You can skip this tutorial and jump into the sharks now.

Length of the plank you will walk (length of this tutorial)

This site raises money for the cause you choose.  It resembles an arcade with more activities than your state fairgrounds.  You make a (tax deductible) donation to the Bootymaster (FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS) and then get our game tokens called loonies(short for Dubloons).  Everything inside is based on loonies so you can buy food, drink, merchandise, gamble, bribe the bootymaster, catfish, shark, buy stocks, shares, inflate or deflate the value of your loonies, barter, trade or even use cash to buy these worthless trinkets.

If you have just registered, you have four loonies (short for Dubloons) in your account. Look at the top right of your screen. Follow the drop down menu to the left and click on then read your entire loonies history. After you buy, spend, cheat, gamble, catfish somebody or bribe the bootymaster you will see that it changed. This is your "Loony Ledger" and it also contains the messages you send with the loonies. Everybodies ledger is visible to everyone else. There are many types of ledgers to view in this web site. Using the Public ledgers is how you develop strategy and win in your "Mutiny Against Crime".
We strongly suggest you click on these purchases with the loonies we gave you. Some are first come or are limited.
This is a mild example of how you can be catfished into donating to FAST. We gave you great choices but only gave you 4 loonies. If you take thebait you will either login to Kroger to get more for free or make a donation with the Bootymaster to get more. This is your one and only hint. You are in the midst of a bunch of pirates, sailors, landlubbers, catfishers, catfish and mermaids and they are all after your booty! Expect rigged games and cheating to get your worthless game points called loonies.

Swimming fishSet sail for the High Seas

If you are already out of loonies, and we hope you are, these ways to get more. You will learn about them in the tutorials
Would you like to know how to be resupplied with loonies and provisions before you sail off?
Swimming fishSet sail for the High Seas
Would you like to also see the 3 minute tutorial?
Gangplank is a guide so that you can learn the basics of "Mutiny" in under 3 minutes. The majority of activities are like this. You login, select your activity, put your phone down, complete the activity and then briefly pick your phone up to check your booty and the leaderboards. TV production, tryouts, sea school, content creation and other activities are considerably longer.

In the top menu, Discover is how you find activities. Create produces activity and High Seas has useful links. There are group chat, zoom and location functions on the High Seas to find people in the marina, sports bar, event, city or state you live in.

Before starting this short tutorial, please read an example including the "attend" and "details" pages where a motorcycle club creates a giant floating flag.

Are you logged in to a Real Avatar? Where are you going?
To sneak into this site, the username / password is dog / cat . Login
You can browse without logging in but you will not see or use many features here.
Get an Avatar A real avatar is verified. It allows you to get 20 loonies ($5) free if you login with Kroger to support our favorite nonprofit FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS.

A bogus sailor, landlubber or pirate avatar uses any fake email or name. It restricts you from some prizes, events and competitions. Loonies cost you 25 cents each unless you win them or steal them. Use these avatars to cheat, gamble, catfish, steal or bribe the bootymaster.


Your Real Avatar was created with an account that has 4 loonies in it. Check at the top right of your screen to see the loonies in your account. Follow over to the left and look at your loony history. This is a critical area as it lets you read messages sent with the booty you get. Your booty can buy timestamps, door prizes, shares, gamble, bribe the bootymaster, post classifieds or be redeemed for cash and prizes. It costs you 1 loony of your booty to submit this form, so right now you have 3 loonies to spend.

You can get 20 free loonies with your Kroger Login: Kroger

You can buy more loonies from the Bootymaster

You can win loonies in competitions, catfish for loonies or cheat, lie or steal to get more.

We suggest that you get 20 free loonies from Kroger, buy 1 general admission and one Cast/Crew Timestamp, and then buy 1 episode Door Prize This will leave you with one loony to spend later on.

Getting your hands on Treasure Chests and Booty is why pirates mutiny and is the key to this entire web site. The Treasure Chest in this game is our actual Paypal ledger. This ledger shows every single dollar this website takes in and what avatar made it and more. Treasure Chest At the top of the Paypal ledger you will see all of our totals then below it every single Paypal transaction that we have made on this website. The list you are looking at is the "Raw" list. The raw list can be searched by team, events, date, time, avatar, amount, location and other fields so that you can easily find the transaction you are looking for. If you are one of the 30 teams that create an event for your hero you get a searchable list so you see exactly what your event earned. Your transactions will be sequential from the beginning of your event to the end of it. Your Hero event gets 100% of all website transactions for anything on this site during your event. Transactions are safe to view as we do not ask for credit card information at the Pirate Dive Bar, Paypal asks that question. A Paypal window opens up when you buy loonies and the transactions go through on their web site with their security. This keeps any information worth stealing off of this site.

We have a lying, cheating, stealing pirate problem, and it is best not to have real dollars lying around so we never ask for or save credit card information on this site!

This next "Loony" ledger lets you see the booty of any player. Booty You will see the loony transactions and any messages included with them. You use this ledger to determine how to catfish that player, if the bootymaster should punish them, if they have bribed the bootymaster so that you bribe highter or if they are playing honestly for some suspicious reason. You will also be able to catch spies, double agents and false flag plays.

