Goal: Your episode funds you or your cause while doing great things for your family, friends or country.


The Pirate Dive Bar has two parts, activities and crowd sourced video production.  A Public ledger where you can easily view every single transaction from anyone is a central feature of the Pirate Dive Bar.

Some activities help you create comedy bumpers or content for video production. Go to Discover and choose “categories” > “topics” to see the wide variety of activities.


There are 30 episodes, 5 playoffs, one grand prize.  Each week a different team produces an episode. (30 teams)

Basic Plot : A community leader is shown helping a team solve a problem for a person or group with a disability. At the end of the episode the team is on a sailboat in the tropics during a respite care competition. They celebrate their hard work at solving problems for the community. The team who has the most fun on their respite care wins that portion of the Tropical Adventure Competition.  The team that produces the best quality of life results for their hero go onto the playoffs.

A 30 minute episode is 24 minutes long with 6 minutes of commercials.  Some of the commercials explain organizations in the vicinity of that weeks episode. They are a public service announcement given free to local organizations.

Comedy bumpers for 2 to 15 seconds appear between the scenes of this factual docu-series.  The comedy bumpers are crowd sourced clips people have made and sent in while playing the game “Mutiny Against Biden” at house parties, sports bars, boat parades and rallies.

The following times vary with every episode.

30 second opening credits

30 second introduction to the episode

30 second update or introduction of other episodes

Next minute

The episode opens with Cameron in an unusual situation such as playing the karaoke challenge game, scuba diving, using power tools etc.  His phone rings.  On the other end is the guest politician or organization rep for that week. 

They engage in slight small talk banter then the Politician or organization leader mentions a problem that needs solving. Cameron is dispatched to meet the team.  After Cameron meets the team he may not appear again until the end of the show for a few seconds with the guests for that episode in a group shot clapping and waving. He can be as involved as the team wants as the production is in their hands.

The next 16 -18 minutes of the episode are a voice over by one person. The voiceover can be shaped however the team wants and can include other people talking, natural sound and effects.

“I first met Cameron and my county rep at ……..” (typical voiceover start)

The narration introduces people, the problem, how they will solve it, the story of completing the task and then the results.  The politician or organization leader is seen making the connections and cutting red tape so the team can produce solutions. The last 4 to 6 minutes are shot on a catamaran in the tropics as the team competes in respite care called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”. 

During the first time the episode streams the commercials are interactive and live.  That is explained in High Seas.

If live sound is used, it is used very sparingly as not to distract from the simplicity of pasting video over a completed voice over sound track for the majority of the episode.