, bet on a game, dance or sing a karaoke duet. The rehearsal and social media production feature of an epiphany lets you crowd source social media productions.
A volunteer coupon lets you purchase immediatly.  With an epiphany you negotiate.  You send 1 loony and a simple message such as "Hi are you online?"  If they are online they will send you one loony back with a simple message.  You can now start negotiations.
Volunteer coupons and epiphanies both allow for a mix of live and online interactions to stop and start hours, days or months apart.
When you see something in the "Loony" store you can click to purchase a coupon or use the bribe widget to barter for it.  Either way, you have created a public record and the coupon does not need to be scanned the retailer has access to it and your purchase. Once you purchase a coupon with loonies, on the "Loony" page you click on "Show Coupons".  Scroll through your purchased coupons and show it on your phone to the cashier, server or mermaid to get the discount.  You have saved them the trouble of scanning a paper coupon and throwing it out later when you are not around.
If you use the bribe widget and transferred loonies, follow the directions that were part of the bribe.  The transaction shows up on your "Loony History" and not under "Show Coupons."
We strongly recommend using the "bribe" widget.  "Bribe" transfers loonies to the mermaid or bootymaster directly.  Purchase removes the loonies from the game. 
Booty Prize - Loony Math
Use your credit card and donate $20 to get 80 loonies.  You sell the 80 loonies to your buddy for $10.  What happened?  The nonprofit got a $20 donation from you and it only cost you $10.  Your buddy thinks a lot of you and has 80 loonies worth $20 so you both can create skits or enter tournaments.  Did you just gain in value?  You now have 80 loonies worth $20, $10 cash and the nonprofit got a $20 donation.
You both did great with your skits and tournaments you end up with 400 loonies.  It took a $100 in donations to create those loonies.  You sell them all for $50.  The person that bought them got them at half price and you got $50.  Did you sell the loonies for a loss or gain $50?
Anytime you transfer loonies they randomly shrink by 15% to 25%.  Sometimes just to fool you, just like the Federal Reserve playing with interest rates, you might get 115% or more when you transfer them.  Just like the Feds, only we will know when we are about to play with the rates.  By selling loonies for cash you give a lesson in loony math that markets the mystery of the Pirate Dive Bar and how a worthless fiat currency works.
If a Mermaid has feasted on a hundred loony coupons she might have a really big booty.  If you give cash to that Mermaid to get loony with her, this new stream of cash makes her become a great public relations sea creature for the Pirate Dive Bar.  The Mermaid  shoves the cash booty into her shirt where the rest of the booty and her treasure chest is and walks away with all the booty.
Before you can create coupons or list a mermaids lair you must add a new venue.
On the "loony" page you will see the "Treasure" button.  Click on that to go to the "Add a new venue" page.  
It should only take a minute to add your venue.  Use the "Edit" button to add more details when you have time.

Coupons are exclusive and are only available to people who have volunteered or donated to a nonprofit to "Get Loony." Typical retail coupons would be "Donate $1 get $2 OFF - 4 loonies", "small to medium 10 loonies", "BOGO 20 loonies".

Typical public coupons and pirate adventure would be "3 speed bicycle 100 loonies", "childrens clothes & toys 50 loonies", "cut your grass 75 loonies", "darts - winner gets 50 loonies", "ride in my show car 1000 loonies", "concert tickets 200 loonies."

