You don’t need instructions, these are for other people 
The object of play and compete is to catfish players into donating to a nonprofit and then creating comedy bumpers and docu-series content for the TV Series. The page called “High Seas” is where you will find resources, leaderboards, prizes and more.

"Catfishing" describes play, "Crowdsourced TV series" describes compete 

"Loony" is short for Dubloon.  Our game tokens are called loonies and you get them by donating or catfishing.  If you look at your profile (at the top right of your screen) you will see we gave you some loonies when you registered.
"Darts for 10", "hot dog for 5", "wash your boat for 200", "be in an air band for 30", "mermaid experience for 100", "video and produce your Karaoke song for 30", "bet on the football game for 50" are all examples of catfishing bait. The "Karaoke Challenge Game" is another example of catfishing. 
If you login to Kroger or donate to our nonprofit you can get loony.  You also get a tax receipt emailed to you and stored on your profile if you are using a fake email.  You visit the "Bootymaster" to get more loony.
You create a game card to fish with your bait. The game card has two pages a listing page and a detail page. The detail page has a transfer widget so you can get loony.  
The best way to catfish is to use poker chips or monopoly money instead of having your phone or laptop in your hands. This lets you carry poker chips to pool parties, beaches and boats to play and not be looking at your phone.
These magical electronic points can be converted into any kind of poker chip or monopoly money and converted back into electronic points without any way to "game" the system by using extra poker chips or bringing your own monopoly money.
Another amazing thing about a loony is that we encourage you to sell them for a higher or lower amount than you paid for them.  You keep the cash.  When you donate 25 cents to our nonprofit you get one loony.  It is okay and legal to sell that loony for 50 cents or 5 cents.  You can use the transfer widget to sell it.  Lets say you have had a great day catfishing and you have 200 loonies.  Normally you would have to donate $50 to get 200 loonies.  You could sell them for half price at $25 cash.  That person saves $25 and you make $25.  You might also tell somebody "Hey, you don't want to use a credit card at a place called "The Pirate Dive Bar", tell you what you give me $60 and I will give you $50 worth of loonies.  That person doesn't use their credit card and you just got $60 for the loonies you won catfishing other players.
Here is our secret.  It doesn't matter what you do with our loonies, they are not real money.   A loony was only created when real money was donated, so buy and sell them all you want.
Since they are not real money you can gamble, bribe judges and buy or sell anything with them. 


If everyone knows most of the pictures and profiles are fake, lies, cheating or tricks, will some people still be caught?  Are you enough of a catfisher, carnival barker or mermaid to know how to catch some big catfish or lure sailors to their doom? 
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