Create some pirate fun to win votes then redeem votes for prizes.

Your yummy apple pie, dancing on your boat during the parade, great plays in your baseball game, karaoke challenges and donated items or services can get votes. You redeem votes for prizes and cash or support your favorite cause.

If you are serving food in community picnic, put your registration number on the paper plate that you serve your perfectly grilled hot dogs on or yummy apple pie on. You can write your registration number on your name tag, yell it from your boat, text it or display any way you want. You can Livestream your “bait” to let online players vote for your creation alongside the live players at the picnic and boat parade.

In “Catfishing Tournaments” you create “click bait”. This is a picture, “catchy title” and description of whatever you are using as bait to fish for votes.

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You “Mutiny Against Crime” when you don’t get caught hook, line and sinker by catfishing schemes.