Creating Coupons
On the "Loony" page choose "Create" and in a minute or two you can create a volunteer coupon.  There are no printing or mailing costs and these coupons have value as you have to volunteer or work to get them.  People are proud to use these coupons as it shows they are virtuous.
Record Keeping is automatic.  Whoever created the coupon has a complete record in their "Loony History" of everyone who purchased or bartered for the coupon.  If a record is needed for a total amount your business donated, you can contact the Atlanta Volunteers to automatically set it up.  Besides a ledger you can view, we can also set an automatic email to you for each coupon redeemed and a running total on how much your business donated through the use of coupons to nonprofits.
The first obvious benefit is that employees (Mermaids) that barter coupons can redeem them loonies for prizes, donated items or cash.  There is a stronger benefit for a few employees that have a person born with a disability in their family.  A team building opportunity now exists for your business to produce an episode for "The Tropical Adventure Competition".  Your business will build a stronger team as they all work together to help a fellow employee and their family have the adventure of a lifetime.
The About page contains features that make the whole website come alive.  This page is under construction.
Under construction Loony
Under construction Play
Under construction Work
Under construction About
"How To Have Fum"
Laugh and share a smile at everything, even typo's!
These recipes are designed to be shared and evolve into more fun.  There are a few pieces of safety equipment you will need to wear when having fun.  The first piece of equipment is a smile.  Dogs have a very obvious smile that includes wagging their tail.  If you tried to wag your tail when you met someone they would smile and start laughting.  It is a universal signal that you want to be happy. Try it! It works even when humans do it.  If you aren't going to wag your tail, at least give somebody a mischievious grin like you want to have that kind of fun.
For a couple of years masks covered our smiles. How much happiness was not shared.  Repairing that damage takes work.  You may have a loved one with such a hard life or severe medical conditons that they have missed out on learning how to have fun.  People born with the special powers of Down syndrome, Autism, spina bifida may need a smile and a tail wag customized just for them.  Recipes are designed to be modified to share fun for whatever situation you are in.
Smiling and having fun is the attitude that makes the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.
"Adventure with purpose" is the motto at the Pirate Dive Bar.
A skit could be called an epiphany.  So could a game of darts, dad jokes, a karaoke challenge game, a game of chance, a catfishing tournament or a dance performance.
Although you can use epiphanies for any excuse to have fun, we hope you will consider building and rehearsing an epiphany for the First Responders Boat Parade and other events we have.
Boat owners will invite a person or team that has an epiphany to perform on their boat during the boat parade. All 3,000 Boats in the parade can live stream. Boats with epiphanies are given the first chance to join the parade.
The livestreamed epiphanies let each boat have fun and charge people online some loonies to play games, see performances or vote on exhibits. The fun from epiphanies whether in the boat parade or at any other event during the year raises money for nonprofits when people donate to "Get Loony."
The author of an epiphany is called the "Bootymaster," and is the leader of the epiphany team.
Under the "Mutiny" menu is "Captains & Bootymasters."  This is where boat owners and performers make a connection to be in the First Responders Boat parade or connect to other events.
Content Control refers to what choices you make for ratings and competitions.  
Standard choices are pre-made and are safe for broadcast and all competitions.
User categories have unknown content and may or may not be safe for broadcast or competitions.  You can add your own categories, subjects, topics and items to this category.  They will be available for everybody to use in general play.  You are given credit when a person uses your content.
Everything is a mix of user and standard choices.
A Catfishing Tournament is when you only choose content you have created and placed in the user category.
Catfishers battle each other for booty and booby prizes.
You are the author of this post so anytime somebody uses the "bribe" widget you "get loony".
This post could be passed around the internet and people can use the bribe widget as a tip or to "buy in" to the production. You can create contests, votes, bribes and type of deal you want to "Get Loony".
A shareable link is included so you can post this on social media.  This video link for this post can grow and change over time and who knows what your production will look like after 1 year and 100 different people help you with editing, choregraphy, art, costumes, graphics etc.
The copyright is a real "first notice" but if you are using any copyrighted songs or trademarks the copyright is not valid.  It is valid as a "first notice" for 100% original content.  Your next step would be to use this first notice and about $45 to register it.

"Biggest Booty Wins!"

The actual purpose is to support nonprofits by playing silly games.  If your games are good enough, people will keep donating to the nonprofits to get the pirate coins to play your silly games.
"You lose" is the only rule.  There are no do overs, mistakes or returns when you give somebody a "bribe".  You are in the Pirate Dive Bar surrounded by Pirates all wanting to get their hands on your booty.  You know they will say or do anything as they lie, cheat steal and in the very rare case, give you a fair deal just to catfish for bigger booty from somebody else.
"Get Loony" is the object of the game.  You do and say anything to take "Loony Bribes" from the other players. 
When you "Get Loony" from other players your loony booty gets bigger.  
Keep your posts silly with simple Dad jokes and naughty phrases. Use deception, rehearsed content and false flag plays to catfish unsuspecitng people around you or watching online.  Livestream the real or fake reactions from your crew and get loony from people watching.  Online players watching you will donate again and again if you are a skilled catfisher.
Strategy - Mutiny Against Crime!
You want to make your booty so big that you can sell it for cash! 
The nonprofits got the real money when somebody donated.  Donors got 1 loony for every 25 cents they donated.  You can sell loonies for 10 cents each or a dollar each or for any price and coditions you want.
We want you to try and sell these worthles game points for cash or make deals for food, items, labor or anything!
Their is a catch,  you have to have the booty!  This makes you try harder on your posts to get booty and gives people a reason to donate to "Get Loony" so they can make your booty bigger.
Let say you have 400 loonies in your account from people bribing you.  If you were to donate to one of the nonprofits you would have to donate $100 to get 400 loonies.  You could make a deal and sell all 400 loonies for  $50 to the person standing next to you.  They think they got a great deal, loonies at half price and you got some cash out of nothing more than worthless game points!  The nonprofits got two people scratching their heads trying to figure out how that works and willing to try it again and tell others about it.  This is how fund raisers can get paid for creating fun!
To help you sell your loonies we have created  pages for that.  "Sharks Den" is for anyone and "Mermaids Lair" is for servers, hostesses and waitstaff.
Use the "Tools" menu to do a "Booty Search" and mutiny against crime.  Look at their Booty history to catfish them or to avoid being catfished.
Send them a bribe to form a gang to go on a Pirate raids and catfish other players.  False flag plays, double agents and snitches help you create the best bait for catfishing.

