The Atlanta Volunteers, is a 501 (C)(3) (aka FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC.) with over 8,000 volunteers. See all our members and 100’s of past events at We use aquatic and marine activities to employ and support disabled populations at a lakeside aquatic center on Lake Lanier GA. We operate this web site under a for profit S-Corporation DOLPHIN RODEO INC. Read about us here We also operate, and

How To Play

The quickest and simplest way to play is to take a few seconds on your cell phone and transfer 1 or 2 game points to your organizations treasurer for a coffee. That is it, your small club meeting might have just paid for its coffee and snacks without anyone using their credit card or cash. Typical gameplay during business or club meetings would be for 5 minutes or less, once month during breaks on your regularly scheduled meeting at a specific time with another group over the internet.

The treasurer of your group can add some fun to your meeting before or during breaks by creating a reason to fine or reward somebody. It could be 1 or 2 loonies for being late, forgetting a name tag, not winning a sailing race, forgetting how to tie a knot, getting a D on a quiz, losing your hair, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater or getting a few loonies for wearing one that is ugly enough.

Those hard working volunteers that just built a barn for your horse rescue project earned game points that can be spent on donated rewards.
Your small group just redeemed game points for gift and debit cards and got a lot more volunteers!
Your fishing club just donated their catch to a needy kitchen and got game points to provide water safety for local kids at a summer camp.

Anyone can be a treasurer you do not have to be a non profit or a business.

You can scan our nonprofit classifieds to put together the needs, skills and activities of several groups to organize “cashless” exchanges. Game points can be redeemed for donated prizes or gift and debit cards.

Advanced levels of play contain live competition in, on and around the water.

The NAVY and PIRATE versions of this game are polar opposites.

The NAVY version of this game is as politically correct as you can make it and is based on actual skill, knowledge and competition.

The PIRATE version of this game is politically incorrect. It is based on the dark comedy of deplorable pirate behavior such as lying, cheating, bribing, stealing and more. Salty language makes the PIRATE version NSFW (wrong) for your club, organization or business meeting as it could be a PG-13 rating. You must “Cuss like a comedian” (much worse than cussing like a sailor) to play the Pirate version.

You can create a real or fake profile for NAVY but you should create a second or third fake profile to play as a PIRATE. If you intend to catfish or shark other players, you may consider a real PIRATE profile after you learn the game.

The NAVY version contains activities that may be hazardous as they occur in, on or around the water. These are activities such as boating, sailing, scuba diving, fishing and more so you must be 18 years or older to enter this web site. The PIRATE version contains unmoderated chat with cussing, lying, betting, bribing, cheating and other deplorable behavior and you must be 18 years or older to enter the site.

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