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Create A Team
Create A Team
Nominate a Hero!
This form nominates a Hero!  
A Hero is typically a person who is moderatly to severely disabled since birth.  They are represented by a family member or guardian who is their coach. 
Usually, only a coach or their assistant may fill out this form.
You can change your team name, logo, producer and other answers by using "edit" on any day.  
After you submit this form start on the "Team Pages" form below this one.  Take your time with the Team Pages form.  Use the edit button to update, correct or fill out your answers on whatever day you want.  There is no deadline for completion.
The team pages inspire and create the episode.  The team pages motivate everyone and also communicate any details, equipment, locations, products to sell, games to play or ideas for each segment found on the team pages.
Cast, crew and fans are invited to add their comments to the team pages but the words from the Coach lead us all.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
This person gets 8 volunteer hours or a crew share of your episode.

Comment on the Team Pages
Team Page
Everyone is encouraged to comment on all or just part of this form.  This is where everyone shares their ideas to build the "Team Pages".  The Team pages build the foundation for crowd sourced "Tryouts" for script writers, narrators, episode ideas and much more.
You might just want to say "Go Team!" in the "other section".  Just fill out the parts of this form that you want to. 
The "Team Pages" are the most important section as they build the story and then the production.
This is where the crowd sourcing of your episode starts!
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
You can say things like "Softball Hero", "Artist creating their first show", "Learning Landscaping", "Wants to meet their favourite celebrity", "Loves the water", "Needs funding for a special equipment", "Wants to zip line", "T-shirt business" or anything that suggests a theme for your episode.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Edit this field and update it as more and more is done to turn the Hero into the Superhero. This should be a very robust description and tells what has happened locally to support the hero.
Typically 20 minutes or about 3,000 words
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