Brainstorming & Challenges

A “challenge” is what we call an idea before it is developed into a comedy short or other production.

If you think outside of the box, you will see how we are using the Pirate Dive Bar to create crowd sourced content and episodes for the TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition.

From real, to questionable to impossible. Any genre, any character, any situation. Robot Chicken is an example of where “challenges” were developed into a string of comedy shorts.
People buy, sell, auction or gamble on challenges and you can earn cash and prizes.
Examples are given for each type of challenge. The challenges you create here are the seeds for crowd sourced comedy, drama, horror, crime, education and adventure. You never know what type of result will be inspired by your creativity. You goal is to inspire people to build your challenge into a comedy short.
If you are serious about winning prizes or money, create your own challenges here, then select them to build your character to buy, sell, auction or gamble on them.
Create Challenges

Create Challenges

What Type of Challenges or Booty would you like to create?

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