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Donation reward points are called "Loonies." You get 1 loony for every 25 cents you donate.  The nonprofit gets 100% of your donation.
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Loony Math
When you donate 25 cents to any of these nonprofits listed above you get a reward point called a "Loony."  This is like buying little red tickets at a state fair or tokens at an arcade. Use the loonies for food, drinks and fun.
The nonprofit gets 100% of your donation.  This is listed in your account at the top right of your screen, on our public ledger and PayPal immediatly sends you a confirmation email. 
How to "Get Loony" 
You are with 3 friends at a sports bar playing your weekly game of darts. You want to keep a continuing weekly score. You also want to create a tournament with prizes and turn your loony booty into a cash tip for the server. (Servers with a loony booty are called “Mermaids.”)
Register a new comedy account with a bogus name and email. This score keeping account is called the "Bootymaster."  
Besides score keeping, a Bootymaster account enables pirate comedy, treachery, mutiny, false flag plays, catfishing, cheating, booby prizes and more.
Everyone can know the login and password of the Bootymaster. You can write it on the chalkboard for the dart game and leave it there to create a “for ever” tournament for that sports bar.
A bootymaster can let all the players in the sports bar know the login and password but not the online players. This lets live players have the advantage and scheme against online players by creating skits, games and karaoke challenges that online players gamble on. 
You can use any method of scoring, and gambling.  Any type of game, karaoke challenge or skit can be broadcast and gambled on by online players.  In real time, your social media actors could be paid in loonies and earn more than youtube or tik tok views.
Bootymaster accounts are how each parade boat will be able to live-stream skits, games and pirate shenanigans to anyone watching and throwing loonies from anywhere. 
A typical night out
Loonies, just like the pirates cheating, catfishing and gambling with them, have no redeemable value. You can pretend they have loony value by trading them for anything. This could be 20 loonies for a half a plate of chicken wings. The wings could have been ordered by your buddy but he isn't eating them because you paid your buddy 10 loonies to go on the Karaoke stage and sing and dance a pirate jig. You have sold the wings to someone else while your buddy is on stage.  You draw attention to somebody eating the wings to distract the performance. To make amends you could trade 100 loonies to your buddy to tip the Mermaid $10 or use loonies for a discount coupon for more wings. You see a pair of roller blades listed on the thrift and volunteer exchange for 200 loonies so now you want to “Get Loony.” In an act of revenge, your buddy that had his chicken wings stolen will pay you 200 loonies for picking up dog poop. You agree and the condition is that you have to walk behind somebody you don’t know, and offer to pick up poop for them… It could be poop from dogs. You have to put the poop in a bag then in a lunch box that already has bags of dog poop and a bag of chocolate. You give the lunch box to your kids who are in on the gag. They open the bag of chocolate and start eating it. The person walking their dog is watching this and the reaction is recorded on video. Your buddy posts the gag on his social media as revenge for making him sing a sea shanty, do a pirate jig and selling his chicken wings. He gets a lot of hits on his social media account.
The Mermaid serving you all those wings wants cash. The Mermaid doesn’t care about your loony booty. So you sell your loony booty for cash. You give the cash to the Mermaid for a score that really counts.
You have 500 loonies from being a dart, pool and karaoke shark. At 25 cents a loony that represents $125 in donations to nonprofits. As a shark you list those 500 loonies for sale at $75. You get talked down to $50. You transfer the loonies and get the cash. It can be folding cash from the person next to you or cash app cash from online players. You can now score with the Mermaid by giving her $25 in cash. You keep $25, the nonprofits got $125 to create those loonies and somebody got 500 loonies for 10 cents a loony instead of the 25 cents per loony. The last person plans on selling loonies for 15 cents each to make $25. The people they sell them to are getting a deal on 25 cent loonies for just 15 cents each. They might even re-sell them for 20 cents each.
Loonies shrink by 15% each time you transfer them.  Mermaids and Sharks who want to sell their loony booty for cash, will be motivated to create comical and playful bait so that you will "Get Loony."  If you have lots of fun, great deals on food and drink and then keep creating more fun, the loonies will run out and somebody will have to donate to nonprofits again to “Get Loony.”
To use loonies from your boat, sports bar, restaurant or couch, people have to be able to find you.   A “Venue” lets people find you.  A venue also lets you find donated items, volunteers, activities and sponsors for nonprofits that have discounts and specials.
