Comedy Laboratory

The “Karaoke Challenge Game” is the name of the petri dish that grows comedy bumpers from experiements known as “Catfishing”. Live experiements can win immediate cash or prizes. Sometimes this is from people around you at a party or bar, sometimes it is from people on the internet and sometimes it is a mixture of both. The Karaoke Challenge Game can pay for your next party, gas for your car or something really fun, supporting the Hero of your team!


Catfishing teaches you how to create comedy that can be rehearsed, perfected then produced into a crowd sourced comedy bumper for an episode of the “Tropical Adventure Competition” or your social media.
You are the catfisher. You pick a “catfishing tournament” to enter.  You create bait.  If a catfish bites, you hook them, land them then weigh them for the tournament.  Their weight is measured in electronic game points called “loonies” (short for Dubloons).  You convert loonies to prizes.  If you win a lot of loonies you can sell them for cash to the person next to you, for a beer, a half eaten plate of chicken wings or for a date with “Cuddly” the 350 lb biker standing next to you. The Catfish might be catfished into thinking that “Cuddly” is the name of his momma next to him, or he might like 350 lb bikers. Getting folding money or anything else for electronic points is hilarious and explained below!  A sure winner for any comedy bumper!  Taking that folding cash, Cuddly or half a plate of chicken wings and giving it to your Hero is an automatic win. MI
If your short comedy bumper (a challenge you create online, at a party or sports bar, typically less than 15 seconds) is used on an episode, you get a “crew share” of that episode and credits.  The episode your are on lists any social media or websites you want and is a great place to grow your channel.
You can use your bait to catch as many catfish as you want by posting it on your own social media site to lure them back here and then enter your catfish into a tournament.
If you have been catching fish, your next step is to create a “catfishing scheme” using crowd sourced production or do it yourself so that it turns into a comedy bumper. Explained in “Production”.

Setting Up The Experiment

The Catfish
As any fisherman knows, fish can be smart or dumb, hungry or not.  Let’s start by angling for a really dumb catfish in a simple tournament.
If you have an account on a dating web site, you have a 99.9% chance of already being a pro Catfisher and you know all about creating bait!  You probably spend hours being a master baiter, but at least you are not catching anything.
The Catfish browses pictures and “catchy lines”.  If they nibble on the bait they go to the fighting page where you attempt to “hook” them, as any hooker will do.  If they send you loonies, you have landed that catfish.
Like any addictive internet activity, we help you fish by chumming the water.  When somebody logs into this website we chum their account with a few loonies (top right under your profile). Just like meth, the first one is free so they can start their new internet addiction ASAP.  If they choose to be a Catfisher, instead of being a Catfish they can win great prizes and this site will cost them nothing. 

Lets make sure that doesn’t happen!

Hungry enough to get loony
You can target your donation to support your favorite team and how your donation is spent.  You visit the “Bootymaster” to donate. The “Bootymaster” is our banker that can reliably count to 3, a judge that punishes the innocent for bribes that are too high or too low and Commander of a school of mermaids that lure sailors to their doom.
One quick serious note about loonies being based on a 100% transparent public ledger.  We are creating a nonprofit game currency for honest people who want to know everything about  their donation while having pirate themed fun supporting causes they believe in.

The best way to play this game is without your phone in your hands!