The best catfishing pirates will know how to livestream posts from sports bars or parties to catfish online players into sending them loonies.

Biggest booty wins! (just like a dating site)


At the top right of your screen is your account.  Scroll down to the first item "Balance".  Go left.  Find an item called "loonies history".  Scroll to the bottom of that page to see the beginning of your bribes (spent) or catfishing (recieved).  This is your booty.  You can see the booty of any player.
At the top left you can click on a house or a dashboard.  This takes you to the front end or the back end of your account
Create Your First Post
Your idea for a post is called an "Epiphany."  "Discover" is a page where you read epiphanies. Create a catchy first page to reel them in to view your second page.  On the second page players send you loonies and a message that appears in your loony history.
3 Types of epiphanies art, sports and volunteer.
The "Karaoke Challenge Game" is the title of the art category and is where most epiphanies are created.  The "Drunken Sailor" is the title of the Sports Category (Any game like darts, pool, foosball or challenge that a Drunken Sailor thinks he can win.)  "Feeding mermaids at the petting zoo" is the title of the volunteer section where you can earn loonies by volunteering. (The mermaid might be a 350lb biker with a wash mit in his hands petting your car because you fed him with loonies).

Karaoke Challenge Games

Username - CODEWORD - funny phrase
To let people know you are playing, when you first get the microphone, before your song starts you will say your username, the word "CODEWORD" very loud and then a funny phrase.  The people that have read your post can now jump into action.  The people who don't know what is going on, get suspicious whenever they hear somebody say their username-CODEWORD-funny phrase at the start of their song.
Regular Karaoke
This is for simple requests such as finding a person to sing a duet, to video you, to dance, sing along or knowing how to contact you 
Flash Mob Karaoke
You don't know who will join you on stage or what they will do.  Players can leave comments on your epiphany or join you improv.  Your post contains ideas but anyone can jump up and do anything once the song starts and the crowd storms the stage.
Sea Shanty Karaoke
This song is a requirement if you are going to be a Patriotic Pirate and complete the initiation described on this page
Karaoke Challenge Game
You bribe or catfish with challenges that can create schemes or bets.  Loonies are transferred before anyone does anything.  Your send a message that appears in the loony history.  You describe why the loonies are being transferred.  You expect to be catfished out of your loonies as the only rule is "You lose".  There are no do overs, mistakes or fair play.  Your only remedy is to send the player that catfished you more loonies and a message warning other people not to be catfished.  If they actually followed through send them more loonies thanking them.  You can create a second, third or fourth bogus account and send yourself loonies in a false flag play to catfish others into thinking that you are trustworthy enough to send you loonies.  (you aren't, you are just catfishing) Your catfishing schemes can be very involved and fun using players around you and online players to catch some really big catfish online or live.
Battle of the Air Bands
Use your epiphany to create an air band with your friends.  You can create prizes, bets and challenges for winners and losers. 

