Flag Details

There are over a hundred different types of activities you can create such as darts, sailing, bake sales, sports of all kinds, gambling, rescue competitions, classified ads, prizes and more.  We are going to pick the “brandon” event that creates a giant floating USA flag that flips to the “Back The Blue” flag. 

In this example we are going to assume you are part of a motorcycle club who is going to join with a few other motorcycle clubs and an unknown amount of bikers from the general public. You will rally at a few different spots and create a giant USA flag, a back the blue flag, spell out FJB and USA. You have also chosen to play the Brandon version of the Karaoke Challenge.  You are going to include some other simple activities and competitions such as horse shoes and knocking milk jugs over with a baseball while you are waiting for people to arrive.  Your first rally point is a large parking lot an hour north of you at 2 pm.  You don’t know how many bikers will show up, but you think it could be about 50.

Unknown to you 300 bikes come from all directions from 10 different clubs.  About half the people will create a login at the Pirate Dive Bar and about half will not. Some people who couldn’t make the event will join the event over the internet. As they are watching on zoom they will gamble, create rigged games, offer prizes for challenges and bribe judges.

This event has a hero.  The hero can be any cause you are riding for.  The hero does not have to be registered as one of the 30 heroes chosen each year for the “Tropical Adventure Competition” or even a person, but for this example we are going to assume they are a person that has been registered as one of the 30 heroes. 

There is a hero, a hero manager and a team leader.  In this example a child with a disability is the hero.  The father is the hero manager and a co-worker is the team leader.  This example also has an actual hero.  This is the mother of the child who was a police officer that has fell in the line of duty. The group has assembled to support this family and improve the quality of life for the hero, which also makes the heroes father happy.

As the bikers arrive, the team leader or their assistant is at the entrance with about 10 decks of cards in a bowl and 10 decks of cards in packs. (way more than what is needed)   The flag participants, that have air mattresses or tubes, draw a card as they arrive.  Starting with “1” their arrival number is put on the card they draw.  From a second deck the identical card has their arrival number put on it and it is dropped into a saddle bag.  The team leader on final count sees that 200 people are ready to be part of the flag. 

The smallest easiest flag is on the grass and needs 50 people.  It is scaled up in size according to how many people show up.  To display the flag you can paddle the air mattresses in the water, hike to a wilderness spot, a downtown square, restaurant parking lot or park. For the smallest flag, each person has brought 2 air mattresses.  The first one has been sprayed red on one side and black on the other.  The second one is sprayed white on one side and blue on the other.

3 X 5 can be used as the flag dimension.  We are going to say that each air mattress is 2’ wide and 6’ long.   This flag needs 44 red/black and 44 white/blue air mattresses.  Each air mattress represents one “pixel” in the flag.

Use 8 red air mattresses to make the bottom red stripe. Line up the rest of the flag on that stripe.  The first 6 stripes all have 8 air mattresses each.  The top 7 stripes are 5 air mattresses each.

50 people would have to fit into a 18’ x 14’  area. About 3’ x 1.5’ foot of space each to make 5 rows of six stars and four rows of 5 stars. Pretty tight, but doable.

Lets say 200 people show up.  This is enough people to make each “pixel” 2 air mattresses wide and 2 long.  The length of the stripes doubles to 16 instead of 8. This is big enough so that tubes can be used for the stars and people can be spread eagle on them to look like stars.

The leader decides how long and wide each stripe will be. He can shout it out, post it on the piratedivebar.com page for the event, or do whatever he wants to let people know the flag dimensions and how it is going to be made.

Somebody is chosen to be the “A1” position for the flag.  This is the corner opposite of the stars. The stripes are the letters A to M.  People make the flag and sound off to know their position. If there are 8 positions in the stripe, they sound off A1, A2, A3…A8, for the bottom red stripe.  For the white stripe above it  B1, B2 etc. A1 is given a whistle and controls the flag and formations.  If going down a river you might have a half dozen times where you create the flag.  A1 blows the whistle once for the USA flag and the flag forms on him.  2 whistles to flip over to the back the blue flag, 3 whistles for FJB, 4 whistles for USA and whatever else you want to create.  You then go back to regular rafting on the river until the next time you create the flag.

The number on the card is used to give you a number when you form the letters FJB, USA or some other message.  The suit of the card is used during Mutiny games, if you play them, to determine sailor, landlubber, pirate, double agent.  They also determine if you will play as a Democrat or a Republican.  The cards in the saddlebag are used when the playing Mutiny games as the Bootymaster enjoys punishing the innocent and draws a card to see who it will be.  The cards can also be used to draw for a door prizes, duties at the event and more.

Somebody should use their phone to broadcast the event on zoom.  If the hero is registered and this event is listed then anyone watching the event can donate by playing mutiny.  During a registered hero event, the paypal email address of the team manager is used for the web site.  Every transaction on the entire website now goes into their paypal account.  If somebody is on the website buying loonies for some other reason, those Paypal transactions also go into the heroes account.

This lasts for 1 hour before the event and one hour after the event. The Pirate Dive Bar does not take out fees for heroes.  Paypal does take out fees.  After the event cools down or when another hero event starts the Paypal address changes back to the default DOLPHIN RODEO INC. or to the new event.

The Paypal ledger shows you all the transactions as they happen and gives you a running total for the money raised by that event.  Anyone can easily “Check the books”.  If you create an interesting challenge, prize or contest that people on zoom want to gamble on, they do it with loonies and this is legal as loonies are game points.  To get loonies they go to the Bootymaster and buy loonies with Paypal.  This allows any event to have Pirate themed gambling, rigged games, bribed judges, lying, cheating and stealing as long as loonies are used.

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