Venue = “A thrift and volunteer exchange.” 
A thrift and volunteer exchange is where you redeem your donation reward points (called loonies) for goods, services, skits, prizes and adventure.
To connect your venue to your boat in a boat parade, poker run, raft-up or fishing tournament look at the "Boat Parade" software that lets people connect to any boat in a boat parade or poker run.
This form produces presets, QR codes and shareable links  so that anyone can find and “Get Loony” at your venue.  People can scan your QR code or click on your shareable link and are now connected with interactive posts and live-streaming.
Your venue lists volunteer coupons and epiphanies.  Volunteer coupons are for goods and services.  Epiphanies are for skits, prizes and adventure.  With one click on a volunteer coupon or epiphany, loonies are transferred from your account to their account.  A receipt appears on your phone, your account, their account and the public ledger.  The other person looks at your phone and sees the receipt.  This provides interactive customizable information and no bar code, scanner, hardware, software or downloaded app is needed.
The most important point is that it is automatic and hands free for the server or cashier. 
You don't always have to donate with your credit card to "Get Loony." You can "Get Loony" by volunteering, donating items or creating hilarious skits, games and performances.
You can operate fund raising events that raise thousands for your charity and not handle any cash or credit cards at your event.  Each charity immediately gets 100% of the donation made through PayPal as people connect directly to a nonprofits PayPal account from their phone.
Here are a few ways you can use venues to “Get Loony”
You are playing darts, pool or having a karaoke challenge at your local sports bar where you can see online or live players who have checked into that sports bar venue.  Everyone will be able to live-stream, chat or gamble with loonies. Any type of social media live-streaming can be used or you can use our built in zoom and chat rooms.
If you are at a concert, and somebody has listed the concert as a venue you will be able to find and chat with them to form a group dancing and singing, possibly to create social media.
If you have listed your apartment clubhouse as a venue, you can leave a post up for months to see who can exchange kids clothes and toys at the clubhouse.  It could be for free or for a few loonies.
If there is dog poop not picked up at your apartment complex, you can offer to pick it up for 100 loonies or more.  You can then trade the loonies at your clubhouse for household items or anything else.  You can even arrange ride shares and car pooling from your clubhouse.
At your HOA clubhouse and pool, you might want to have a party to support your favorite charity. No cash or credit cards will be used at your party and yet it may generate thousands of dollars for your favorite charity!
You create a venue for your HOA clubhouse. You create an “Epiphany”  that will describe and advertise the party weeks in advance.  People can create their own volunteer coupons and epiphanies and list them at the HOA venue for the party.  People will have time to plan and prepare by exchanging messages about the preparation of food, decorations, costumes, skits, performances, games, booty prizes and booby prizes so that everyone can “Get Loony.”
The party plan is to have live players create so much fun that online party goers attend sitting at home or watching from work can donate and support your charity.  The people at the party could create interactive skits and fun that will “Catfish” the online players to “Get Loony” by gambling on skits, contests and fun.
As the host, your title is the “Bootymaster.”  Bootymasters can also be team captains when teams or individuals compete.  A Bootmasters score goes on a leaderboard and can be used to award prizes.  The Bootymaster decides on the exchange rate of tokens for the live players.  Online players use loonies.  You can make it easy and use monopoly money or poker chips but there are many more possibilities.  Colored elastics worn on your wrist can indicate different amounts of loonies and party debt you owe.  The Bootymaster can easily convert any token into or out of electronic loonies.  No cash or credit cards are ever used or at risk! Tokens are great for pool parties or activities that have sports and games where cell phones are not possible.  You can have a mixture of tokens such as poker chips, beads, elastic bands and monopoly money but you can also assign a token value to food, drinks, booty prizes, booby prizes  and volunteer duties.  “I see in your account that you have 22 loonies.  Here is a steak medium rare for 20 loonies.  Thanks for the 20 loonies.  Do you want a plate with for that steak?  It will be another 10 loonies, you better donate quick, that steak is going to burn.  5 people watching have bet 100 loonies you will eat it with your hands and three people bet you will burn your fingers.  Are you going to want one of them fancy craft beers you brought, then gave to the Bootymaster for admission?  We are auctioning the last one now.  Better donate again to “Get Loony.”

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