Coaches Office

This page is best viewed on a full screen. If you represent a Special Hero, form a team. If not, continue to the team pages and volunteer.

Coaches – Create A Team

Everything your team does is based on “Next in line” and deadlines called “Heats”. If a team misses a deadline for a Heat, they go to the back of the line and another team advances. Don’t wait to create your team! Pay attention to the page in the “Work” menu called “Status“.
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Anyone may add comments to the Team Pages

The Team Pages contain all the components that could be used to inspire script writers to create an episode.

The Team Pages is where anyone can brainstorm raw script ideas and make suggestions for locations, equipment and props. This list includes anything that can be borrowed, donated, suggestions for guest celebrities, sponsors, influencers, cast or crew. This could also be proposed shooting locations in residences or businesses, owners that drive their own show cars, boats, motorcycles or other vehicles, props for set decorations, costumes, talent, equipment, donated prizes and sponsored prizes such as discount coupons or gift certificates.
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