Drunken Sailor & Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo

These are self explanatory when you choose them.  Detailed information for the whole site can be found in the How To section.
Under construction Mermaids
Under construction Booty
Under construction Siren Song
Under construction Lure Sailors
Under construction Feeding Frenzy
Under construction Bootymaster
Under construction Mermaid
Examples of keeping it simple: “Donate $1 get $2 off”, “BOGO 25 loonies”, “Upgrade your medium pizza to Large 20 loonies”, “wash your car 50 loonies”, “ride in my boat 100 loonies”, “cookies 10 loonies”, “Trade my bicycle for 100 loonies”, “Darts tournament – 1000 loony prize”, “Karaoke Challenge 50 loonies”, “Ugliest dog contest – 100 loonies”.
Skilled Pirates can use buried treasure as the bait for a catfishing tournament. Biggest Booty wins! (Just like that dating site you spend way too much time on) Swashbuckling, patriotic pirates can be lured to their doom by the siren song of mermaids during “The Karaoke Challenge Game”, “Flash Mob Karaoke”, “Pirate Initiation” and “She Shanty Karaoke”. Pirates are misjudged and found sometimes possibly innocent by the Bootymaster. False flag operations, psyops, and mutiny are skills are learned at pirate school so you can avoid being presumed innocent. The Bootymaster won’t keel haul you, but you might be motor boated.
Under construction pirate school
Under construction work
The purpose of the Pirate Dive Bar is to “fun raise” for your favorite nonprofit.

The biggest booty wins!

Your booty is made up of pirate coins called “loonies.” Loony booty shrinks each time you use it.
There are ten ways to “Get Loony” and thousands of ways to lose your booty.
Loonies are created when you donate to a nonprofit. For every 25 cents you donate, you get one loony. The nonprofit you selected gets 100% of your donation.
Just like a state fair, people spend loonies to have fun. They have so much fun they want to donate again to “Get Loony”.
A “volunteer coupon” is used to catfish loonies. A volunteer coupon lets you create any type of fun raising activity and use it as catfishing bait.
Your goal is to get your hands on as much booty as you can! Biggest booty wins!
Learn ya mo' better

Ten ways to get loony!

#1 Surrender the booty – donate to a nonprofit
#2 Feed mermaids at the petting zoo! You buy loonies with cash from servers that we call mermaids. They work at a place called the “Petting Zoo” (just ask them) Servers use the "bribe" widget to transfer loonies into your account. This gives servers a second way to get tips. Your server can sell loonies for whatever price and conditions they want.
#3 Walk the plank (Buy loonies with cash from sharks. Sharks can be anyone)
#4 Catfish Loonies. You create such an interesting volunteer coupon that people use your “bribe” widget instead of the purchase button. When the use the “bribe” widget you get loony. When they use “purchase” the loonies leave the game.
#5 Sea Shanty Karaoke. Learn this at Pirate School
#6 Pressed into service. You get loony by volunteering.
#7 Battle on the high seas. You enter and win a competition.
#8 Teach at Pirate School. 
#9 Pirate Raids. Learn this at Pirate School.
#10 Cast or crew on the TV series “Special Heroes”. You will have to figure it out.

Venture into unknown shark infested waters?

A "brainstorming writing style" is combined with an "instructional writing style" in these definitions as you are on the ground floor helping to build this one of a kind community owned TV series.
Sometimes the same information is repeated just to give a slightly different slant to help inspire different comical versions.  Sometimes it is raw so that motivated creators can produce their own versions of instructional video for this site.  Seeing random instructions can be a hilarious part of building this adventure!
You only need this rough "brain storming" section if you intend to create storylines at the expert level or intend to be part of the cast or crew of the "Special Heroes" TV series. This information may be hard to follow as it randomly sets up the general rules of play, describes characters, inpires dialouge for scenes and creates the straight lines for comedy. 

Get Loony - Click on your favorite Team and donate any amount to join and Get Loony! You may join as many teams as you want. You trade loonies for treasure. You can also help your team "Play" or "Work". Play is fun raising skits, adventures, sports, games and parties. The fun inspires social media for you or our TV series and is created with volunteers and crowd sourcing. Work is being part of the cast, crew, sponsors or shareholders of your teams TV episode. Each episode is about a quality of life improvement that turns a Hero into a Super Hero.

Treasure Chest - Treasure, rewards, prizes and any reason to support your favorite nonprofit. You may only use loonies to get treasure.

(Loony Menu) Treasure Chest - Think of a state fair with a thrift store except that this store is online and has 3 departments. The first department is like you are having a garage sale but it is by appointment only. The second department lists businesses with discounts, gift certificates and specials and the last department has everything from rides in show cars, beach parties, volunteer labor, people who will knit custom outfits for your dog and lots of amazing and unusual prizes.

Everything in the treasure chest is only available by trading loonies. The treasure chest creates a lot of reasons for you to support your favorite non-profit.

(Loony Menu) Bury Treasure - You donate anything to the treasure chest

(Loony Menu) Dream of Treasure - You list goods, services, labor, riding in a boat to a beach party, a custom knitted sweater for your dog or anything else you can dream of. Making your dreams come true is how others can get loony for their favorite nonprofit.

