“Loony” is short for a pirate coin called a Dubloon that can make your booty bigger. Biggest Booty wins. Also true on dating sites.
This site is designed to help 30 coaches raise money in the “Play” section while producing a TV episode for their team in the “Work” section.
This website does 3 things. In the work section there is a competition to produce a TV series. In the play section there is a comedy lab to produce comedy bumpers, rehearsals and fund raising fun at your party or sports bar. In the loony section there is nonprofit transparency and prizes.
Each section has its own style of post. The post in the work section for the competition is called a tryout. A tryout lets you compete for any part of any of the 30 productions. If you look at “Task” you will see that each episode is divided into 20 blocks lettered A-T. You “tryout” to have your block chosen to be in the episode. For example the first block is “A” and it is called “Opening local story”. There may be a dozen people who are competing to make the “A” block but only one will be chosen. Tryouts also let you compete as cast, crew, shareholders, passengers and more for each of the 30 episodes. Tryouts have features that let you collaborate and compete in a variety of ways.
The post in the play section is called an “Epiphany”. An epiphany has three sections art, sports and volunteer. An epiphany can very short or very long. The art section is called “The Karaoke Challenge Game”. A short example for the Karaoke Challenge Game would be: “Would anyone like to sing a duet with me?” The sports section is called “The Drunken Sailor”. A short example for the Drunken Sailor would be “Play darts for 10 loonies.” The volunteer section is called “Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo”. A short example for the volunteer section is “I will pay 100 loonies to wash my dog.” (The mermaid might be a 350lb biker with a washmit in his hands and he is petting your dog/car/lawn/etc and you feed him loonies) A long epiphany can produce livestreamed comedy bumpers for your competition entry, flash mobs, performance art, epic parties, clean dogs and much more.
In the loony section, “Pirate Booty” contains posts called “Booty”. Use your booty to catfish for loonies. Respectable nonprofits call it fund raising, we call it what is, catfishing. Donate anything, real or fake, products, services, memes and funny, political or mutinous false flag comments.
The Pirate dive bar is the perfect place to develop and test characters, dialogue and more for your own social media or ours while supporting a “transition” team of your choice.
In all three types of posts there is a loony transfer widget. You can send messages with points to other players for a wide variety of reasons such as buying votes, catfishing for booty, bribing the bootymaster, feeding mermaids at the petting zoo and much more. The loony transfer widget is also used during live broadcasts to make commercials interactive. You can buy votes or enter contests during livestreaming. (Pirates cut out the middleman called a “lobbyist” and buy votes directly)
The Karaoke Challenge game is skits and challenges performed while you sing. No Karaoke DJ is needed. You just take your regular turn singing and perform your skit or challenge. You or people you challenge do not need to be logged into the Pirate Dive Bar or even know it exists to play. People watching your pirate gang performing skits and challenges will catch onto how the game is played. A pirate raid occurs when your gang have rehearsed and perfected a series of skits and challenges at your usual hang out and then travel to another Karaoke location to perform a raid. Your pirate raid will take the locals by surprise and they will want to play! Once they start joining in and playing, then your pirate gang can start looting their booty. You do this by telling them where to login to create skits and challenges. By adding a Bootymaster and a Gamer your gang you can create fund raising skits and challenges that are livestreamed to catfish for even more booty from people watching online. With online play you can have two or more gangs at different Karaoke locations having online battles.
Flash mobbing, line dancing and the 8 types of Karaoke Challenge Games organized with “Epiphanies” can let you create pirate raids and comedy bumpers. The “Work” section provides the editing, special effects and polish to turn your raw media into comedy bumpers you post to your social media or as entries in the Tropical Adventure Competition. A link posted with the bumper on your social media site leads people back to where your pirate gang hangs out at the Pirate Dive Bar. Your mutinous gang of scurvy dogs can now pillage and plunder loony booty on the High Seas from around the world.
The Karaoke Challenge Game lets people fund raise with performance art. The Drunken Sailor with darts, pool parties, boat raft ups, betting on sports, poker and more. Feeding Mermaids at the Petting lets you fund raise with volunteers. All of these methods are part of our “Loss Leader” approach to fund raising. A “loss leader” is when a grocery store advertises a gallon of milk at cost or just below it. When people come in for the great deal on milk, they buy other things from being led into the store with the great deal. By offering fund raising at zero cost (Paypal is the only on taking fees out and for nonprofits this is 2%) this is our “loss leader”. Also with funds going directly into your Paypal account and not being handled by us, political meddling and gouging is eliminated. This is rampant at Gofundme and other sites and people hate it. Once you are led inside the Pirate Dive Bar we hope you will stay and help us turn Heroes into Super Heroes by having an Adventure With Purpose!

You create or read real or fake posts about art, sports and volunteering to catfish anyone into donating to the Atlanta Volunteers. There is recrational catfishing and then “Catfishing Tournaments” that take your carnival barking and sharking skills to a whole new level. When you get really good at catfishing, try your luck where the professional catfishers go, … dating sites and catfish for some really loony booty.
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