Knowing how the Catfishing Tournament works tells you a little bit about all the games.

Catfishing Tournament

You catfish by making a post that lures somebody into responding. Responses cost them 1 looney.

The Atlanta volunteers gets one loonie each time somebody comments on your post or gives you a star rating.  If you get somebody to transfer loonies to you, you get a score on the leaderboard. “Bootyrats” eat 20% of the loonies they send you.  This helps to drain loonies from other players making it easier for you to win.


Catfishing is common on dating sites where somebody uses a very old picture or a picture of someone else and then tries to bait people into responding.  The catfisher tries to tell a good enough story to con people into sending them money.

This catfishing tournament is similar, except everyone knows they are being lied to and the pictures are very different. Pictures may be of a icy mug of beer wanting somebody to drink it, a mermaid telling you about a tall tail, a fishing boat looking for a captain, tickets to a baseball game and anything else that you can use as a siren call to lure sailors to their doom and send you their booty. Traditional catfishing probably won’t work here, but give it a try!

Some people can actually try being honest to see if that works to win the catfishing tournament, but being honest in here is a pretty tough challenge. You can try a pretty picture looking for a mate, but nobody will believe it!

Skilled catfishers can redeem their loonies for cash or prizes.

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