(Play Menu) Treasure Chest - You can find a loony pirate themed second treasure chest in "Play" when you use the "Discover" button. Trade loonies with pirates, sailors, landlubbers, mermaids & sponsors. (includes some real treasure along with unusual surprises and booby prizes)

(Play Menu) Bury Treasure - An "Epiphany" is a post that creates skits and treasured fun for loonies. Skits have 3 categories; Sailor (sports), Landlubber (art) and Pirate (comedy). Sailor is a serious category. You could go sailing, learn scuba, play baseball for 1,000 loonies or learn production skills for the TV series. Landlubber is an entertainment category. You could play the Karaoke Challenge game, Sea Shanty Karaoke, offer a ride in your show car, walk the plank at your pool party. The pirate category is any type of pirate adventure.  You could be initiated as a pirate, bribe the Bootymaster to punish the innocent for losing at darts or feed the mermaids at the petting zoo.

The pirate category is where treachery and mutiny is created and rehearsed for pirate raids. A gang of scurvy dogs raid an unsuspecting sports bar to capture landlubbers and turn them into pirates. This raid happens in the middle of the night while the landlubbers at a different port of call are drunk and peacefully singing Karaoke. They are not suspecting a rowdy pirate raid to battle them on the karaoke stage with sea shanties, flash mob Karaoke and the pirate initiation.

Search for Treasure - Use the Discover menu in the "Play" section and then trade loonies for treasure. Treasure is found online, during the Karaoke Challenge Game, at pirate raids, at businesses and some is found with a treasure map.

Bribe - Transfer loonies to get treasure

Catfish - Post a description of treasure or a reason for people to bribe you

Epiphany - A post you create in the "Play" menu that contains the ideas you have for bribing or catfishing

Booty - The amount of loonies you have. The biggest booty wins! (just like the dating site you spend too much time on).

Booty Rat - Booty rats eat 15 - 25% of your bribe just like rats eating the cargo on a ship. Booty Rats shrink the booty you have just like walking the plank into cold water. Eventually you will have to donate again to keep getting loony so that people don't laugh at your shrunken booty.

Mermaids Nonprofits rely on mermaids! Read about them here

Bootymaster - A judge and commander that can't count but who will take bribes and bets to punish the innocent. You can gamble with loonies to bet on football, a game of darts, punishment from the Bootymaster, a jalapeno eating contest, or a challenge to push the boss into a swimming pool with workers watching online. Everyone pays their bets and bribes to the Bootymaster and then she decides who won or lost by how well she likes the cut of your jib.

Anyone can claim the Assistant Bootymaster title (Ass. Booty.) when they post an "Epiphany" in the "Play" section. The epiphany lets the A-B take in bribes or catfish loonies. The A-B can work alone or recruit a "gaggle" of one or more gamers to develop pirate schemes of treachery and mutiny. The A-B can use the siren song of mermaids (in the Karaoke Challenge Game) to lure sailors, landlubbers and pirates to their doom.

A Gaggle of Gamers -To create a gaggle of one or more gamers, the A-B shares their login. The gaggle of gamers can be live or online. They can watch the livestream links on the A-B epiphany. They can send strategic actions and schemes to her. The login can be shared with as many gamers as the A-B's or any gamer wants. More gamers do improve the strategic messages for catfishing, bets and bribes but the risk of mutiny and false flag operations goes up. Any gamer can mutiny against the A-B by transferring booty into another account. This "mutiny against crime" is recorded in the public ledger and can be easily discovered with a Booty Search. More than likely the gaggle will be punished by the real Bootymaster for being innocent of winning. You can bet on it.

Mutiny Against Crime - The A-B and her crew chase and plot against the gamer who stole her booty. Stealth, strategy and false flag plays will be needed to outsmart the gamer. A battle of half wits now begins with everything being recorded on the public ledger.

Punish the Innocent - In regular play the A-B will decide who is guilty of winning by the results and the amount of bets, bribes and schemes listed on her Epiphany. She never knows who is guilty or innocent, so she punishes an innocent person to know for sure. One person is just as innocent as another, so it doesn't matter who is chosen at random to be punished. She also doesn't know the difference between a punishment and a reward. She might have weapons such as a can of whip cream, Jalapeno peppers or a ping pong paddle. Some people like to be paddled so the paddle might not be a punishment, some people like eating Jalapeno peppers so that might be a reward or a punishment and for some people that are lactose intolerant the whip cream might be a punishment the next morning. She might even simply tuck the bets and bribes into her shirt where she keeps her treasure chest and leave with all the booty.

