Choose any nonprofit and donate to it. We give you reward points. You spend the reward points at the “fair.”
There are 4 tools you can learn to use in under 5 minutes. They are “Moderator”, “Reward Point Messenger”, “Public Ledger”, and “Volunteer Coupon”. These four tools let you share fun and adventure in ways you have never dreamed of.
The purpose of this website is for you to have so much fun you will donate or volunteer over and over again and keep producing great results for your community!
Two sections in the top menu, “Play” and “Work” are like seeing two big buildings at your state fair. The first building called “Play” is for rehearsals and performances. The second building called “Work” is for the crowd sourced production of a TV series. The 30 episode TV series is about the fun and adventure people can have when they support their community.
The Atlanta Volunteers gives you a reward point (called a “Loony”) for every 25 cents you donate to any nonprofit we list. Loonies share good cheer and inspire you to have fun while donating or volunteering! Your favorite nonprofit receives 100% of your donation and you receive fun, prizes, thrift store items and amazing adventure! …and some very awesome discounts at restaurants, events, concerts, hair salons, auto repair and other retailers. (Examples: donate $1 dollar get $5 off, donate $1 and go large, donate $1 and get 50% off)
Our software creates loonies when somebody donates through PayPal to any nonprofit we list. 100% of the donation goes directly into that nonprofits PayPal account. Now that the money is off the table, just like at a state fair, lets have some fun with the loonies! If a loony volunteer says they will perform a comedy skit, wash your car, challenge you to darts or bake you some cookies for 50 loonies you can instantly exchange them on your phone. The loony volunteer performing, washing your car, winning at darts or baking cookies never handles a credit card or cash and fund raises 100% for the nonprofit.
“Fun Raising” can be done anywhere at anytime with any situation you can think of. It could be your coffee kitty at work, a back yard party, donated baby clothes, a garage sale with discount coupons, riding in a show car, back stage passes for a concert, a karaoke challenge game at a sports bar, knitting pirate costumes for dogs, any type of folk art or retail service such as a hair cut, oil change or lawn care. Loonies randomly shrink each time you use them. After being used 5 or 6 times, somebody will have to donate again to keep the fun going.
Everything on this site is designed so that you will have fun running out of loonies or gain loonies by volunteering, donating items, sharing in the production of social media or winning contests. The object of this site is to have loony fun. You will have so much fun that you will have to donate or volunteer again and again to “Get Loony.”

Donate to your favorite nonprofit to “Get Loony”.

Your Booty Is Loony!

Patriotic Pirates (such as John Paul Jones, father of the USA Navy), Black Beard, Anne Bonney, Mary Read, Captain Morgan and others once helped American colonists win independence from Britain. Are you a fun loving swashbuckling patriotic pirate at heart? We invite you (or will capture you at the Pirate Dive Bar) to help our Heroes with special abilities win their independence from a broken system.
To be recognized as loony mutinous crew use secret loony pirate code words (landlubbers call it “Dad” jokes) such as: How big is your booty? You sure are bootyful! “Do you want “Get Loony” for a good cause? You could win a booty contest! Can I take a look at your treasure chest? And the all time favorite “Surrender the Booty.”
A TV series delivers the inspiration as you see real-life examples of people making a difference in their community.
“GET LOONY” by donating or volunteering.
Over a dozen Grand Prizes that include all expense paid appearances on our comedy & docu-series called the “Tropical Adventure Competition.”