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    This can be a fake or real profile. You first have to indicate that you are of legal drinking age of the country you are in by uploading a person drinking into your media library. Your media library can only be seen by you, but you will be able to quickly post a picture in chat if you are asked for your identification. If you can not quickly produce the initiation pictures required for the ship you are in, you will face consequences by the bootymaster.
    Step 2
    You must upload a profile picture different than your drinking picture. You can edit your profile in the drop down menu at the top right of your screen.
    Step 3
    You must now go to the chat room and post the drinking picture from your media library and say the 7 words that the late comedian George Carlin says you can not say on TV.
    Step 4
    Go to “Bribes” (in the menu) and transfer 5 dubloons to the bootymaster.
    In a day or two, sometimes less you will get a boarding pass for S1.

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