Pirate School - Learn the skills needed to be the cast and crew of the Tropical Adventure Competition. There are 3 types of students; sailors, landlubbers and Pirates. They each have a different field of study. You trade loonies to other players for skills ranked 1 to 9. Each skill has three boxes, Learn, do & teach that must be checked to achieve that rank. You may learn skills in any order and you may teach any skill if the learn and do boxes have been checked.

Open Moderation Filter - Anyone may be a moderator.  You vote with loonies to make the score positive or negative. A positive score approves a post.  A negative score removes a post after a score of minus 10.  Any post that has anything for sale for cash or credit is bogus and should be down voted out.  If the post violates community standards or laws for any reason it should be downvoted until it is removed.  What is being part of the community?  If you have contributed to the community, (donated time or money to a nonprofit) you are part of the community.  When you "GET LOONY", you can vote with loonies.  If you feel strongly about a post you can vote with as many loonies as you want to change the score.

The moderation filter does much more than just approve or remove inappropriate content.  It has multiple uses for fun and effective fund raising. Teams can vote against each other to show or display their flag, logo or be declared the best or the worst.  For example, you have an ugliest dog competition.  Sure, a dog could win it, but don't you think a picture of your boss would get more votes?

Decorum Filter

Learning, playing and creating are our three environments in the "play" section for decorum.  These are respectively called Sailor, Landlubber and Pirate.  You can approve or remove posts for keeping decorum.

The Sailor environment is the same as being in a classroom, courtroom, or boardroom. You maintain order so that learning or business can be accomplished.  The Landlubber environment is the same as being in a sports bar. You can do almost anything and be as loud as you want so you can have fun.  The Pirate environment is where raw ideas for comedy, script writing, art, music and brainstorming begin.

To keep creative ideas flowing freely, Pirates have a filter to cancel the "Karens". (A Karen is a person who is demanding, entitled, angry, complains or feels offended and definitely ruins a fun creative environment, party or BBQ) Pirates are suspicious and everyone is a Karen until proven otherwise.

Karen's pose the greatest danger as they can accomplish mutinies other pirates only dream of.

On the High Seas you will find the initiation to become a Patriotic Pirate. All initiated pirates start in Gang 1.  You are presented with some fun and games and false flag attacks to see if you are a good sport or a Karen. Gang 2 is having a BBQ, were you invited to the BBQ or did you have to bribe your way in with some loonies?  Some people in Gang 2 heard that Gang 3 is having a BBQ.  By the time you get to gang 3 you should be in a 99.99% Karen free zone. Is there a Gang 4? Only Gang 3 knows. Bribes from Karens are at least 1 loony more than the size of their booty.  Everyone can see their booty.  Karens will have to donate to a nonprofit to be loony enough for the bribe to get into the next greatest BBQ.  (Lets hope you donate quickly as the price could go up. You are starting to look a little bit like Karen, she might even be your sister.)

False Flag Attacks

We request one small change for false flag attacks, make them safe, friendly and comical.  (If you don't know what a false flag attack is, you should google it to see how these "pysops" have been used by tyrants, media and dictators throughout history to control votes, maintain power and justify war.) The false flag attack is part of every great mutiny to get all the loony booty.

For example a whip cream pie to the face to somebody who expects a whip cream pie in the face is not a real attack.  It could be an attack so that people will vote with loonies to see who gets the pie in the face, who throws it and if the winner of the ugliest dog contest is invited to lick it off. (Is that your boss?)  Walking somebody off the plank into a sea (your pool) filled with hungry mermaids is another example of something that is not a real attack.  (You should be able to charge a hefty fee for that walk off the plank and then a larger fee to get out of the pool as surprise, when the captive was blindfolded shift change happened and now sharks are in the water for the false flag attack)

Since everything is on the public ledger, you must be very stealthy and cunning to use a false flag attack. If you start yelling and waving your arms like Ray Epps at a Trump rally, your psyops will be easily discovered.

You lose - the only rule

This is the only rule drunken pirates can remember while bribing and catfishing at some place called "The Pirate Dive Bar". You bribe a catfisher before expecting to get nothing in return. Honest deals where you do get something for your bribe can be reported to the A-B or the Bootymaster. This report will cost you another bribe. Since the Bootymaster can't count, the Bootymaster bribe is typically greater than the amount you lost, so she can count "for sure" this time. The bribe determines what the Bootymaster pulls out of her treasure chest to punish the innocent person. (worse than keel-hauling... motor boating could be the punishment)