Daiken sponsors a TV episode about a Daiken employee with a special needs family member.  The episode shows a quality of life solution being achieved through teamwork by Daiken employees. Daiken logo’s are subtly shown throughout the episode.
While producing the episode, instructional team building videos are produced featuring Daiken employees.  The instructional videos explain how easy and inexpensive it is to use the crowd sourcing and content creation features. Episodes create altruistic branding, content for onboarding and the benefits of team building. 
The pilot episode and instructional videos are shown to business groups such as Inspire.com. Inspire is the second largest restaurant group (32,000 locations)  Inspire is a perfect first candidate to be invited to create episodes as it has many sports bars in its group. 
Producing the episodes at sports bars would create large crowds on slow nights at these locations.  Local businesses around each restaurant would see the increased activity and join in. Surrounding businesses would offer discounts and specials as prizes to people creating an episode at that location. In return they share in the increased customers and branding.  These new discounts and specials create customer excitement and draw even larger crowds.
The result is viral marketing of the TV series well before the 30 episodes are broadcast. This large audience for the first episode launches a successful series.
Other business groups are invited by Daiken to produce episodes.  These business groups could be future customers for Daiken and the invitations are a strategic business to business sales tool.
Each episode has nonprofit and for profit tax write offs.  Episodes also have for profit results.  A budget of at least $1,000,000 should be considered for the pilot episode and the instructional videos.  The budget is split into donations to the nonprofit and investment in the for profit.  For profit investment is secured with two undeveloped properties on Lake Lanier owned by DOLPHIN RODEO INC.
The ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS is a 501 C 3 that is supported by an S-Corp called DOLPHIN RODEO INC.  The production budget is based on donations to the nonprofit and investment in DOLPHIN RODEO.  A new S-Corp. is created for each episode.  This new S-Corp gives employees that are team building the video, 1120s tax write offs.
Subsequent episodes produced through team building and crowd sourcing have a micro budget with stellar results. Labor, development and many other production expenses are avoided while the best talent and results are cultivated.
This TV series is broadcast from the Atlanta Volunteers servers. Daiken could have commercials on every episode.  This is a very valuable ROI.