You can use this app for any game or activity but we will first walk you through it using Karaoke.
You and your friends meet for karaoke regularly at your neighborhood sports bar on Karaoke night.  At home, days before you meet, you have been using the app to decide on group songs and to create fun challenges on stage such as duets, air bands, singing a song of somebody else’s choice, dancing, costumes and hijinks.  So far you have just been buying and selling the challenges with a couple of friends to support your team and Hero with 25 cent games. Each week you look to see if any new players have logged into the room for your location. Finally after a month or so you look on the online room you created for that location and 1 person shows up live and two people show up online.  Game on!
Nothing changes for the Karaoke bar and you do not need to tell the DJ anything.  When it is your turn to appear on stage that is when you play the Karaoke Challenge Game with the song and challenges you chose.  You are independent of the DJ and venue.  The only thing that changes is how you perform and how people live or online buy, sell, bet or join in on that performance.
You can play with or without a player called the “Gamer”.  If you play with a Gamer, that is the only person that needs to stare at their phone at least some of the time.  The Gamer is the score keeper and IT person for livestreaming.  In the same way you put names on a piece of paper to keep score, the Gamer can create online accounts for anyone and keep score.
You can also play with or without a player called the “Bootymaster”.  The Bootymaster can be told by the Gamer what to do or she can look at the players in the live or online room to decide what to do. 
The Bootymaster judges performances and expects bribes.  She will punish innocent people if bribes are too high or too low.  She can’t count so she always gives out punishment as she doesn’t know if the amount of the bribe is correct.  The punishment can be a reward or a punishment as she doesn’t know the difference. She likes punishment so she is easily confused.  She also doesn’t know if the person getting the punishment is innocent or guilty so she punishes an innocent person so she will know for sure.
You expect to be Catfished when you are playing.  As soon as you transfer loonies to another player your turn has ended.  Do not expect the other player to even acknowledge they just got richer. They do not have to play fair, abide by the conditions of the challenge or provide you with any products or services.   They could even be punished by the Bootymaster for playing fair.  In a strange twist of fate, but probably to lead you down the garden path to gain your trust for bigger bets or sales, they may comply and deliver what you bet on.  Never trust honest players, they are up to something.
Here is where you can be up to something.  With enough knowledge and skill you can engage in mutinies and false flag plays with plots hatched in secret rooms.  That information is for sale, we won’t tell you how, but some Team Coaches know how.
Betting On A Baseball Score
Loonies are not real money. 
Loonies are game pieces with less value than a plastic poker chip.  (you can recycle plastic poker chips).  If you can’t win real money, why bet with them? 
You bet with them as they represent real donations that support your team. You can also rig bets, bribe judges, extort other players, enslave players with debt, pimp out your friend with or without their knowledge, corner the market, jack up prices and welch on any bet or deal you make.  If you try to play honestly, people won’t be fooled. 
Loonies are perfect for creating the inspiration for comedy bumpers. Here is how we play the “Karaoke Challenge Game” to bet on a baseball game.  (The Karaoke Challenge Game describes a variety of games & activities using loonies)
Option 1
Yogi: “Loser Donates 50 loonies to our team”
Ruth: “You are on, but wait I only have 4 loonies I got when I joined, I have to get more”
Yogi: “You don’t want to use your credit card on your phone, especially in here with somebody looking over your shoulder or hacking your WiFi signal, here I will give you some”
Ruth: “Thanks man!”
Yogi: “But since it is such a pain in the ass using a credit card, instead of you buying 50 loonies for $20 I will sell you 50 loonies for $30.
Ruth: “Ok Deal”
Option 2
Yogi: “Loser Donates 50 loonies to our team”
Ruth: “You are on, but wait I only have 4 loonies I got when I joined, I have to get more”
Yogi: “ I have been winning a lot of loonies lately playing the Karaoke Challenge Game, I will sell you 50 loonies for $10”
Ruth:”Ok Deal”
The same result In both cases!
Yogi pulls up the transfer widget for Ruth and gives him 50 loonies.  In the first option Yogi used their credit card to donate $20 to the team and also made $10 in actual folding cash on the spot. In the second case Yogi had earned loonies by doing a variety of challenges such as being in an air band, dancing, acting like a groupie and other hijinks.  He created a performance so that people were willing to donate to his team to see him act like a fool.  His team got the real money, he got loony. He got lots of loonies, the team got $20 or more in donations and he got $10 in cash.
In both options the team raised $20 in donations and Yogi got $10.
You can sell invisible worthless game points for higher or lower than their donation amount and still get folding cash in your pocket.

