Event Details

This is a free event. Please complete the registration to sign one of the giant Thank You Cards even if you are unable to attend you will find links for livestreaming so you can watch it online.

PEACE OFFICERS DAY, Sunday May 15, 2022 Mary Alice Park 10 am.

FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS a 501 c 3 is organizing two events to honor Peace Officers for their service to the community.  The first event is a ceremony from 10 am to 11:15 am.  The second event is a celebration that starts at 11:15 am.

May 15, 2022 Peace Officers Day

9:00 am start building the USA flag on the beach

10:00 Pledge, anthem, 1 minute silence, 3 cheers, throw balls in air, whistle, clap and cheer!

10:05 Prayer for fallen Officers, Mayor Presents Thank You card. Stories of heroism, dedication and community

10:45 Air horn toot, applause, USA flag moves into the water

10:59 Air horn toot, everyone yells “Mutiny!” and the USA flag flips (Mutinies) to “Back The Blue” (thin blue line flag)

11:00 Pledge, anthem, 1 minute silence, 3 cheers, throw balls, whistle clap and cheer!

The event is officially over at 11:15 and hot dogs and apple pie will be served freely.

A boat parade starts at the giant thin blue line flag and goes 2 miles towards Lake Lanier where it ends.

The purpose of the celebration is to have as much fun as you can to show your appreciation to Peace Officers who protect your freedoms by providing peace.

During the celebration in the water, a giant floating USA flag flips over (described as a mutiny)  to become a giant (40’ x 80’) floating “Thin Blue Line” flag.  The stripes of the flag are made from air mattresses painted red, white or blue.  One person is needed on each air mattress to flip it over and 50 people on 50 tubes spread eagled to be the stars.  The people in the flag will perform similar to a marching band as they will also spell “USA”.

We need 200 volunteers in wet suits and life jackets to help with this giant flag.  We also need “dry” volunteers.

For the “Mutiny Games”, three teams will be formed.  The red team, the white team and the blue team.  The red team has a baseball as its mascot.  The white team has a hot dog as its mascot.  The blue team has apple pie as its mascot.

Beachballs that look like baseballs are given to everyone attending along with free hot dogs and apple pie.

After the three cheers everyone in the park throws the 500 beachballs in the air, whistles and cheers! (this will make a great photo!)

“Mutiny Against Crime” games begin!

Walk the plank – 1 minute to cross 5 air mattresses and throw as many beach balls into a tube as possible. You get a loony for each ball that scores.

Karaoke Challenge Game – Gamble on criminal singing and dancing, beach balls thrown at you are your judge!

All singers or dancers who are on the plank are guilty of Karaoke Crime. If they have not jumped into the sharks before 3 minutes are up beach balls are thrown at them to knock them off the plank. The Bootymaster can be bribed to start the beachball onslaught at anytime and can use her own personal guard of Nerf-e-cutioners to provide last aid.

For people that want to play this singing and dancing game, challenges and dares are made to create betting using a game point called a “Loony” (short for Dubloon). Challenges create singing that sounds criminal and dancing that should be illegal. Challenges encourage players to sing a song they are not prepared for, dance when they don’t want to, be in a back-up air band, dance like a one legged pirate and more. The “Bootymaster” punishes the innocent, the people that want to play but sit back and watch. People that are innocent of criminal singing or illegal dancing are also punished on the plank for their innocence. Everyone bets on the guilty. This game is designed for boat raft ups and pool parties but can be played anywhere. The guilty party walks the plank to sing or dance and is judged by the amount of beach balls thrown or nerf darts fired. The Bootymaster signals the onslaught and is bribed to start it.  If the beach balls knock the singer off the plank, the singing stops and everybody applauds a successful punishment.

There are more games with a patriotic or pirate theme and the Red, White and Blue teams compete against each other to score on the leaderboards. Apple pie and hot dog contests are won by who can bribe the judges the most with loonies.

We need volunteers ASAP to test the flag, games, and create the event. Please register now!