The Pirate Dive Bar has 9 levels of political correctness for LARP. You have to prove or fake your way past the initiations and then learn the skills of that level to advance to the next. Each level of play is represented by a ship and a number.

Ship 1 to Ship 9.

Ship 1 (cussing and betting), Ship 2 (slavery), Ship 3 (whoremongering), Ship 4 (bootlicking, whipping), Ship 5 (catfishing), Ship 6 (pickle barrel, cabin boy), Ship 7 (sharking), Ship 8 (mutiny), Ship 9 (secret pirate gangs)

George Carlin said there was 7 words that you can not say on TV. The code word to go up the gangplank towards registration is in lowercase, 10 letters beginning with “c”.


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