A recreational therapist works with a medical team to combine physical, occupational, speech and other therapies into fun and motivating activities. The difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude. The Tropical Adventure Competition is a docu-series that uses the attitude changing fun of recreational therapy to turn an ordeal into an adventure. Painful, repetitive, difficult therapy becomes an exciting adventure for the 30 heroes of this docu-series.

“The Tropical Adventure Competition” turns 30 Heroes with disabilities into Super Heroes!

This docu-series involves a world wide first. Two people with very different disabilities become an “Ability Team” and achieve unimaginable occupational, physical, recreational and therapeutic results.  A detailed plan for this achievement is found on this website and book called “The Ability Revolution”.  This book is available as a free download here or you can buy it on Amazon.

There is a second worldwide first, a paradigm shift in media production that creates this docu-series. These two firsts are uniquely combined to become a global news story. This news story will launch the docu-series with a significant audience.

The paradigm shift in media production could be described as “altruistic crowd sourced competition”.  From writing the story, narrating, editing, post production and even designing the interactive commercials, a global team can share in the adventure of turning a Hero into a Super Hero. This software is ideally suited for using the media share link with the GoPro cloud, using livestreaming features of the GoPro and the editing tools.

Everybody needs, creates and uses some form of recreational therapy. The “Comedy Lab”, is part of the software that connects people beyond a medical setting and into sports bars, backyard parties, boat raft ups and anywhere you find “recreational therapy“.

The simple ask is for GoPro employees to beta test this software for a go/no go decision for further development. A 15 minute teleconference would be enough to learn how to navigate the software. The team would then produce a 20 minute episode turning their own Hero into a Super Hero with the support of interactive commercials.

With a “Go” decision, Gopro could decide on developing instructional video around Gopro products and cloud services. The instruction would explain team building and crowd sourcing features of a competition that has a nonprofit and a for profit component and that anyone can use to support their own cause.

Corporate team building with sponsors produces an episode and an interactive commercial. The episode showcases altruistic branding with logos and product placement of the sponsors. The interactive commercials give real time support and connection to the Hero during the episode. This type of interactive commercial has never been seen before.

A second ask would be for GoPro graphic designers to improve the presentation of the website and make it compatible with the GoPro vision.

Besides altruistic branding and an improved corporate environment from team building, the interactive commercials have distinct advantages for corporations with unused inventory or employees that have time to donate. The nonprofit and for profit tax and marketing advantages are too complicated for a discussion here.

In short, sponsors create a quality of life solution for one of their employees.  The episode showcases altruistic branding then interactive commercials create a connection with consumers to support the Hero of the episode.

There are other revenue streams and features not mentioned that involve sales to therapists and sports bars.

A teleconference walk through of the software is the next step.

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