Game Card

You don’t need to create your own game, skip this step and play at adventure
No instructions needed! The instructions below are just as useful as all the other instructions you ignore. Just click on one of the game cards above.

The object of the game is to support your favorite cause.

Catfishing is deceiving somebody. If you know everybody at the Pirate Dive Bar is catfishing, will you still take the bait?

The Pirate Dive Bar is where you know everybody will lie, cheat, steal, bribe judges and gamble while being surrounded by viscous mermaids who lure Pirates to their doom but not before stealing their booty.
“Loony” is short for “Dubloon”. This is our Pirate currency. (if you are logged in look at the top right of your screen, scroll left on “loonies” then down to see your history and account) Some nonprofits give you T-shirts, hats or mugs when you donate, we give you worthless trinkets called “Loonies”. You can gamble, bribe judges or feed the mermaids at the petting zoo with loonies. You exchange loonies for whatever you can by catfishing them into having value. (Just like Hunters artwork except without the treason) Did you notice our amazing prizes? High Seas > Prized Booty

3 Types of Game Cards – Simple, Tournament & Media

1. Simple = Catfisher: “Steak – 20”, Catfish: “OK”
2. Tournament = Adventure, Bio, Create (ABC)
3. Media = Production of the “Tropical Adventure Competition”

Simple game played without an online Game Card

(In case you missed it on our homepage)
You hold a backyard party for animal rescue. (cows not included) “Hey, who wants a steak?”… “Bob I see you have about 20 loonies left, I will trade this steak for 20 loonies. It is just the way you like it medium rare.” Bob says “Ok”, and makes the transfer. “Thanks Bob”, You say “Bob, do you need a plate? That will be another 20 loonies, you better donate quick, that steak is going to burn!” Other players secretly knew Bob was being set up. They gambled on if Bob would pay for a plate or eat the steak with his fingers. Bob ran a false flag play and sold half the steak for 50 loonies to Chuck and rigged the bet against the gamblers.
You don’t have to keep score. If you do, you can use poker chips, a pencil and paper or our online scale to weigh your catfish. Bob just caught one for a catfishing tournament, that weighed 20 loonies!
In the above example, you didn’t even need to fill out a game card or use your cell phone. It was an improvised verbal deal that supported your cause. Game cards can add a lot of features such as dates, locations, social media sharing, searches and livestreaming. People who could not attend your event live, can watch it and can create, buy, sell or gamble on challenges to help you raise money.

Simple game played with an online Game Card (livestreamed, posts or chat)

Catfisher:”Darts 10“, Catfish: “Ok“, Online Player 1:”20 on the Catfisher“, Onliner Player 2:”Ok
You can create an online room (adventure label & link) where players can find and join your game. Use any livestreaming service, youtube, facebook, messenger or our zoom to have multiple livestreams using multiple livestream sources. You can play without livestreaming using posts or by visiting the chat rooms to exchange messges with other players. If online players are scattered at a football stadium, they can locate the stadium anywhere in the world and other players sitting randomly in the stands. (even know which direction to wave at each other, by exchanging row and seat info) They can all bet on the game to support their school, nonprofit or Hero. The losers might have to buy you a hot dog & beer even if they are online! You can organize synchronized distractions against the opposing team by having a countdown on your game card. You all stand up, yell and point to the mascot at the same time. This may help you win a bet against the other team, or just rub their nose in it.
Depending on your skill as a catfisher, loonies can be exchanged for prizes that are bought, sold, auctioned, gambled on, used for bribes and could be a punishment or a reward. Exactly what you would expect from pirates catfishing.

3 Game Cards

Simple, Tournament and Media. They are each very different in how they support your team. A simple sale is just like a small bake sale, placing a classified ad or making a bet. You can figure out Catfishing Tournaments such as the Karaoke Challenge Game by looking at the game card. Media production involves tutorials.

Tutorial Lengths for media production

Fan = 0 to 10 minutes
Competitor = Fan + 10 minutes
Cast & Crew = Competitor + 30 minutes
Hero = 0 to infinity
Coach = Cast & Crew plus 1 hour
Producer = Coach + 1 hour + infinity
Gamer = Producer + infinity + infinity
Bootymaster – never learns, but must be a natural born carnival barker!

1 Rule

As soon as you get catfished into transferring loonies, your turn is over. Catfishing means there are no refunds or obligations to buy, sell or provide products or services when you swallow the bait and get caught hook, line and sinker. If somebody does comply, it is only to lead you down the garden path or throw you back to catch a bigger fish.


A verified nonprofit can “borrow” this website for an event. This is great for the Atlanta Volunteers as more people will come to the Pirate Dive Bar, get addicted and play long after your event. When somebody donates during your event, the donation goes directly into your Paypal account. We do not charge fees or handle your donation. This is a straight donation to your Paypal account. After your event, your Paypal email is taken down and the Atlanta Volunteers or another nonprofit puts in their Paypal email. Chances are a few of your donors will become “Pirate Dive Bar flys” and will keep playing. This makes donations grow for other events and is how the Atlanta Volunteers or other nonprofits will benefit. In time, if two or more groups want to use this site, it will go to the highest bidder, paid in loonies.

Creating The Game

Your room size, location, online, live, livestream and features are too numerous to list. When you see the choices you will get it. You have a variety of ways to raise money for your favorite cause so lets start with an easy one. Your nonprofit is listed with the IRS and we have put your nonprofit Paypal email into our website. You test the website with a small donation. You will see it in your Paypal account and listed on our website so that your gang of pirates can get loony. You check that you were emailed a donation receipt for taxes and the donation can be found on the public ledger. Each person that donates will see the donation on the public ledger, get emailed a donation receipt and will have a receipt stored here in their account.
Loonies are not real money. The real money went into your nonprofit. Your skill as a catfisher will get people to believe the worthless trinkets called loonies could be more valuable than the real money they donated or at least worth something!
The one thing that you have going for you is that every transaction, message and account is 100% transparent.