For hundreds of years, public ledgers were used to prevent waste, fraud and corruption in public money.

Public ledgers worked so well in preventing crime, people in charge got rid of them.

We are bringing Public Ledgers back in the opposite way that Bitcoin does. This makes the loonies on our Public Ledger an anti-crime currency that can not be used to extort governments or be used for the heinous dark web crime that bitcoin can be used for. We are supercharging these public ledgers with the search power of computers to create a public and safe money management system for people with developmental disabilities. Loonies are a virtuous currency for honest people who only want to do legal and good things, while having some playful pirate fun.
This is described in a free download of my book found on Tropical Adventure Competition

One of the purposes of this site is to test the security of our public ledger in the middle of a bunch of lying, cheating, stealing pirates and worse, the occasional politician who may wander in here.

Your real dollars are safe and sound in our Treasure Chest so don’t worry about risking your “booty”. Loonies are fiat money just like USA dollars are. Before the end of the gold standard in 1971, your dollars did have value, real gold. Now they are “fiat” dollars which means you just “think” they have value because everybody else does. Our loonies are identical to plastic poker chips or game tokens at an arcade. You can gamble, bribe, steal, whoremonger, cheat, extort, ransom and do anything else with them legally. No laws are broken with them as they are game pieces and the “Pirate Dive Bar” is no different than an any other computer game. Your goal at the pirate dive bar is to get people to “believe” that your loonies have value, just like you believe the USA dollar has value. Here is an example.

You are a pirate and you want to catfish another player. You check out somebodies booty and they have 8 loonies. During a Hero event, (your group gets all the USA dollars raised) you tell the catfish that you are fishing for, that for 20 loonies you will throw a pie at your boss. The catfish would have to buy another $2.50 worth of loonies to make that happen, so they do. The catfish bites and the catfisher just landed $2.50 of real money for the Hero of your fund raising event. (those wothless loonies now have a $2.50 fiat value and probably much higher to see the pie thrown) The catfish transfers the loonies to the catfisher and they include the message “to throw a pie at the boss”. Well, the catfisher says they got scared but make it another 20 loonies and they will. Another 20 loonies from the catfish and another message with the text. “I think I am being played”. Well still nothing happens. The catfisher texts back, “oh geez, I forgot”. The catfish decides to punish the catfisher by bribing the bootymaster. (they buy more loonies for the bribe) “Check these transactions, punishment needs to happen, here is 10 loonies”. The Bootymaster can’t believe she was woken up for just 10 loonies. The catfish will be punished for offering such a low bribe. The Bootymaster can do anything she wants, but decides to punish the catfish by having a mermaid serve him beer and rub his shoulders. The Bootymaster posts pictures of the mermaid and the beer and publicly announces the punishment and it is up for bids. Well, one look at the mermaid and the frosty beer and all sorts of people start bidding on the punishment so they can be punished. More money is raised for the Hero. Others start gambling on if it is real or not. A winner is finally chosen, and the prize is awarded. The mermaid is named Shamu and is a 350 lb wrestler named Gary. The beer is ginger beer that was opened yesterday and mixed with hot sauce with a jalapeno garnish. More gambling occurs on if he will drink the beer and sit for the back rub. At the last minute, surprise the real mermaid walks in with an actual frosty mug. More gambling and bidding occur, where it ends nobody knows.

If your skit is funny enough pictures or video from it can appear as a comedy bumper for the Tropical Adventure Competition. People involved will be paid per second of broadcast time according to the rules of the competition. This is how material for the TV series can be created while you are hosting hilariously successful events and the greatest house parties of all times!

Telecommute script writers, actors, photographers, editors and others can earn money and get recognition for their work. They could even win some of the prizes listed on the prize page or be paid to appear in an episode.
The two types of Bootymaster are website and activity. The first one is the website Bootymaster. She is usually asleep, unpredictable and can interfere in any activity if she chooses.
The second type are activity Bootymasters. When anyone creates an activity, they are the Bootymaster of that activity. When an activity is created there are two pages, a listing page and a detail page. On the detail page there is a transfer widget to send the activity Bootymaster loonies.
Just like US dollars and loonies are fiat currency and worthless, the power of the Bootymaster is fiat. If you want to play along you do as she says. If you do not, you Mutiny!
When you mutiny you create your own activity with your own rules and get the pirate gang to follow you. How well your mutiny does depends on your score in the leaderboards. You are scored on 6 different leaderboards. Sailor, Landlubber, Pirate, Catfisher, Catfish and Mermaid. More information for the Bootymaster is found on her page. More information about leaderboards can be found on that page. All random destinations such as those are found on the High Seas.
Catfishing is usually found on dating sites where people post tasty fake profiles to lure in the hungry. Sailors, Landlubbers and Pirates have a 99.9% chance of being catfishers with fake profiles. All this dishonesty can frustrate some players so much they turn to a life of honesty. Now, in a sea of catfishers how do they convince somebody that they are real and not reel catfishers? You can create an actual catfishing tournament by going to create >Categories/Topics > Activities, Competition, Games & Gambling >Catfishing Tournament but you can catfish any place at any time. Your public ledger will let people know if you keep your word or are a catfisher. You might keep your word and look good on the public ledger for a number of activities as part of your catfishing strategy to catch the big one. If you actually run a good game, you might even benefit by being honest.
Discover is where you search for activities. Discover uses a search method the opposite of Google. Google advertisers pay for search result rankings and other advertisers pay for popup ads that follow you around for weeks after you put in search terms. The more Google makes your search difficult the more advertising you see and revenue they generate. It is profitable for them to have you wander around the internet unable to find what you want but able to find lots of ads that Google wants you to find. The simple questions that you are asked in the discover section lets you easily refine your search to find exactly what you are looking for whatever state, city, marina, karaoke challenge game or house party that you want to find. No Google results are shown in the Pirate dive Bar.
Lets say you want to create a Backyard BBQ for a few friends. Use Create > Activities, Competition, Games & Gambling > Create Your Own Party.
In this example you will turn loonies into cash and have people from the internet betting and gambling on the games and activities at your party. You will set this up so that cell phones will not be used during the party and people attending without an avatar at the Pirate Dive Bar can still pay in loonies.