Party – Another version of the Karaoke Challenge Game

At a house party with the purpose of supporting animal rescue (cows not included).
“Last steak, who wants it?”
“I have 20 loonies left, is that enough?”
“Sure”. (The transfer is made) There you go, it is yours.  Do you want a plate?  The plate will be another 10 loonies, better donate to get them fast looks like that steak is going to burn”
You are the party host and the Bootymaster.  If they don’t want to buy loonies online they can buy them from you using one of the methods described for “Betting on a Baseball Game” so you can make a few bucks. That steak is about to burn, they need to make a deal quick!
You are planning your back yard party.  You are broke, you want to have fun, make a little money for yourself and support your team.  Your party is not for a couple of weeks.  You can sell admission tickets online to live or online players for a whatever loonies you want. You give online players a password to the room. If you see some of your friends in person, you can sell them loonies for cash.
Paying for a party with loonies is just as legal as paying for it with a handful of gravel. Paying for a party with cash has a lot of hoops to jump through to make it legal. Buying loonies is legal, using them for anything is also legal. (I doubt if the grocery store, bank or gas station will take them but they can)
Guests might be outbid for their own food and drinks! 
You make an online room for your party and have people create fun, games, challenges, menus, punishments, rewards, prizes, booby prizes and more.  At anytime during those two weeks, people can fill up your room with suggestions, requests and creations.  One of the things that you will do is auction off the food and drinks that people bring to the party. As they enter they give you food and drinks and you give them loonies. You also command a few to be galley slaves, galley wenches, mermaids and henchmen. They are rewarded or punished with the prizes or booby prizes listed for the party.
Cletus: “Belly flop for 10 loonies”
Jethro: “I will pay that guy 20 loonies”
Jedi: “Game of Darts – 50 loonies”
Bobby Sue: “Slow dance, auction starts at 100 loonies, you can do anything!…….. 300 thanks Duke!, it is with my dog Bowser.”
Bootymaster: “Who wants to bet that Duke will dance with Bowser and will do anything or Billy Jo will face the consequences!” Who wants to buy the consequences? Auction starts at 100. More importantly who doesn’t want to buy the consequnces that starts at 200! Next up, slave sale! I am sure of it. You might want to buy your way into or out of slavery.”
If Guests come empty handed, they will have to make a sizeable donation to your team to get enough loonies to buy somebody elses food and drinks.  You can bet the last few beers will fetch a high price. Hey you found a few more, well the price is pretty high, and now you are on the last one, who wants it? Sold! Hey, look found a few more.
You have decided that since you also have a pool in your back yard, nobody needs to walk around with their phone in their hands.  You will instead use monopoly money, poker chips or the best idea, Hershey kisses or chocolate coins to represent loonies.  (they eat the chocolate and have to donate to get more!) And since you are running low, (4th time in the last two minutes, but you were able to find more each time) the price is going up. A fool proof way to accomplish using game tokens for electronic loonies is listed in the tutorials found on the Bootymaster page. (hidden)
At anytime during the party, any person can say “Who is playing?” At that point guests don’t know what they are playing but they all have to ante up with whatever amount of loonies is needed to play. The amount not to play is higher. They agree to punishment by the bootymaster if they do not accept the challenge. Remember, the bootymaster doesn’t know the difference between a punishment and a reward so she can do things like feed them the best steak, put a school of mermaids at their service or let them pet your favorite dog. His name Chuck. If they accept the challenge one is picked at “random” by the Bootymaster from the pool of challenges. The challenge and the results can be auctioned, sold, bought or bet on.
The Bootymaster can also let online players use their loonies to play along. This supports the teams directly and since the Bootymaster ends up with most of the loonies, this supports her as well since she can sell loonies for a higher or lower price when using cash. Catfishing the online players should be the highlight of party planning ideas weeks in advance. At the end of the party, the Bootymaster can exchange the monopoly money or poker chips back into electronic loonies, for a fee of course.

Boat raft ups, beach parties and other activities

The first step in creating an event is listing an online room for it. Boats may be miles apart or oceans apart and yet still be in the same room. For example you are actually fishing. Everybody is betting on the next person to catch a fish of a certain weight or type. If somebody gets one, you start using the pre arranged livestreaming channel and collect or pay the wagers.
You can also create a room for boats on a lake to meet at a destination for a sand bar or beach party. You pick random games and challenges from the game bank and play under the rules you make.

The Tropical Adventure Competition is based on a sailing adventure. Comedy bumpers with a boating theme are our favorite type and your best chance at having your comedy bumper chosen for the episode.