This can be put on a business card size or can be printed and taped down.
This QR code leads to a login page titled “Gina Lynn’s Loony Rewards”.  Another card and QR code would show discounts or prizes. (10% off, popcorn, large instead of small, etc.)
There is a short tutorial that shows people how to see their balance & then interact and transfer loonies to other players during games such as corn hole or the karaoke challenge game. Loonies can be used with any other “in person” games like darts, pool tournaments to score or award prizes.
When you use PayPal and donate 25 cents to any nonprofit listed you get 1 loony.  The Atlanta Volunteers does not charge fees or hold donations, 100% goes right into the usual PayPal email account of the nonprofits we list.  Our software lets us see the donation and we make the reward points called loonies.
Loonies are an ice breaker for social interactions.  Their main purpose is to let people have fun together.  If people are having loony fun, they will want to donate more to have more fun.
99% of the time the games and skits have you are interacting with another person and 1% of the time you are looking at your phone to manage results or redeem loonies.
Everytime loonies are transferred to another player their quantity shrinks by 15 to 25%.  Eventually the quantity is reduced so much that somebody will have to donate again to keep the fun going.
To get a PayPal donation to a nonprofit, somebody else can volunteer or donate household goods.  Loonies create a purchase coupon that you show on your phone when you pick up goods or have labor performed. You can then have more loony fun with the new loonies created.
Mermaids (servers and bartenders) can take cash and give loonies.  Several games and activities have contests to benefit mermaids but when a person redeems loonies for discounts, prizes and rewards, they have to transfer the loonies to somebody. The Mermaids get them.(called “feeding mermaids at the petting zoo”)  When Mermaids get really loony, they can sell their booty for cash. This is for whatever price and conditions they want.  The Mermaids keep 100% of the cash and they are encouraged to sell at higher or lower prices than the nonprofits.  Turning this into a revenue stream for servers is a method to make this quickly go viral. If you think about it, this benefits the nonprofits and does not take away donations
Gina Lynn’s would be the first location. I will supply the software and tech support if you supply the prizes and discounts. Once this gets rolling at your location and word gets out on social media that there is a new type of Karaoke Challenge Game and Pirate Play in town, your business should do very well. In time if you or one of your patrons has loved one with a developmental or physical ability since birth, the production of a TV episode for them would start. Having a fund raiser for somebody connect to a well known regular or staff person is important. You can read about that on the the home page.
The next step would be putting in prizes and donations. Once this starts to fill up I will be approaching other businesses for donated prizes and discount coupons to be sold for loonies, car clubs for rides, concerts and events for tickets and eventually maybe a celebrity or two might auction a lunch.
I am driving back to Georgia today and will be there for a few weeks.
I logged you in as GinaLynns / 2508 and email I put $250 (or 1,000) loonies in your account. Everything that you see in the store are test and example items. Nothing is real in there. Lets get started the next step is filling the online store full of donated items and volunteer labor and especially some very silly items that make the items in the store fun to read. Besides employees, I think getting the word out to your friends would do a lot to fill it up with volunteer labor and donated items!
There is a small amount of work in some other sections but the online store is finished and it is ready to go for Gina Lynn’s.
Alan Kindree 678 697 6566 (texting is the best way to get ahold of me)