You create and post this party as far in advance as you want. This gives people a chance to plan, invent games, competitions and challenges and then comment and spread the word. You preplan to improve your chances of creating a script for comedy bumpers that will be entered into the Tropical Adventure Competition.

You are the Bootymaster, and as people arrive you take and trade their food, beverage and other supplies for poker chips or plastic pirate coins that represent loonies. Anyone can now buy the food and drink they brought for themselves with plastic coins so they can put their phones down. They no longer have ownership over their food and unless they have the winning bid, they will not be able to eat or drink what they brought.
They might even buy somebody else’s beer and food just to annoy them.

People coming into the party unprepared and with no loonies will face the wrath of the Bootymaster.
They will pay the amount of loonies she demands or be sold or auctioned to face hard labor, punishment or random humiliation later on when people dream something up.

Here is how you turn loonies into cash. The Pirate Dive Bar sells loonies for 25 cents each or four for a dollar. Since a person at your party might not have a phone or credit card they want to use, for your time and trouble you sell them 2 loonies for each dollar. They hand you $20 you can give them any mix of plastic coins and electronic loonies they want according to the exchange rate you set for each coin.

You can quickly create an account for them to give them electronic loonies. During the party everyone will come up with more reasons, contests, challenges and excuses to buy loonies.

Those 40 loonies you sold for $20 cost you $10 with your credit card. You might have got them from people transferring loonies to you for the party, you might have got them from catfishing. No matter how you look at it, you doubled your money.

Servers at restaurants should take note of this technique. If people are there playing the karaoke challenge game, darts, sports betting or some other activity, they might leave worthless electronic game points called loonies as gifts that the server can sell for cash.

You can also go the other way with the price. Lets say you have been doing great as a catfisher and gambler and now have a lot of loonies. Post a classified ad or just tell people that you will sell 6 or 8 loonies for a dollar and you sell them. You take the cash and then transfer the electronic points into their account.

Using plastic pirate coins or chips instead of electronic loonies is a great way to add gambling and other games to your party.

You can add as many bogus and counterfit chips as you want and still you can not cheat the public ledger when you redeem those chips back into electronic loonies at the end of the game.

You can redeem loonies for cash and prizes.
Learn Ya more better here
There is a front and a back to this web site. The front end is what people see when they are not logged in. The back end is what you see when you go inside your profile and other places such as your admin screen. When you are logged in the menu at the top left of your screen takes into and out of the front end. The menu at the top right takes you into your profile menu.
You should visit the links in High Seas to find all the features here. There are three pages you should click on, they are Timestamps, Door Prizes and Tropical Adventure Competition.
With the Karaoke Challenge Game you create challenges for other players or respond to challenges from other players. You play for points and can gamble on the results.

The Karaoke Challenge Game can be played at any sports bar, karaoke bar or gathering without changing anything or making any announcements. You don’t need to inform anyone or even have a whole group playing. The minimum number of players is 2. You need at least one person singing and one person betting. The person betting can be online or in person.

You can play the game anyplace where you can sing like a karaoke bar, at work to your phone or without a phone when you are playing the “Brandon” version of the Karaoke Challenge Game.

If you are creating the game, you make a variety of challenges worth a range of points. You should start with a few easy challenges, a few silly, a few hard and always include a few borderline challenges, a few really dumb challenges and a few challenges that are just way out wild. You assign points accordingly. The point values and challenge conditions can be negotiated. The best way to play the Karaoke Game is with an audience that has no idea that the game is going on. The typical challenge involves something that would be pretty embarrassing to do but it can also involve real skill and talent. You might have a 10 loony challenge to someone to be a back up dancer. You might also have a challenge to somebody to sing a song of your choice and not one that they have practiced. You can even have some fun with people that don’t know the game is going on and record their reactions as something goofy happens. You can see an example of the Karaoke Challenge Game in the examples section.
Karaoke Challenge Game
Surrender your booty!