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You and other players should meet each other at live or online events before tryouts to play the Karaoke Challenge Game. You don't have to sing or perform but you should interact with the game.

Playing the Karaoke Challenge Game will let you learn about this software and understand how it will be used with live broadcasts from boat parades, raft ups, beach parties or the tropics during the "Tropical Adventure Competition".

Experience, licenses or education is not required for any position. A full time USCG Master and a safety person is onboard the vessel.

The USCG Master only controls the vessel when asked to or when he has to for reasons of safety.

Anyone may "tryout" for as many positions as they want to and they should hold more than one position.

The Agent can do whatever they want or nothing. The Agent has final say over the Captain.

The Captain is head of the production and does not have to be the skipper (boat driver).  The Captain reports to the Agent for a thumbs up or thumbs down.  The Captain approves the decisions the Mate wants to make.

The Mate does everything that the Captain doesn't want to do.  The mate approves what the producer wants to do.  The producer approves what the director wants to do.  The director approves all other parts of the episode production.

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Apply for tryouts
This is just like baseball. 
  • Practice the game and apply for a tryout using this form 
  • Any Captain can then chose you as a rookie in the minor leagues
  • 1 or more Captains work together to find the players to form a pro team
  • Captains choose their mates and form a team
  • The team completes qualification to be chosen by the coach
  • Coaches pick their captain and this begins the team qualification for the leaque
  • 30 teams qualify for the leaque

30 teams then choose a week to compete in the order they are formed.  Once all 30 teams have picked their week, the competition and the television series begins.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

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