“Epiphany” – A moment of sudden revelation or insight….and?
You have the option of starting your simple ad or tournament catfishing with an “Epiphany”. An automatic & free copyright is available for your epiphany. This is the first step in crowd sourcing and catfishing tournaments!



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Posts and Players are listed in descending order by date. This post is hidden until this date.
Catfishing Tournaments - Beware of the confusing 1% of activity that may contain truthful statements or real pictures! Expect false flag plays, bribed judges, being sold into slavery and punishment if you are innocent.
You create a game card with this form. You go to "Adventure" to interact with other game cards and players.
A second registration and login is needed to enter.  This section contains the for profit business competition.  Each nonprofit team competes by operating a for profit business as part of the Tropical Adventure Competition.
When a person on your team achieves the rank of "Gamer", your nonprofit team will know how and when to enter.
Choose "Nonprofit" from above and not "waiting to begin".
Under Construction

You were told to click on NONPROFIT!!!

Epiphany or My Stuff

The edit button is very strategic!  Players and posts are viewed by their last update.  Prices, identities, tournaments, livestreaming and events at local sports bars are some of the strategies that the edit button controls.  

This epiphany can stay as a simple note to yourself or grown into anything! 
Edit the date each time you visit to keep you at the top of the lists for tournaments, classified ads and more.
Don't worry about words or choices, your ability to edit never stops. 
200 characters max
Write a note to yourself when you get that next great idea. When you have time, come back another day and use the edit button to update it, monetize it, crowdsource it and grow it in many different way as you explore this form.
This post is a donation to the Atlanta Volunteers and is in the public domain as a donation. If this is comedy gold, parley some Quid Pro Quo with a loony bribe to the Bootymaster. What innocent person should she punish by having them read or act out your "Dad" jokes and catfishing schemes?

Teams - The Catfish you catch, will feed your Hero and team! (fundraising)

Nonprofits may apply to borrow this website for short periods for their fundraisers.
Funds go directly into your Paypal account.  We do not handle funds or charge fees to nonprofits.  The Donors avatar name is used to make all transactions public.  Credit card information is entered through Paypal and not used or stored on this website.

Donation reciepts are emailed to each donor, the nonprofit and stored on this site.

If someone in your organization has achieved the rank of "Gamer", they will know how to apply.
All teams get a very small amount of booty each time anyone votes, likes, submits, or edits a form. (called "Taking the Bait")
When you "Land a Catfish", somebody  transfers loonies to you. 
The "loony weight" of your catch is how "Catfishing Tournaments" are won.

Create a Team

Meet the Teams

Catfishing style


150 characters max
Red = incorrect number format
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
This is shown on your listing page.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
On your detail page, above this description there is a transfer widget where people send you loonies. This is where you fight to land the catfish. Daily, weekly, monthly and other tournaments are won according to the catfish weight (measured in loonies) on the leaderboards.
Write down or tell somebody to enter this number on the "Adventure" page to find your game card.
This is your user ID & the number of "Adventure" posts you have created.

Hook, Line & Sinker


Everything is 100% transparent and you do a "Booty Search" to find the big catfish and not waste time on the small fry.
"Loony" is short for Dubloon. This pirate themed game token lets you spend loonies to bet on rigged games, bribe judges, feed mermaids, punish the innocent, run false flag plays, buy challenges, grog and you can squander the rest.
Go to the top right of your screen where your account is. The first item in your account is "Loonies". Go to the left to the next menu that says "Loonies History". You can search and see anybodies BOOTY by going to HIGH SEAS > LEDGERS > BOOTY SEARCH
.25 is 20 times better than youtube (.012) Too high and nobody will click. If you are an influencer charge about 10 loonies just to get a reply from you, vote, rating or comment. You still have your listing price to negotiate with. You get loonies deposited immediatly into your account when they take the bait or you land the fish.

Karaoke Challenge Game

Karaoke Challenge Game Repeater

Bar Games / Pool / Darts / Foosball / shuffleboard

Feed the Mermaid at the Petting Zoo






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Maximum upload size: 33.55MB



That will teach you for voting Democrat!

Only sailor rated posts can be used for the broadcast of the Tropical Adventure Compeitition. You can catfish with any post.
The comedy lab is under construction. If you have caught some great catfishing on your cell phone, you will be able to crowd source, ideas, editing, sound effects and more to create comedy bumpers, creations for your social media and more.

The comedy or drama you create with your epiphany can win cash or prizes instantly! You could also win broadcast credits, a crew position or an all expense paid Tropical Adventure! “Catfishing Tournaments” are how you crowd source, rehearse and win prizes in our Comedy Laboratory.

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